Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Horror Film I Missed This Year

     Digging Up The Marrow is a film by Adam Green about a paranormal investigator trying to out an underground network of real-life monsters. While it sounds cheesy, the meta-horror of this film makes it worthwhile, kind of like Cabin in the Woods.

Sweet Dreams!

The Clown Statue

     The second-to-last scary video I'll be posting, this one really takes the cake. Everyone loves clowns, so why not have a movie based on the terror they can induce!

Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Movie I Missed

     Extinction by Alberto Marini is a wonderful film about a group that is surviving the apocalypse during winter. They are stalked by the creatures that now roam the earth, pallid monstrous forms that seem humanoid in nature. Truly a find, no idea how I missed it!

Sweet Dreams!


     Today's short is a nice terrific terror labeled "Stitches". I do hope you enjoy it!

Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Samuel the Black Warlock Chapter Five

Walking silently out of his kitchen, he willed Imogen through their empathetic link to change into her feline form, to which he got a lazy vibe followed by a content feeling. Walking to the door through the den, he looked out the peephole to see who was outside at this hour. Samuel gasped in surprise when he saw the bushy red hair of a familiar Witch, her rectangular glasses peeking through the hole right back at him.


     A short film from 2011, this one is a real nail biter. Do enjoy!
Sweet Dreams!

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Holiday Creepypasta

     Mr.Creepypasta reads a story a day, dry throat or not, and has been doping so for years. This story was first read three years ago as of yesterday, the story written by an author simply known as "thehoneytree". It's a great spooky story to listen too, not too scary and ripe with suspense. The narrator is that of a younger child spending the holidays with several cousins. The actual story (which can be viewed here) is well-written and worth spending the five to ten minutes to read. Have a listen!

Sweet Dreams

Good News Everyone!

     As many of you know, I've written for Dark Moon Digest before and acted as a recurring columnist for Dark Eclipse Magazine when it was in publication for a number of years. Well, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing has taken over Dark Moon Digest while keeping the same Editors. The digest has even upped their pay rate from a flat $10/$15 dollars for stories to a payment of .01/word. While that may not sound like much, it is a huge leap for a press to go to a payment method such as this.
     Speaking with the Editor during a friendly catch-up, she mentioned that they've been inundated with stories since the change, and they only have so many readers to review the stories. This may explain why your stories have not been touched in what seems like a longer than average time; the holidays plus day jobs equals less time to read and edit, let alone select what stories should be added to the next digest.
     But Lori Michelle has said that with things becoming more stable with the passing of the holidays, the next Digest should be out in the first week of January. She's said she'll forward me the cover art so you can admire their artist's skill, but, for now, I'll just link up to the last issue that came out in October. I can say from experience the paperback is better than the Kindle as the weight of the actual book is just nice, as they've grown in size over time. But should you like a mobile way to stow multiple books, the Kindle route is pretty awesome too. The link is in the image below to the Amazon page where you can peruse the latest issues. Grab one if you want to submit for future publications: I know you hear it all the time, but reading what they publish really does paint a vivid picture of what they will accept.
     I love the cover art for the issues, it's always so surreal. They ran out of traditional horror tropes by issue fifteen so they had to start coming up with more "creative" images for the reader to enjoy. This image makes me think of the machines operating in Hell, tormenting damned souls. I know the artist probably would tell me otherwise, but that's just what leaps to mind.
     As for the rest of the week, I'll be updating a few stories that seem to be popular along with continued scary shorts. By Friday, I'll have a treat for you all that I hope long time readers will enjoy. Now if I recall, you can get a subscription to the Digest as well, and for a reasonable amount considering the amount of stories you get per issue.
     Ah, here it is! You pay for three months at a time, 10.95 in a go that is drafted from your PayPal account. You can check it out here. Check it out, the only thing you have to lose is your mind!


Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Issue of the Horror Zine

     As I remind all of you every month, there's fresh material gathered at the Horror Zine. A gathering of poetry, short stories, and in some cases multiple-part novellas, you can bet you'll get something from the free Ezine.
The Horror Zine
What did I name this little bastard? Bugsy? We'll go with Bugsy.
     The image above is a link to their web page and, by the by, they are open to submissions!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Video of a Horrific Figure we All Must Face One Day

     The Undertaker is often cast as a dark and somber man that brings about death, or takes glee in it. Sometimes he's an areligious demagogue while others he is a Evangelical lunatic. This story happens to have both, along with the mystical figure of death given human form.

Sweet Dreams!

Friday, December 25, 2015

A Final Gift (or Three)

     You didn't think I would end the evening without a gift would you? It's not my work, but those of the Creepypasta club, but it is read by Mr. Creepypasta himself. Three Scary Christmas tales... enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Christmas for the Dead

