Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Pride" Being Narrated On a Youtube Video

     My story "Pride" has been picked up by someone who has already narrated part one of the story. According to Mr. Creepypasta it takes roughly forty minutes to read that particular tale, so there should be five videos in total when they are all done.
     Now you can listen to what's been written and see if it matches what you imagined when you were reading it yourself!

Book Signing Went Off Without a Hitch!

     The book signing yesterday was a huge success in my eyes, and hopefully in the eyes of the customers as well. I'm sitting at the far end of the table with, the bearded guy. Next to me is R.L. Ugolini, who not only wrote for Demonic Visions III, IV and V but also wrote a romance novel, Quakes. Next to her is Vince Liberato, someone who's been involved in every Demonic Vision that's been produced!
     At least the written ones that we were selling, I don't think he aided any satanic witches in their attempts to transcend this mortal plane. He has an author page at Amazon that contains his work, so swing by and see if he has anything that tickles your fancy.
     Both are great people with great senses of humor. We went from signing books to explaining how to get published to customers interested in entering the writing field. Our book table had five stacks of gruesome horror, with one stack of romance that R.L. kept insisting that there were some scary moments in. We officially decided I represented the Lion in the story, while Vince enthralled us with the field of Science Fiction (his area of focus). Was surprised how different it was, yet we use many of the same sources to try and find places to get published.
     All in all, a fine evening was had. Our editor Chris Robertson will be pleased for sure.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cosmic Horror Part One

Looking up from his book, Herbert smiled at his uncle as he paced back and forth, wearing the threadbare rug thin. The older man, dressed in black slacks and a white button-down dress shirt ending in soft leather gloves, looked like your typical southern gentlemen with his long white beard and mustache and balding head though his demeanor quickly soured that opinion almost as soon as it was formed.

Still Life, Chapter One

Murphy sat at his desk in the station, a lit cigarette hanging limply from his mouth as he stared at the computer screen in front of him. The man’s five o’clock shadow was fully growing in, something that the Sergeant hated seeing.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Satanic Temple Might Lead Prayers at a Football Game

     One of the coaches at Brementon High Scool has gotten into the habit of forming a post-game prayer circle, where he leads the team in Christian-specific prayers... which is unconstitutional. As a government employee, he isn't allowed to promote one faith over another. That's what separation of church and state are around for. Imagine if you're a Buddhist or Muslim on that team (or an Atheist?) and you have to sit through this guy's prayer out of fear of being ostracized.
     Well, another organization has offered to lend their clerical services to make things a little more balanced, so long as a student or staff member invites them. They've been invited, so the Satanic Temple will be heading to Washington to conduct a rite while the Coach leads his team in prayer. They've said that they will only do this if he continues to lead prayers, as they just want to have equal treatment. If he decides to follow the laws, the Satanic Church will back down.
     So all the Christian has to do to beat back the followers of Satan is be silent... I expect that won't happen.
Via Hemant

James Cree Part Two

After rearranging the room into an orderly fashion, Katrina donned her thick black hoodie and left, walking off into the night. Mikey followed after her a few minutes later, leaving Thomas alone in his attic room, lit by flickering candlelight of black wax candles (they’d never extinguished them). As Thomas walked around his room, fetching his school books needed for his homework, he would occasionally look over at the jawless pulpy red skull, the blue eyes following his every movement.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Demonic Visions Book Signing

     This Friday I'll be joining two of my fellow authors from the Demonic Visions series for a book signing at Barnes and Nobles at the Northwoods Shopping Center in San Antonio. My very first event, I'm really looking forward to it!
     I hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bloody Mississippi, Part One

Flies flew around the confined hunting lodge, nestled back in the trees right along the churning waters of the Mississippi. The overwhelming heat of the summer combined with the thick clouds of vapor in the air made it difficult for the officers to look at the scene of the crime, so the Department of Wildlife that’d found the scene had just quarantined the area with yellow tape and called ahead for the State police. Two officers leaned against the back of a muddy patrol car, arms crossed and hats tilted back as they stared at the dirt path leading to the shack.