Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seeds Of Darkness, Part One

Sitting over the edge of the pier, Joshua and his three friends all laughed and chatted as bobbers floated in the water around them, occasionally sinking a little and causing the boys to fall silent as the lucky one with a nibble took his rod and reel and slowly, ever so slowly, reeled in the line to try and snare the fish. They came from a poor village, where their fathers spent the days breaking their backs in the sugar cane fields while their mothers and sisters kept to the animals. Their older brothers helped with the gathering of lumber for the village woodsman so they would all have firewood come the cold winter nights in the next few months.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Keep Austin Weird, Part One

“Austin’s a pretty crazy town,” Nick slurred as he walked behind his friends, his wider gait allowing him to keep an even pace with them at a slower speed.
Amber, hiccupping, looked back and smiled. “Told you. It’s a great place to party, that’s for certain.”

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Post Mortem: The Remaining

Possibly the best comedy I’ve seen in quite some time, The Remaining sells itself as a horror movie about what happens during the end of days. Fair enough, I thought to myself; I’ll give it a shot! Could have some real possibilities, with foul demons and undead that could crawl from vast crevices within the broken earth as God unleashes the four horsemen upon the world, bringing about a fiery wake of death and destruction that would leave nothing but the sickened sinners (like me) to remain on our demon-infested world as the true believers ascend to Heaven, away from the violence.

Sandra Costello and the Spirit King, Part Three

Sandra was still blushing as she stood behind the counter, watching the man look over her various odds and ends as he hummed quietly to himself. The fact that she’d been caught at such an emotional time, and by a customer!