     I must say I had a cheerful Christmas this year as I was able to see some of my family and some of the wife's. Gifts were exchanged, but the lack of small children made it more of an exercise in futility as you always get a gift that the person assumes you would like. Not that I'm complaining, no! Gifts are a fine thing to give as well as receive. My gifts to my family have been fairly simple things that were easy to get
     My father wants (will be celebrating Christmas with him next week) a story written for him about his father in a Horror situation. Seeing as the man was a no-nonsense gun nut who was never without a cigarette or a beer makes for an interesting protagonist, so I'll be writing up something pretty messed up. For my mother, I got here a pin of the Mockingjay from the movie. She loved it, thank goodness, and offered me my gifts.
      For my wife, they gave her gloves, a ski cap and a scarf along with a pair of scented candles. For me, I received new shoes and some books. One happens to be Clarissa Johal's The Island, which I plugged a few weeks ago as good gifts for Christmas. I also received some other reading material as well as some pistachios and a red wax candle for my own use. All nice gifts.
      I then spent the day (after going home to take a nap with the wife) at her grandfather's house, He is not in good health but is of sound mind, and recognized me and the wife within seconds of seeing us. He spoke with me for a few minutes before turning to my wife, who I left with her grandfather for a private moment. I went to the backyard to meet the rest of the family and enjoyed myself immensely. My chronic pain didn't bother me as bad as it normally does, and I'd taken the maximum dosage of anti-anxiety medication so I was a happy camper. I talked music and philosophy imparted wisdom of how school is not about being smart but putting in the effort. and generally enjoyed the vibe of family members that I could relate to an extent.
     We've finally returned home, my wife now playing a video game while I relax at my desk and begin to pour over an article of writing to edit for Monday's release. I plan on having another week of horror movies tacked onto the day's story for the rest of December, after which I'll then just revert to the old way of just posting stories. I seem to be growing in popularity if the new recording of the "Crimson Grove" is any indication, which of course is flattering.
     I can feel the pull of the Grave on my weary bones but I shan't retire for the evening. I have work of editing and adding to my library of work before I'll feel comfortable relaxing. As for the all of you, dear readers, I thank you for reading my stories and enjoying my work. I know I don't edit as much as I should, but I have a new program that should be helping clean up my prose. I now take a bow and promise new stories and surprises for the New Year; I have many ideas that should be making the many novels I have posted take some interesting turns.
     Sweet Dreams!

Crimson Grove - Reading by CreepyCoffeeGuy

     A strange reading to say the least, it sounds like a robot is reading my story. Worth a listen either way.

Sweet Dreams!

White With Red

     As per the usual, I will be stopping by my wife's family as well as my own mother's home. As I won't be able to post the horror short later, you get it early.
     Yay you!
     This one is another video of a Creepypasta done right, with suspense and an overall sense of lurking disturbing nature to make this a good short film.

Sweet Dreams!

This is Halloween (Female Version)

     My Christmas gift to you all is a redone classic from a Christmas movie that we all know and love.

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Siren's Call: Lost Souls

     Yet again the Siren's are calling, this time for lost souls and wayward spirits. They were able to ensnare a story of mine, Cloaker, for their collection of horrifying tales so go on over and have a read. They have some other great pieces by Nina D'Arcangela and Joe Young, to name a few. The magazine is free and, as always, the link is tied to the image to the right. No gift link today, as this is a gift for yourself: a free ninety page Horror magazine devoted entirely toi spirits and ghosts.
     Sweet Dreams!

Mama: A Short Film

     Before it was a big-time movie, Guillermo del Toro made this short about the film Mama. I find it intriguing just like the rest of his work, with a hint of fear and a healthy dose of suspense mixed with the mystical.

Sweet Dreams!

Pod From Space Epilogue

It hisses as it leaps from behind the computer, spreading out spindly legs that ended in two clawed toes. A long serpentine tail whipped behind it, uncoiling fast as it launched the creature, whose face was little more than a lamprey mouth attached to a bulbous green nodule full of sloshing fluids, through the air with startling speed. I instinctively bring up my saw and catch it mid-flight, knocking it to the side with a loud crack as the titanium alloy scraped the hard shell of the strange creature.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Samuel the Black Warlock Chapter Four

Samuel awoke to the smell of smoldering brimstone, blearily opening his eyes long enough to look down at the floor where Imogen’s bed was to see her cuddling with Baron Schadenfreude Von Angst. The stuffed toy sang in small places where her tail had wrapped around protectively. Shaking his head, he rolled over and looked at the clock.

Two Day's Till Christmas...

     The gift ideas are getting more store-related as the online shopping won't get to you in time for Christmas. This idea pays homage to The Nightmare Before Christmas so it's both horror and Christmas-themed. You can find it at Hot Topic (if they aren't sold out) for ten dollars, so enjoy. 

The Smiling Man

     Your daily horror short is a creepy little bit full of suspense and intrigue, so do enjoy the show.

Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Netflix Movies That Are Worth Watching

     The Taking of Deborah Logan is a movie that, as the name implies, about a woman named Deborah. The character is an Alzheimer's patient and focus of a study by a Graduate student who is paying for some of her medical bills in exchange for her being allowed to film Deborah and her daughter. The film quickly goes downhill as Deborah's behavior becomes more and more erratic, with wild attacks and self-mutilation a plenty. I'd rate it four out of five skulls.
     Apartment 143 is a bit more tame, with a typical possessed teenage girl trope going on with a few minor tweaks. The apartment the family lives in is haunted by spirits that disrupt everyday life, and seem to focus around the daughter. The father isn't doing to well as the wife recently died and the son is just a young kid. An aged Professor and his team of parapsychologists show up and set up shop to try and draw the spirits out, only to realize the girl is possessed. IU'd rate it three out of five skulls.

