Saturday, February 16, 2013

Son of a Preacher Man: Hunter, Finale

Shylock sighed as he slowly pried the final diamond from the intricate wedding band he’d liberated from his latest kill, a jewelers monocle clenched by his eyebrow over his left eye. He’d spent the better part of two hours slowly dismantling the fantastic piece, careful not to scratch the gold as he peeled it of its precious stones.
Why he cared about the state of the old yellow gold, he couldn’t say. After years of endless nights and tedious boredom, he found that he liked to challenge himself with puzzles or games, or as he had done in the last twenty years, metallurgy. Lifting his tweezers up in front of the bare bulb that lit his small workshop, he examined the fine diamond carefully, before opening his four tiered pillbox and depositing it with the rest of the point three carat princess cut colorless diamonds.