Saturday, February 6, 2016

Project Delays

     There have been some internet issues around my graveyard so uploading a new story is something of an issue. Please standby for continued horror fiction.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fog Children is Live

Nice bookshelf!

     "Fog Children" is live over at Creepypasta, though as of this moment the version over there is not the fully edited version I sent to Mr. Creepypasta. He only told me yesterday that I would be published today, so I edited as quickly as I could and sent him the changes. I hope he gets them soon so he can change the story out; I hadn't realized I sent him such a rough copy of the story.
     Anyway, I'll be posting a story a little later on in the day. It's 6:30 AM for me and I've only been up an hour. I need some time to think about what exactly I want to put up for now...
     The link to my story is here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Poem to My Wife

     Not many of you know, but I am in fact married. I rarely wear my ring merely because I forget to, which is the same for her as well. Now as Valentine's Day approaches, I have a poem for the demon that captured my very essence.

The Dark Heart of Women
To the demoness
With charcoal eyes
You are the Countess
To my poet’s cries,
With ebon skin
Smooth as silk and hot as flame
Mere mortals create sin
By merely speaking your name,
Curves and supple hips
With tattooed flesh
And crimson lips
You make my hearts beat fresh,
But all is not good
With your seductive frame
You burn and boil blood
Within my very veins,
My paper-thin skin
And brittle bones yellowed
I feel like Marchand de vin
When my soul you have hollowed,
So in life as in death
It is you that I serve
And when I take my last breath
I know you’ll have given me what I deserve.

Creepypasta Again!

     I was just informed that on the 3rd, my story "Fog Children" will be featured as the story of the day, where you can vote on how much you like it with a ten-star rating. One star you hate it, ten it's amazing... personally I think this is an 8 or 9 story at most, but I've become a little... inured to horror after years of writing and watching it.
     So tomorrow when I post a link, feel free to go on over and read! I have links to my other Creepypasta sections on the right, as well as my author page on Amazon. You can browse through all of my stories in the various anthologies I've been published in, and even nab a few if you want to.
     I suggest if you were to grab any, Tales of the Unseelie Court. I suggest this as it has one of my favorite stories in it and because as a book it had an underwhelming response. Small publishers struggle at times, and this was one of those times.
     Now this is a duo to the anthology Tales of the Seelie Court. I never read it, but it has good reviews. Grabbing both would be pretty cool as you'd get a wide representation of the good and evil fey from folklore and legend.

Monday, February 1, 2016


     A short horror film that won international awards, it is worth watching. While a little odd, it still has suspense and a great ending. Enjoy!

Sweet dreams

Let Us In, Part One

They crawled over each other, a naked mass of writhing, boiling flesh that undulated with the waves of molten iron and rock that churned in the pit. Screams of torment were hollowed out as the bodies burned, only to begin once again as they clambered up atop large chunks of red-hot iron, where they’d shove other Sinner’s off into the boiling ocean. High above creatures of shadow and darkness watched from cliffs, occasionally taking flight upon leathery wing to grab a tortured soul from the fiery abyss and bring them up from the Pit.