Saturday, June 7, 2014

Traffic Lights

     Scrambling along the long wire holding up the three traffic lights, the Boggle stopped to sniff the warm night air, its over-sized hands gripping the cord with a titans grip. Looking back, he looked at his hollow tree, and thought of the half-squirrel he had in there, along with the collection of lug nuts he'd been gathering for the last two years. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dark Eclipse #35

     Dark Eclipse 35 is out and boy is this one grisly. We have some poems that really make you question whether your home is safe, several columns by authors of ill-repute and a couple short stories that will send chills down your spine.

DE 35 cover

     You can find the kindle edition here, as always.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Edgar Allen Poe Vs. Stephen King

    Epic Rap Battles of History, a youtube channel that takes figures famous (infamous?) and pits them against each other in a rap battle. I am a Poe fan so I think he won this one, but that's just me.

Book Review: Green Tsunami

Green Tsunami is an end-of-the-world novel that is surprisingly original. No zombies or vampires, just old fashioned mutants done in a shockingly amazing way. The whole story revolves around the e-mails between husband and wife, one mutated the other not. The husband was a stay at home husband when the green tsunami hit, and the green liquid mutated his foot into elephantine proportions. The wife is trapped in her office building with the co-workers that survived, taking care of the “Balloon Heads”, a group of mutants who have massive heads and communicate through chirps and telepathy.

The Fishing Trip, Part Three

“Huh… that looked like a dolphin’s tail. Are dolphins out here?” David asked himself. Another slam rocked the boat, this time from the aft of the ship. Cursing, he ran towards the back, next to the dangling Hammerhead and looked overboard. The engine’s propellers were back here, and if some playful dolphin knocked those out, they wouldn’t be going anywhere! The water around the propellers churned with activity, fish hopping out of the water into the air as fast as they could, before falling back into the cold water to hop out once more. A whole school of Bluefin were doing this near the aft of the ship, which suffered another slam, followed by a wrenching of metal that made David want to scream out in frustration.