Saturday, June 28, 2014

Post Mortem: Soloman Kane

     A fantasy/Horror movie where Soloman Kane, a bloodthirsty mercenary, wreaks havoc on a monastery where he learns in the treasure room that his soul is doomed for Hell. Fast forward a year, and we find Kane at a church where he has been learning the ways of peace and trying to redeem his soul with an oath of non-violence. They kick him out, stating this place is not a permanent home for him, and he begins wandering.

     Once the story picks up with an evil Sorcerer king, his flesh wearing lieutenant and the possessed soldiers they lead, this movie becomes a fast paced, action packed ride that actually had me at the edge of my seat a number of times.
     A story about good versus evil, there never seems to be any representation of good save for a group of pilgrims and Soloman Kane himself, who is sort of an anti-hero in the fact that he is a mass murderer who has come for repentance. The pilgrims being attacked spurs Soloman Kane into acting and breaking his oath, dooming his soul to Hell for breaking a promise to God.
     I would give this a look over if I found the DVD in a store and actually consider buying it, it was that good. As of right now, Netflix is airing it to me for a nominal fee, so I'll take it as I can.

Fright Fight Part Three

The elevator doors shook for a moment as the banter between the two men died, replaced by the grinding of gears. Testing the heft of her Morningstar, Jeanine palmed the heavy spiked orb, judging each of the spikes to being three inches in length.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Horror Zine

     The Horror Zine is out with it's five year anniversary issue, which can be found here. They have an interview with John Saul and four new fiction pieces that rate pretty well on the scary side. So check them out, it's always a great time over there.


     Happy Birthday Horror Zine!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Herschell Goes To Heaven

     A song and video done by Joe Whiteford and Harley Poe about a boy that goes out for a night in the forest, and ends up getting a horrible ending.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Frozen Heart

The frozen mist hung low over the valley, the harbor clogged by sheets of ice that were too brittle to move across, but too thick to sail through. The guardsmen were nervous, as the mist had descended on the city two days ago, and not one person had come to the gates since then. There were no sounds of birds, or of trickling water, or even of a peasant begging for entry. No, the guards of the wall were faced with absolute silence.

Atheists Nightmare Part Four

I kick the crippled one in the face as hard as I’m able, smiling as numerous bones shudder and crack beneath my heel, while I spin the blade from its temporary sheathe, using the sturdy kick to move as gracefully as possible up to my feet. The gospel leader glares at me with her one eye, her black burquas stained from the blood of those she’d already slain.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Exorcism of William Morsely, Prologue Part Three

“What we do is stand the line between good and evil for those that have taken Christ as their savior, which this young man seems unable to do.” Hennessey had said, sipping from his glass. “We can only do so much for the man if he isn’t a practicing Catholic, even if he exhibits the signs of being possessed.”

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Necromatograph: An Anthology in the Making

     The fine people at Miskatonic Press are trying to put together an anthology while maintaining their magazine and helping new authors get their books published. So, as a show of good taste, I say we help them get the funds needed to launch their anthology! Click here to check out their project and donate what you can.

Circus, Part One

The light rainfall over the carnival grounds thinned the crowds, sending more of the people scattering for their cars. But not Monica and David. They were on their first date, and laughed as the rain fell around them. They ran underneath the canopy of a game booth, laughing as they brushed the water off themselves. The person manning the booth, a sallow skinned youth with a snake tattoo circling his bicep and a few too many piercings in his face, watched them both from his place leaning against the wall behind the counter, a slight scowl on his shaggy features.

Alien Isolation

     A horror/survival game that is coming out October 7th, 2014, this title is boasting an advanced AI that will result in the enemy moving about in unpredictable routes, hunting you and changing its own strategies based on what you do.
     Not my cup of tea, but my wife may play it. The main reason I never get into these kinds of games (Silent Hill, Dead Space, etc) is because they promise a smarter AI, which they never deliver upon. The game seems like it will be one long boss battle, as they describe it as having only one alien in the whole game versus Ripley's daughter. It could be good, but I somehow doubt it will be.