Friday, May 2, 2014

Fright Fight, Part One

Jeanine awoke with a sudden jolt, scooting back from her prone position on the floor until her back met wall. Years of military experience turned on and she found herself evaluating what her situation was: it was dark, but not so dark that she couldn't see. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Post Mortem: Troll Hunter

     Troll Hunter, despite the name, is not some poorly made hokey little movie. It has a well thought out script and amazing special effects, as well as several moments where hilarity ensues, and even more suspenseful ones. Truly one of my favorite films in the last few months, this is one you can watch over and over without growing bored, though I must warn you, it is in subtitles. But so was Pan's Labyrinth and that turned out pretty amazing I think, don't you?

     As you can see by the theatrical trailer, it's an action packed ride from start to finish with questions such as "are you Christian?", where the answer could mean death by Troll or not, seeing as Trolls of all subspecies can sniff out Christians. At one point another camera person has to take the place of one who died, and is immediately asked "Are you a Christian? Do you accept Christ?" Taken aback, the woman stutters out that she's Muslim. The cast all look to the Troll Hunter, who merely shrugs and has no idea if that's a bad thing or not in this instance.

     Essentially this is a film where college kids are putting together a film for a college course and stumble across this hunter while he is taking care of some Trolls gone rogue. He helps them along the way, taking them under his wing, and shows them the trade of a professional Troll Hunter, on the governments tab. This of course isn't something his superiors like, and the end of the film is them taking the footage away from the students, but it is an amazing thrill ride the entire way, with plenty of scares and suspense.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Creatures in Horror: The Undead

     The undead. A large category of creatures that can be covered in three broad scopes, seeing as the exact definition is a creature that is animate while no longer being alive. You first have the unintelligent undead, the intelligent undead and the unseen undead. With these three categories, you can cover any monster in a horror movie if they ever cease life functions and rise to cause them some horror.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Post Mortem: Splinter

     Splinter, a movie about a malevolent fungus that infests the bodies of living beings and forces them to seek heat while growing long black spines from their bodies. Whats not to love?