     Baby Blues is a Japanese horror film that is honestly more funny than frightening. My wife and I were cracking up at this supposedly haunted doll whenever it would act. The plot is of a pregnant woman and her husband, who works for a record company, moving into an apartment across from what must be a homeless Buddhist monk, as he is always giving cryptic warnings and knows the dark past of the apartment in detail. This movie, for how funny it is and for it's original plotline, earns five out of five skulls.

Great Gifts for the Horror Fan You Love

     Ever wonder what happened to the kid in The Shining? The novel, not the movie. Well this book answers that and more! Stephen King has a way of telling his stories in a delightfully detailed way that leaves just enough wiggle room for imagination. You can get it a variety of ways, from softcover to hardcover to Kindle. Grab a copy for a loved one that prefers books and enjoy their complaints of lack of sleep!

She's a Doll

     A not-so-short horror flick, this one is nearly twenty minutes long but well worth the length. Suspense and horror await, so I shan't keep you from it any longer.

Sweet Dreams!

New Fantasy Scroll Magazine is Out

Issue #10 Cover  

     For those of you that are partial to a little horror and fantasy, perhaps some sci-fi, then look no further than Fantasy Scroll Magazine. They're a great company that accepts work from all three genre's, so authors go on over and drop them a submission; they pay .01 cent per word with a few minimums for original work and no minimums for reprints.
     Their latest addition to the collection looks beautiful, with some great authors lined up to make a fantastic issue. While more of a gift for yourself than anyone else this Christmas, I would definitely say this is a worthwhile gift. After all, reading is what brings out our imagination, letting us see what the world can really be like. The image, as always, is a link to the issue you can order or download for a nominal fee.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Publications in the Foreseeable Future

     So I'm sure many of you are wondering what exactly my publication history is looking like right about now, what with how I'm pouring so much into the site. That is merely a temporary thing, something that I'll do every year during October and December, to celebrate the holidays so to speak. I've always been partial to Samhain as you can imagine, and Christmas is a holiday that brings joy to all with the gathering of loved ones.
     Now, in 2015, I was published four times by Creepypasta and once in Shrieks and Shivers; a total of five publications for my work. This coming year, I have a publication in Siren's Call Magazine, Creepy Campfire Quarterly Issue #1 and Demonic Visions Six. I've also subbed to a few anthologies and subbed two novels to a publisher while applying with three different agents. I know, I should be working more on getting an agent, who can get me a better chance at getting published. I'm working on a short novella starring my Grandfather, a consummate hunter and all-around man's man from a bygone era. This story, should it be worthwhile, will also be submitted for publication.
     I have several more stories floating around Creepypasta waiting to be either accepted or rejected. So I may get some more Creepypasta love.

Grim Reaper Tombstone for your Garden


     Christmas is but a scant few days away and finding gift ideas for all of you is getting harder and harder. But never fear! For those of you with a garden (and a dead pet you buried in said garden) I have the perfect gift! Behold! Death himself, standing ever vigilant over the tombstone of some long forgotten soul, warding away evil and pesky weeds. I know for a fact that many people bury their pets in the back yard, so for the potter's field in your back yard get this tombstone for them and you can give the restless spirits something to ease their suffering.
     Or make it worse, I don't know. Ghosts are weird, some of them like gothic shit, others get angry over it. So if you get this for your cat graveyard don't be mad at me when your house is swarming with angry feline poltergeists. Anyway, the link to the shop is in the image like always. Sweet Dreams!

The Box

     You have to love a short indie film that comes with a warning for parents to take young children away. Like this deters anyone from watching the film at all! I remember back when I was a young child of eight seeing The Exorcist for the first time. I loved it! It was a quality cinema with a compelling story, decent acting and a strong pacing that didn't leave any real lulls in the movie. Nowadays you have jump scare, suspense, jump scare, long drawn out lull as they attempt to pass off some pitiful plot, jump scare, roll credits.
     Now, this may only be roughly eight and a half minutes long, but it is a nicely wrapped gift for the holidays from me to you. Enjoy it! Be sure to give your love to the makers of the film by leaving a comment on the youtube page.

Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Another Gift for The Disturbed

Spider ornament, black and orange, elegant horror, christmas ornament, gothic christmas, spider legend, Halloween, spooky christmas

     Spiders are a staple among the horror stories of my youth. Stephen King has made a fortune off of arachnids and insect-like monsters while Dean Koontz has told tall tales of macabre spiders. So this gift is a perfect addition to the roster: an orange-and-black spider ornament! The link is, of course, the link to the Etsy website where you can obtain the lovely decoration to add to your wishlist.

Annabels's Diary

     As you know I'm an avid fan of Creepypasta, with four of my stories posted up on the site with varying grades. Some people have taken the stories and made them into horror movies, just like this short film.

Sweet Dreams!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Gifts for the Horror Junkie in Your Life

Horror Flick Junkie Travel Mug

     I know when I'me writing I have either coffee or a soda by my side, slowly draining the drink to keep the creative juices flowing. Now you too can be the stylish dead with your very own cup that proclaims you to be a true fan of all things horror! The image is the link, as always, so feel free to peruse their website. It has T-shirts and other fun toys that you could nab for a buddy.


     I leave you this video for the weekend and the news that I've submitted two novels for consideration at a publisher that shall remain nameless for now. Needless to say, I'm excited and hoping that at least one of them will be picked up! Anyway, here's the video!

