Saturday, March 26, 2016

Grimlocke Chronicles Update

     Well, I kinda went nuts and have over forty stories written into the anthology. Because most of my short stories fall between 1500-3000 words, it took some effort to hit 80,000 words. On the plus side, it's as big as most modern-day horror novels, meaning it's 551 pages long. On the downside, it's a fucking book. If you threw this at someone it could constitute a hate crime.
     But my fellow cadavers, fear not! It will be published early May for $19.99 or $2.99 Kindle. I could go higher on the Kindle, but for some reason, it won't let me go lower. Maybe I'm just using Amazon wrong? I'll figure it out, but $2.99 seems fair for over five hundred pages of material.
     The cover has changed slightly, but I like it. Hopefully, you will too.

     I love that freshly carved look the lettering takes, like a serial killer writes or perhaps how a werewolf would mark a tree. It was done by my artist who lives in Norway (I think) and they are very talented. I will be using them for my other books.
     After this one drops, I think I'll drop a vampire novel in August, don't know if it will be the type of gory glory like Blade or the sensual kind like some erotica writers go. Frankly, I'm up for trying both routes. I have two vampire stories are already written that are novel length and can be edited to have sexual situations in them. I would just need to be in the mood to write them...
     After August, I would have an October novel and then a December novel. And to be clear, I have all of these already written and am writing more even as we speak. The rough drafts of some of the novels I post are changed and made into new stories from the feedback I get from you guys.  

Friday, March 25, 2016

Closet Space

     This one is hard to describe, so I'll just let you watch it. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tattoo of the Day

     Most tattoos I go over are bicep or thigh tattoos, with the occasional partial sleeve. This one, however, is so clean and crisp that I had to include it. I would never get it as it doesn't have anything that represents me, but some lucky person has a real clean looking tattoo.

     The color scheme and intricate design make this tattoo really stand out. I just don't think I could subject myself to the hours of recuperation that this person would have to endure, an entire arm out of commission for a while as it heals.

Camera Never Lies

     This is a short horror shoot, no blood or gore, just suspense! Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Werewolves of London

     A fun song many of my generation haven't heard, this one was brought to my attention by my father, a musician of forty odd years.

Have a listen...

     It's a tongue-in-cheek humor song about a disturbed werewolf rampaging across London. Pretty cool song.

Tattoo Time

     This one is of a jolly skeleton examining an eye with scrutiny, his bony digits digging into the flesh of the eyeball without popping it.

     The bowler hat and mustache make this a winner in my eyes, despite the bowtie being a little crooked. The shade work is great, as is the detail in the bones themselves.


     This is an award-winning film that brings some very real fears about a roommate to life. This is a great film due to the suspense and the acting. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tattoo Time

     This one is an amazing piece of work that would be perfect for any Buddhist, such as me. I love the bright colors and the covering in scales and lotus flower that the Indian Buddha sits in. Just look at the detail given!

In The Shadows

     A unique monster that haunts the shadows, this short was made in 2016 and even has an alternate ending! Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ghost of O'Leary House Purchases

     Hopefully, those of you that like my work have already purchased a kindle or paperback copy of my debut novel, the Ghost of O'Leary House, if not that link should help you out. If you have purchased a copy and are reading it, do me a favor and leave a review for me on Amazon. That's the lifeblood of indie authors like me, as reviews let people know whether or not a book is good or not.
     Now I plan on releasing Grimlocke Chronicles early May, and Dead and Loving It in August. These two extra works, in conjunction with Ghost of O'Leary House, should help me pay some bills that are long overdue. So do what you can and support an indie author; grab a Kindle copy and read through it. If you're in the San Antonio, Texas area I'm probably going to have a signing in the coming months, so snag a paperback copy to prepare.
     And always review!
     Sweet Dreams folks, I'm retreating into a new story that needs some serious work. Thanks for hanging with me all these years, we're finally clawing up the ranks in the horror world. I hope you all remain with me all the way to the top!

Vampire Novels

     I have two vampire novels, Dead and Loving It and Love Bites. Both are set in different worlds, one where vampires are commonplace, the other where they remain secret. Now since I want to dip my toe in every type of Horror before I start pumping out novels for the genre I like, I will need to do an adult vampire novel.
     Something a tad bit more than Paranormal Romance, if you catch my drift. I've begun editing Love Bites into a more risque version of itself, which should add about 10,000 words and a lot of adult material. I'll try my hand at standard Paranormal Romance later as I have this story which lends itself well to the adult genre.
     Who knows? Maybe people will really dig my version of sexy vampires?
     Comment with another genre within Horror that I need to touch upon. I have a zombie novel, an occult novel, an old god novel, an anthology, and a ghost novel. Now I need a werewolf and... whatever else I can't think of. For visual stimulus, here is another horror tattoo!

Pretty neat right?

Another Tattoo Design

     I already have my tattoo planned out and have begun putting funds aside for it, but that doesn't mean we can't look at more beautiful pieces of Horror art!

     Old school vampire fans should enjoy this rendition of Nosferatu, I think the linework and shading are perfect. Would have looked better with color, but hey, who am I to judge?

Tuck Me In

     A one-minute classic that shows off the power of music in a suspenseful film. The movie itself is pretty simple but it's effective.

Sweet Dreams!

Grimlocke Chronicles Preview

     My second work is going to be an anthology of stories that I've been working on for the past four years. It's being reviewed right now by two people and then I'll do a final edit before I publish it. Got the cover though and I love it. Here, have a peek!

Spooky enough?
     I loved it when the artist first showed it to me, they're already working on the spine and back for me. Hopefully, I'll be able to have this out by early-to-mid May. If not then I'll just work it into June and see how that goes.

Samuel the Black Warlock Chapter Twelve

Dinner was light-hearted, with Mia laughing at every one of Samuel’s stories regarding his hunting stories. She was particularly interested in the story where he’d handled a group of zombie in South Africa, killing them before they spread their magical curse to others. It’d been one of the stories that had spread his stories as “The Black Warlock” due to the fact it was an act performed in Africa. The story hadn’t changed when people had caught sight of him and learned he was white, it’d even grown bigger when the magical world realized he was just a kid.