Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Site Updates

Going to do an overhaul on the site in the next few days where I make sure related stories are linked, old links to off-site stories still work, and that the links I provide are still up and running. I'm still working on "The Father of Flesh", the first of a five-novel series, as well as "Pride", the first of a three-novel series. Taking a break from them for the rest of June to prepare July's book, "Dead and Proud of It!"

My first step into the vampire's of my imaginary world, where they are known about by the general public. There are vampires, and then there are Fangs. Vampires are the tame and docile versions, not much stronger or durable than a human. They go to blood banks and eat raw beef and pork fresh from the animal.

Keeps them tame.

But Fangs are vampires that feed on humans (or other supernatural entities), tripling their strength and speed and making them nearly bulletproof. They consume humans whole, leaving only a scant few bones, their bodies crushing the meat down and incorporating it into their own body for use. Nothing goes to waste.

This makes Fangs most unwelcome in any civilized areas, and special squads of SWAT teams are designated to taking down Fangs when one pops up on the radar.

Keep in mind this the same world as POride, the Father of Flesh, and Ivan and the Hunt. I've made this alternate universe where human history occurred with the supernatural already accounted for. I think it makes for some good reading, and I certainly enjoy writing it!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

London Horror Society

     I just had the pleasure of writing a piece for the London Horror Society, entitled "Splinter: A Lesson in Originality." It's free to read so feel free to stop by the website and see what I've written, and peruse the other movie reviews to see what other members of the horror community think.

Splinter, 2008