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Spirits for the Holiday Cheer

     Not a fan of Vodka myself, though I might change my tune if Krampus leaves me one of these under the tree this year. A glass skull filled with 750 ml of Crystal Head Vodka. Filtered seven times for a high potency and clear taste, this drink should go down smooth with little effort from the bartender in your life. Several drinks are waiting to be made in your home, so click on the image and order yourself a skull filled with liquor! It's only $39.99!

Stuck in a Painting

     This short film is a suspenseful tale with a few scares worthy of notice. I think it should be noted that the film was made with minimal cost and it still came out looking great.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Little SyFi Horror for Your Christmas

Alien Chestburster Plush

     We all love the Aliens franchise Ridley Scott created for us some thirty-odd years ago. It was a blending of two genres that had never really been done before, at least to the degree that Scott went. That's why we honor his creation with a plushie Chestburster, courtesy of ThinkGeek! The adorable little parasite is a mere thirty dollars, which considering the detail they put into the item is quite a steal when you think about it. As always the image is the link to the site, so enjoy!


     A terrific short horror piece for you today! Sorry for the delay, had some interesting bones to sort out... Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tis the Season for Ghastly Gifts

Skel-e-Dog Garden Statue

     I've shown a fair amount of creepy gift ideas this past month, and I pride myself on that. You dear readers should involve horror in your lives more often; but on thing I've largely ignored are ways you can spread horror to other people in your lives. Namely, your neighbors. Meet Octavius (my name for him). He's a statue of, well, a skeletal dog. He holds a pot for you to plant flowers in and remains seated like a good boy should. Best yet, he won't piddle on your petunias like so many other dogs I could mention. As always, the image is the link. 


     This horror short is worthy of the screams it produces.

Sweet Dreams!

Samuel the Black Warlock Chapter Three

Setting up the master bedroom took a few hours, but Samuel stood back to admire his work. Black curtains and black walls with black furniture… he even managed to go shopping and find black bed sheets and pillow covers, which were now occupied by Imogen and his very-huggable stuffed bear Baron Schadenfreude von Angst, the small black bear covered in patches of dark silk to hide his years of wear and tear.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Babysitter and The Boogeyman

     Another day, another indie film waiting to be watched. Short and sweet, this one gets to the punchline real fast, and boy does it pack a wallop!

Sweet Dreams!

Horror Books for Stocking Stuffers

paranormal, gothic horror, and fantasy books
     I've been listing "scary" gifts for you dear readers for this holiday season, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention some books for those of you looking for an extra scare this Christmas. The first book I would suggest is The Island by Clarissa Johal, a great read that keeps people on the edge of their seat. The dialogue is witty, the pacing if strong and vibrant, and the imagery is varied and realistic. The plot is worthwhile, allowing you to get sucked into the story and keep reading until you turn the last page. The link to Amazon is, of course, the image below, and it is available for kindle as well as paperback.
     The second book on my wishlist is Bleed, an anthology put together by Lori Michelle. I've been meaning to read this and have never actually gotten around to doing so. I spend most of my free time writing or reading online that I rarely, if ever, pick up a book and just read it for what it is. Bleed is especially good as it was created as a means to donate money to various charities. The link to Bleed is to the left.
     Finally, I'd like to add to the list The Haunting of Gillespie House, a fun novel about a haunted mansion in the middle of nowhere. From the reviews, one can expect vivid scenery and fully-fleshed out characters with a gripping narrative. The pacing is slower than most would enjoy, but seeing as I've read through some true bricks in my time I think I'll be able to manage. The image below is the link to where the book can be purchased for a nominal fee. Go by and take a look for yourself, and you'll see for yourself the joys that can come from a good old fashioned ghost story.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Another Gift for the Morbid

     Everyone loves to take showers, and it is part of our daily rituals that we almost don't even think about them while we're actually preparing for them. So why not add a little fun to the shower for the foreseeable future? This cherry-scented shower gel comes in its own blood bag that you can hang from the shower curtain. The link to the site is in the image, of course, so go on over and peruse the site for it's gory goodies.


     A short film about a teenage boy being stalked by Slender Man, a mythical figure in horror story circles that has actually inspired several video games as well as an actual attempted murder.

Sweet Dreams!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Horror Holiday Gift: The Essentials

     A set of essential movies from the early years of horror cinema, really only for the die-hard horror fan as most of us prefer the newer stuff over the classic black and white. This includes Nosferatu, Frankenstein, and many others, so there's something there for everyone! The link is the image, as always, so click and order soon if you want it to show up in time to wrap it!Universal Monsters: The Essential Collection [Blu-ray] [Region Free] [UK Import]

Attic Panic

     A short where someone hears a noise in the attic. A classic turned on it's head!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Horror Gifts: Subscriptions to Horror Magazines

     Rue Morgue is a magazine of talented writers and editors that come up with creative and informative articles of all things horror. To get a subscription, click here, which will take you to the page determining if you are in North America or abroad.

     Another magazine, HorrorHound, is a great source of modern horror and horror movies. I enjoy the magazine for it's interviews and the general horror articles and fiction that is offered. Take the link here to see the subscription link.
                            product image
     Finally, there is the ever-constant joy that comes from Fangoria. This is a magazine that has stood the test of time and combines all that is great about horror-writing. To get a subscription, click here.
     Do enjoy any of these magazines at your leisure, and as always, Sweet Dreams!

