Saturday, November 16, 2013

Real World Horror: Venture into the World Once More

     Every week, I have a ritual that I perform, one that is sadly not the kind I would normally write about. No, once a week I meet up with my mother and go out and have breakfast with her. Now, as I'm sure most have you have learned from reading my stories and posts, I'm not one for crowds, so we try to go to restaurants when they first open up, to avoid the crowds.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Child of the Apocalypse, Part Two

Slipping from the windowsill, I check the steak knife I have hidden in the boots I liberated from two apartments back, as well as the pair of hatchets I’d taken from the previous apartments. My pool stick/butcher knife had broken before I’d even gotten out of St. Charles, turning into a temporary spear and then a very weak cudgel.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Child of the Apocalypse, Part One

The zombie apocalypse had happened roughly one-hundred and eighty three days ago… I know because every sunset, without fail, I cut a notch the science book I carry with me. While I’ve been knocked out a few times, I’ve never missed a sunrise, nor a sunset; the daylight seems to make them more lethargic.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jacques Masterpiece, Part Three

After hours of painting, with only two stops to get a new color (at the cost of an arm and another leg), Jacques strode across his chamber, setting his brushes in the basin to soak for the night; he’d meticulously pick the wax and flesh from them in the morning. Gathering small sealable jars, Jacques filled each on with his four colors, before screwing the cap on tight. Taking them to an alcove with rickety shelves that served as his closet, he arranged the jars carefully.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moldering Jungle, Part One

The light rainfall misting down over Sarah’s head was almost a blessing considering how hot she was, but then again, what could she expect when traveling through the rainforests of Brazil? The entire region was awash in lush greenery and vibrant flora that ranged from seas of brilliant orange flowers to great bell curved bulbs of eye-stabbing yellow. Between the humidity and the rainfall, Sarah could see how the plant life could easily overtake anything sedentary that wasn’t maintained.

Real World Horror: The Evils of Religious Groups

     I really do hate the last two months of the year. All of the family and sharing and caring... blech! But I do understand that some people find comfort in this, so I leave my crypt to visit family when the time calls for it, and I smile and ignore the things that bother me.
     The Salvation Army should take a page from my book instead of their's, I should think. I only bring this up now because now is the time those little red buckets start to appear, with grinning volunteers looking for hand-outs.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lover's Graveyard, Part One

Fred turned the wheel of his Volkswagen around slowly; making a small circular run around the entrance to the Chinese Graveyard, a small plot of land that man of the locals had claimed to be a source of hauntings for more than sixty years. Liz smiled from the passenger seat, loading a blank disc into the digital camcorder and holding it up to take in the scenery.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

In the Dark of the Night, Part One

Gnawing on an old chipped bone, I muse over the meaning of death; it’ll be a while before I get to the marrow of this femur, what’s left, and I really have nothing else to think of. Moving my bruise colored hand up to the other side, I tear a shard free from the shaft, spitting it to the ground as I wedge in my curling talons into the break. Perhaps I’ll get something to tide me over until the next meal wanders by?

Horror from Mother Nature

     When I am feeling less than inspired for a particular tale of terror, I tend to look to Mother Nature in all of her psychotic glory for inspiration. More often than not, this results in me endlessly slithering through the various sites of the internet in search of some horrifying thing.
     Well, I found something that Stephen King has been warning us about for years!

     From Hell itself (Australia) we have the Golden Orb Weaving Spider. Look at that. It is psychedelic in color, unlike most spiders which tend to try and hide, and builds abnormally strong webs that allow it to capture birds and snakes.