Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dead But Dreaming #4 Live in Paperback!

     Dead But Dreaming is one of those fledgling magazines that is only growing better by the issue. I'm proud to be a part of the work  Dead But Dreaming is putting out. While it is still a fledgling magazine, it is only growing better by the issue. Support an independent press and buy a copy. It's only $3.99, any fan could spare that!

Patreon Live!

     I've created a Patreon account to try and create a living out of what I do, so please, if you can spare a dollar or three pay it a visit and donate. The rewards there are set up to help out the site as a whole, and would allow me to take down all of the adverts that clog up my space.
     If enough of you helped out, I may even be able to create a youtube channel and pay authors for their stories to create audiocasts of intriguing horror tales. So get to my Patreon site, see what I have to offer, and donate if you can!

Coffin Hop 2014

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     The annual blog-hopping event will be once again taking place this year from the 24th to the 31st, allowing horror bloggers from far and wide to connect and produce work for the masses. Not that I don't already do this, but I feel its at least somewhat more interesting to have people come by and judge my work who are also authors.
     Nothing wrong with you non-authors out there, its just like having your art critiqued by fellow artists. No matter what you think of this, it is far from easy to come up with fresh material for you folks on a weekly basis. Is it all Pulitzer prize material? 
     But I put out work at a relative pace that makes me comfortable and keeps you all happy.
     What would make me happier is if you all left comments and advised me on which stories to continue, or what you would like to see. I'm always open to suggestions! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dark Eclipse Magazine and Column Status

     Dark Eclipse #39 is out and you should totally buy a copy! My monthly column is down for the count this month, with an original piece by me being featured instead.
     But speaking of columns, I'll be doing my normal column for Dark Eclipse Magazine and Dead but Dreaming, but also a monthly column for Dark Eclipse's Blog, where I'll test out some new ideas and review books for your own amusement. I plan on expanding my review list to movies and games, as well as general updates on all things horror related.
     My guest posts will be labeled Post Mortem, for those that are familiar with my site already.