Charlie Charlie Pencil Game

     A darker horror tale to be told in this short, but still amusing nonetheless. I like how the editing made it seem crisper than one would normally have with a short film. Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More Gifts for Horror Fans

     A skeleton for the bathroom, always a classic! This gift comes from Amazon, and they should have plenty in stock. As always the link is the photo, so click away and take a look at what they have to offer.

The Stairs

     Another horror film, another day! This one is suspenseful on a different wavelength, so do enjoy. And as always, Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Perfect Horror Gift for Your Corpse Bride

Anatomical Heart Vase, Pewter Finish 

     An anatomical heart made from resin and cast in pewter, a perfect gift for the morbid (or a cardiologist I suppose) minded. I can picture it, holding a vase full of dying black roses, covered in cobwebs from a long-legged spider. The link is in the image, as always, so go on over and take a look at what you can get from the maker of this finely wrought piece of art!

Don't Move

    A new movie by the team over at Bloody Cuts, this one sure is a screamer! Do enjoy the short horror flick of the day, and as always, Sweet Dreams!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Bishoujo Freddy and Zombie Batman

Black & White Statue Zombie Batman Adams

     A strange phenomenon that occurs in foreign markets is the fan creations of "beloved" horror icons. This one is an obvious homage to Freddy Krueger, from the Freddy vs. Jason movie that came out in 2003. The fact that it turned our burned-to-a-crisp serial killer into a blonde bombshell is a slight offense that can be forgiven due to the morbid nature of the creation. Similar to the macabre look of Elvira, this statue barely weighs over a pound and is only $64.99, a deal to some. Click the image below to get the link to the site where it's sold. 
     A great gift to the horror fanatic in your family. I especially love the pool of blood beneath her rather than a shadow or standard plate for a statue. I have a zombie batman statue (As seen above) where he is literally stepping off his plate, arms held in a strict rigor mortis that belies the agility that Batman normally possesses. The link to that shop is linked with the image above.

Death in C Minor

     A spooky little story with an amazing soundtrack that keeps the suspense ramped up. Think Insidious when you listen to this music; it really is similar, don't you think?

Sunday, December 6, 2015


     A short film more about suspense than surprise, well worth the four minutes it takes to watch it. Hat is tipped to the maker of the film, as well as the actress who played the victim, ahem, I mean protagonist... yeah. Protagonist...

Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Creepypasta

     An original story of mine, Crimson Grove, is over at Creepypasta ready for the reading. Follow this link to read and grade how I did. Be gentle!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Amy's Torch

     Not much to say here, I'll let the short horror flick do it's thing. All I can say is voila!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Great Gift for Horror Fans


     With the holidays upon us I've been combing the web for gift ideas, as you've no doubt noticed. This one is for anyone who likes the Funko Pop! line of figurines, as well as classic horror movies. I present to you, Nosferatu! Because if you can't have the actual Dracula, you might as well have his "cousin" in cinema. Click the image to go to the online store, but you can probably find him in Hot Topics at your local mall!

Aliens: Covenant

    Looks like a new Aliens movie is on the horizon, this one a sequel to Prometheus. The actor who played Elizabeth Shaw has been confirmed, by director Ridley Scott, to be a character in the new movie, though it seems she'll only have a "minor part". The release date (tentative) is October 6th 2017, so don't get the popcorn yet.

Elizabeth Shaw (played by Noomi Rapace) as depicted in the film Prometheus. They discovered the Engineer's biological weapon that created the Xenomorphs, and she left with the remainder of her crew (an android's head) to seek out the elusive Engineer's homeworld.

Incoming Call

    A short film about an incoming call. The suspense in this short thriller is gripping, so do enjoy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ornaments for the Morbid

Crow Christmas Tree Ornament - Faux Crow Skull Decor - Bird Skull Gothic Holiday Decorations Nightmare Before Christmas Decor

The tradition of decorating a fir tree with ornaments and lights is tantamount to Christmas. But for those of you that look to the Krampus instead of Old Saint Nick, you need an ornament befitting the hooved holiday helper. I present the Crow Skull ornament! For a mere twenty-five bones, you can own a morbid curiosity that will be certain to spark conversations from your more pious family members. Click on the image to find the maker of these ingenious little pieces!

If I Shaved...

Skull Shaving Brush

... then this would be the gift to get me! I love the style of the skull and know from experience how much easier it is to shave once you've lathered up properly. Sadly, I no longer shave. But it could be a fine gift for a horror-fan you know! Click the image to see more of the awesome website this comes from. Warning: not all content is horror-related!


     Today's horror feature, Love Bites, was a novella I wrote for my wife a few years ago. I've only since been cleaning it up and changing it around so that it could be ready for a more discerning audience. But, as with the past week, we have a short horror film to go with our story!

     Giggle is deliciously morbid, so do enjoy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bedtime at Ten

     Bedtime at Ten is a fun horror romp that involves some heavy lessons to be learned. Enjoy!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Night, Night Nancy

     Ahhh... another day in dreary old Texas. One way I  spend my time is by viewing the bevy of horror films on Youtube. Like this one!
     Sweet dreams...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King

     A little bit of humor in the dreary corner of the multiverse, where two authors have a rap battle to assert who is truly the most horrific of all!

The Satanic Temple... a Force for Good?


     When you hear the word Satanist you automatically think of dark nights, black robed figures, and blood sacrifices to the dark lord of all that is twisted and evil, Lucifer himself. But the Satanic Church here in America seems to be breaking the proverbial mold with their actions as of late. Here is a list of their tenants. When you look them up in the media, you find them offering to aid any Muslims who are afraid of going out alone, fighting for equal rights for all religions on public property and putting a stop to the status quo of the religious standard that has been in place for as long as I can remember. I find it interesting that they identify with Lucifer, but they make logical arguments that I can't really argue with.
     So I won't even try. Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Horror Zine

     While I haven't worked with them in a while, I still enjoy the work they put out. So that's why I share the joy of the Horror Zine with all of you whenever a new change occurs!
The Horror Zine
     As always, I forgot what I call this bat. I think this time I'll go with Bugsy. He looks like a Bugsy. Click on Bugsy to be swept away to the Horror Zine!

The Maker

     A short film about a creator making his final creation before giving it very explicit instructions. That being said, time's a wasting (in more ways than one!)
     Enjoy the creepiness of this little cartoon.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving - Skypemare

     Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! To those of you in other countries, I haven't forgotten about you: I have a scary movie you can watch, a little tale called Skypemare!

     Now that's what I call bone chilling! Hope you enjoyed the find I dug up from youtube, I plan on making this a regular thing for as long as I can (there are only so many scary movies on Youtube). Anyway, I'm off to scribble down a few stories before I go to see relatives.

Ghost of O'Leary House Chapter Twenty-Four

The tombstone, partially covered by overgrown weeds, bore the name of David’s grandfather. The earth around the site was soft and yielding, as if it were muddy beneath the grass. With the starlight shining down, David could almost make out a birth and death date for on the grave marker. Opal’s hands, gaunt and luminescent, swept low so David could read aloud. Lee stood off to the side, apparently annoyed at the whole proceedings.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lights Out (2013)

     Another short horror film that has a fun little thrill. Not even three minutes long and it gets the scare across!
     Enjoy the movie and as always, sweet dreams...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Rake: The Short Film

     The Rake is a monster popular on the internet from Creepypasta where its story was first told. Now it has it's own demented cult following, with several authors partaking in the lore. This story is about two survivors going over what happened during the attack. It's a great short, I suggest giving it a watch.
     Don't blame me for the nightmares!
     Sweet Dreams...

Son of a Preacher Man, Chapter Four (Redux)

“Hey Takeshi, you alright man?” Henry asked over a steaming cup of coffee, his bristly mustache somehow avoiding the hot drink as the graying detective took a delicate sip of the drink.
Takeshi leaned back in his chair, rubbing his eyes as he let out a huge yawn. Looking over at Henry with a tired expression, he cracked a small smile. “We have coffee?”

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Samuel the Black Warlock, Chapter Two

“So you think this place is haunted?” Samuel asked his imp, the small creature flapping around his head as it examined the dusty woodwork coming from the ceiling.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Samuel the Black Warlock, Chapter One

Standing in front of the house, it had seemed like a good idea at the time.
“Go to a new school,” his father had said. “You can join the football team there and make it big!”

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Son of A Preacher Man Chapter Three (Redux)

Detective Sato sat at his desk, pensively sipping his lukewarm cup of coffee while staring at all of the crime scene photos taken from the five attacks, trying to find a way to piece together how they were related. From the group of African American men coming home from a night out and the Mormon family in their van to the homeless man found stuffed in a dumpster without a heart or lungs, none of the people seemed to have any sort of connection at all.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pod from Space Part Three

The doors are all closed, with the corridor as quiet as a church mouse (though my helmet does muffle light noise, so who knows?) making it difficult to figure out where they would have taken the pod upon bringing the thing into the station.

Son of a Preacher Man, Chapter Two (Redux)

Officer Takeshi Sato sighed as he dropped into his ragged leather seat in front of his desk. Officer… he thought bemusedly, fingering a shiny new Brass nameplate bearing the title “Detective.” I need to start thinking of myself as more than a patrolman.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Church Mouse, Part One

Waking up, I roll out of bed and plant my feet on the hardwood floor. Bare skin meets cold wood, jolting me awake as I stand up and shuffle over to the door to my room, picking up my glasses from the nightstand. I shower and eat breakfast in silence, merely grunting at my father’s probing questions about my life while Mom asks me how the church group is going.

Party Rock, Part One

The sharp taps of her steel-toed boots echoed through the alleyway as she wove through the veritable maze set between the abandoned buildings. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Jennifer smiled at the sight of her warm breath in the frigid air before her. Slipping a hand into her coat, her fingers numb from the frost of the frigid evening, she errantly tugged on the necklace she’d been gifted by the strange man she’d encountered a few days earlier.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Son of a Preacher Man, Chapter One (Redux)

I fumble with my mp3 player as I stand in the bitter darkness of the alleyway, trying to set the damned thing to my “Work” playlist. God, how I miss cassette players, they were just so much simpler to use. But far be it from me to be an “old man” as my son would often call me whenever he saw me messing with this stupid device. He’d gotten it for me for my birthday this past November, and even though I had a hundred dollars’ worth of music I could “buy” for it, I just chose the one song.

Pod from Space Part Two

A series of pops and clicks echoed within my helm, signaling a communication coming in. I quickly flip off channel three and open the other channels.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Under a New Moon, Part One

Racing home from school on his bicycle, Trent let out a whoop of joy. He’d aced his math quiz, and made a B- on his science test; all in all, a good day! He was waiting for report cards as he knew his would have good grades (for once) and he might be able to get his father to crack a smile on that stony face of his. Hopping up onto the curb, Trent wove between a bench and a bus sign, much to the chagrin of Old Lady Shipman, who yelled after him. He just turned partially and flipped her the bird before looking forward once more, smiling as his apartment complex came into sight.

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Still Life Part Three

Murphy woke with a headache and a bad taste in his mouth. Smacking his lips and rubbing his chin, he sat up in his chair and looked at the clock on the wall. Six thirty-two in the morning.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pod from Space Part One

Walking along the solar panel to an orbiting space station may seem like an adventure to some people, but really it’s just the path to a shorted panel that needs replacing. My years of training as an astronaut, my degrees in mechanical engineering and information technology… all it made me was an extra-planetary electrician.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Anthologies and Authors you May Have Missed

I strive to keep you both terrified by my stories, while also keeping you up to date on what films have come out giving you fair warning if they are bad or a heads up if they are good. The point is, if you love horror as much as I do (which I can only assume you do) then you enjoy the writings and reviews I painstakingly punch out after every finished book and every final reel of a film. Today, I have a review of an anthology that might have slipped under the radar if you weren’t being as vigilant as you should have been.

New Source of Horror

Lurking up from the murky waters of the internet once more, I’m happy to see you once again dear readers! For the last few months, I’ve been sinking into the darker depths of the internet for true inspiration on what to write for you, be it fiction or nonfiction. My findings have been quite dismal to say the least, as I think I may have plumbed the deepest trenches for our great way of life. But wait! I did find one thing that should bring a smile to your skull, as it did mine.

Horror Titles for the Holidays

To think of the abyss that dwells within each of us, hiding horrors unknown to the rest of the world… ah, such sweet dreams are made of these. But not all of us have dreams wrought with teeming terrors and dark whispers; that’s why we need to have new horror novels and movies to help stir the pot, so to speak. With the coming of the bitter chill of winter comes the time to give the gift of horror to your loved ones. Here are a few worth looking into, should you dare.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Haunted Echoes, Chapter One

The pungent stench of dried herbs hangs heavily in the air, a stifling heat suffusing the room as I quickly shave the bark from the gathered branches of a willow tree. The small room is hardly ideal for brewing home remedies that Grecia sells in the shop below, but with the aftermath of Katrina still rocking the foundations of the city, a room isn’t something that we are able to afford at the moment. The meager two story townhouse that serves as both shop and home to our strange little family is always full of local shoppers looking for a balm or cream for their latest rash or blemish, and curious tourists who want to see a real Voodoo doctor’s place of business.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Still Life, Chapter Two

Murphy walked up the stairs leading to his apartment, his coat buttoned up to his neck where a plume of smoke wafted away in the wind from his cigarette. He’d spent an additional three hours at work calling all the leads and contacts he had in an effort to locate Morsely before he could perform the hit, but he’d so far been unsuccessful. This had led to him dispatching a squad car to picking up Carlos Alonzo, the tattoo mogul. The Captain had been unhappy, as housing the man for the night was proving to be difficult due to Mr. Alonzo’s lawyers, but Murphy didn’t care; that wasn’t his job.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Pride" Being Narrated On a Youtube Video

     My story "Pride" has been picked up by someone who has already narrated part one of the story. According to Mr. Creepypasta it takes roughly forty minutes to read that particular tale, so there should be five videos in total when they are all done.
     Now you can listen to what's been written and see if it matches what you imagined when you were reading it yourself!

Book Signing Went Off Without a Hitch!

     The book signing yesterday was a huge success in my eyes, and hopefully in the eyes of the customers as well. I'm sitting at the far end of the table with, the bearded guy. Next to me is R.L. Ugolini, who not only wrote for Demonic Visions III, IV and V but also wrote a romance novel, Quakes. Next to her is Vince Liberato, someone who's been involved in every Demonic Vision that's been produced!
     At least the written ones that we were selling, I don't think he aided any satanic witches in their attempts to transcend this mortal plane. He has an author page at Amazon that contains his work, so swing by and see if he has anything that tickles your fancy.
     Both are great people with great senses of humor. We went from signing books to explaining how to get published to customers interested in entering the writing field. Our book table had five stacks of gruesome horror, with one stack of romance that R.L. kept insisting that there were some scary moments in. We officially decided I represented the Lion in the story, while Vince enthralled us with the field of Science Fiction (his area of focus). Was surprised how different it was, yet we use many of the same sources to try and find places to get published.
     All in all, a fine evening was had. Our editor Chris Robertson will be pleased for sure.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cosmic Horror Part One

Looking up from his book, Herbert smiled at his uncle as he paced back and forth, wearing the threadbare rug thin. The older man, dressed in black slacks and a white button-down dress shirt ending in soft leather gloves, looked like your typical southern gentlemen with his long white beard and mustache and balding head though his demeanor quickly soured that opinion almost as soon as it was formed.

Still Life, Chapter One

Murphy sat at his desk in the station, a lit cigarette hanging limply from his mouth as he stared at the computer screen in front of him. The man’s five o’clock shadow was fully growing in, something that the Sergeant hated seeing.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Satanic Temple Might Lead Prayers at a Football Game

     One of the coaches at Brementon High Scool has gotten into the habit of forming a post-game prayer circle, where he leads the team in Christian-specific prayers... which is unconstitutional. As a government employee, he isn't allowed to promote one faith over another. That's what separation of church and state are around for. Imagine if you're a Buddhist or Muslim on that team (or an Atheist?) and you have to sit through this guy's prayer out of fear of being ostracized.
     Well, another organization has offered to lend their clerical services to make things a little more balanced, so long as a student or staff member invites them. They've been invited, so the Satanic Temple will be heading to Washington to conduct a rite while the Coach leads his team in prayer. They've said that they will only do this if he continues to lead prayers, as they just want to have equal treatment. If he decides to follow the laws, the Satanic Church will back down.
     So all the Christian has to do to beat back the followers of Satan is be silent... I expect that won't happen.
Via Hemant

James Cree Part Two

After rearranging the room into an orderly fashion, Katrina donned her thick black hoodie and left, walking off into the night. Mikey followed after her a few minutes later, leaving Thomas alone in his attic room, lit by flickering candlelight of black wax candles (they’d never extinguished them). As Thomas walked around his room, fetching his school books needed for his homework, he would occasionally look over at the jawless pulpy red skull, the blue eyes following his every movement.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Demonic Visions Book Signing

     This Friday I'll be joining two of my fellow authors from the Demonic Visions series for a book signing at Barnes and Nobles at the Northwoods Shopping Center in San Antonio. My very first event, I'm really looking forward to it!
     I hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bloody Mississippi, Part One

Flies flew around the confined hunting lodge, nestled back in the trees right along the churning waters of the Mississippi. The overwhelming heat of the summer combined with the thick clouds of vapor in the air made it difficult for the officers to look at the scene of the crime, so the Department of Wildlife that’d found the scene had just quarantined the area with yellow tape and called ahead for the State police. Two officers leaned against the back of a muddy patrol car, arms crossed and hats tilted back as they stared at the dirt path leading to the shack.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Maestro is up at Creepypasta!

     Creepypasta has posted another one of my stories, this one being a vampire-inspired tale called "Maestro". Go here to check it out!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rite of the Revenant, Chris Part One

I could hardly believe this was happening! Here we were, after digging up a book from the attic in my house, performing a ritual that claimed to be used on “the vilest of ye enemies…” and it was actually working! We’d all contributed in some manner, but me; I was the only one who could read the archaic script the spell was written in.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Love Bites, Chapter One

I could not believe my luck! Just as I was walking from the biology labs here at school, keys in hand for my junker of a car, I was approached by none other than Oliver White, the First-string center for the football team, asking me if I had plans for tonight, “seeing as it's Friday and all,” he’d said with that panty-drenching sideways grin of his.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rite of the Revenant, Part One

The dull throbbing deep in my chest is what first makes me realize I’m awake. A thick, wet thumping against my sternum, shaking my entire frame, rouses me from what must have been the most relaxing nap I’ve ever taken. Stretching out, I blink slowly, trying to determine where I am. Reaching up, my hands bump into a hard, but cushioned, wall.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Creepypasta Number Two

     So when I got the e-mail that my second story would be going up on Creepypasta, I was flattered and stoked at the same time. But I misread the e-mail and thought that the story would be going up on the 27th.
     It went up the 22nd.
     Go and read it now!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


     Took a small break from posting so that I could build up some stories for my backlog while also sending off some novels to be perused. Will resume posting stories the 23rd with an update to two stories, and possibly a stand alone story as well.
     Don't want to drain the well again so quickly!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

James Cree, Part One

“You almost done Mikey?” Thomas asked, adjusting his glasses on his face.
The overweight boy looked up at Thomas from his place on the floor, carefully drawing a circle in chalk on the wooden panels. “Yeah, sorry it’s taking so long. The book is really specific on what the circle is supposed to entail.”

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The First Horseman, Part One

Kate walked down the sidewalk, her hands shoved into her hoodie to fight off the cold of the night. Her shift at the hospital had ended some twenty minutes ago, a full hour after it was supposed to end.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Haunted School, Part One

Astoria smiled as her boyfriend pulled into one of the parking spots in the darkened parking lot. The school was covered in a shroud of darkness that made the dark brick building almost impossible to see in the starless night. But they’d brought large flashlights, as well as bolt cutters, so they were going to get the chance to explore the old school that had once been the oldest high school in all of San Antonio. Now it was just a crumbling set of buildings that had been abandoned due to budget cuts.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blurred Edges, Chapter Eleven

      “So you’re saying that this girl,” Officer Wong motioned over to the body under the sheet on a gurney, “just started bleeding? Just like that?”

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Spear of Longinus, Part Two

I walked back into the barracks where they’d taken Nioleg, the smell of burnt meat heavy in the air as soldiers crowd around him in the darkened, cramped quarters. I have to pull more than one man away from the huddle to retain order as I shout at them to allow me to see the soldier who defied a direct order.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bringing Up Old News: Prologue

Walking along the edge of the graveyard, Gary smiled as he read the news on his phone. He’d taken this job due to the basic requirements of the job: look intimidating and prevent anyone from doing anything illegal in the graveyard, at least after hours.