Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The New Year

     With the twilight hours of 2013 close at hand, I can only look back on this year and my writing and, in my own opinion, reflect on how much better I've gotten. Re-reading some of my older work, like "Growing Pains" my first published story, makes me think of new and different ways to write up tales of suspense and woe for all of my readers to enjoy.
     So this is perhaps my New Year's resolution, one that can be viewed in all of the days to come. I hope to further refine my writing skills, and perhaps actually finish a novel or two that I have sitting on my hard drive. "Jack in the Box" should be wrapped up by March, if I keep up the pace that I've been keeping. Perhaps I could get it published next Fall?
     Who knows, but as always, I wish you all sweet dreams. Hopefully a story of mine has made that difficult at one point. If it has happened, then I've done my job. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dark Eclipse #30

     Dark Eclipse #30 is out, and my oh my is it a fabulous looking issue! My column is one speaking of what we can look forward to this coming year, while we get to read five amazing short stories, one of which is a classic horror tale brought to you by Gertrude Atherton.

     So pull out your Kindle (or Nook) and download the most recent Dark Eclipse magazine! 

Growing Pains

I wake in a pool of my own sweat and urine, in the boiling furnace I loathingly called my new home. I’d moved in a week ago, taking over the old German mansion from my late Aunt Gertrude after she’d disappeared. Batty old loon probably wandered off into the woods and got eaten by wolves… but that’s neither here nor there.
Shortly after moving in I’d come down with some bug, the flu or something, and had been doing my best to stay healthy in the decrepit old place, in the dead of winter. Germany, for all its advances in science and culture, still could not master the blizzards that would come annually. I’d have probably been well on my way to recovery had I been able to leave the place, but thanks to the snow I was stuck there, fending for myself.
The fever had come on so suddenly I hadn’t a chance to do anything about it. The next day the chills began, followed by the worst nausea I had ever experienced. I was having to trouble keeping down water, though this was probably due to the fact I was forced to drink well-water. Lord knows what parasites dwelled in the darkness of that centuries-old hole…
“Shit!” I cry out as a wave of pain ripples through my stomach, echoing throughout my limbs, as if my veins are trying dance their way out of my body. This has been the latest symptom, crippling pain.  Now I know I can’t leave this hellhole even if I wanted to.
Another wave pulses through my frame, but unlike the others this one seems to end in… relief? Like the draining of an infected wound, it feels as if an unknown pressure was being lifted from my chest and stomach. I sigh in relief, pushing myself up onto my elbows with the plan of hobbling to the bathroom for a hopefully relaxing shower.
Instead I see blood-stained sheets decorated with my own entrails, leading from between my legs, which I can no longer feel and which are taking on a dangerous purple hue.
And then they start flowing out of me…
Thousands of small, gooey globules, colored red either naturally so with my own vital fluids, become minute spiders, that begin streaming out of me like water from a busted dam. Panicking, I try and pull myself away, but the numbness is rapidly spreading up my torso, leaving me weak. The spiders are now spiraling up my chest and arms, as hundreds more continue to carve their way through my body, oozing rivulets of blood pulsing randomly as spiders push their way through the newly carved tunnels.
My screams begin to waver as my throat goes cold, and go silent as the same spiders begin spewing forth from my mouth. Now in the silence I can hear them. No hissing, just a rhythmic chanting with each to go softly into this horrible night:
“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

The Worley Woods, Part Two

“Lydia…” Jeffrey’s voice whispered along the wind, the leaves billowing about, fluttering towards the rotting entrance to the darkness.
“Jeffrey! Stop playing around and come out here!” Lydia cried, glaring at the darkness, not daring to move forward for fear of the hole serving as an entrance into the foreboding shadowy maw.

The Worley Woods, Part One

“Jeffery!” Lydia called out drunkenly as she stumbled through the underbrush, swearing as her tights tore from a stray branch. Balancing on unsteady legs as she wove around the brambles, bottle of beer in hand, she sought out her wayward boyfriend in the woods behind the house thrumming with deep bass. They’d had a fight when he’d caught her kissing an old friend, a truly innocent thing really, and stormed off brazenly into the forest by himself.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Horror of Netflix

     Despite their new interface on the PlayStation network, Netflix has been lacking in good horror as of late. So imagine my surprise when the wife and I give a B movie a shot, and end up giving it five stars.


     A movie about the Dyatlov Pass incident back in 1959, this film takes a new spin on the various theories and turns them on their head, forcing the viewer to keep guessing until the very end, when you realize a shocking aspect about the movie that leaves you wondering where M. Night hid himself in the credits.
     Give it a try this Christmas Eve, you just might enjoy it!

Real World Horror: House-for-sale!

    This is something that I would love to move into, but my wife would veto that in a heartbeat. While she is a fan of horror, as well as a skeptic, she is also one not to tempt fate. When she showed me this, I of course laughed and said we should get it.
     She wasn't as amused as I was apparently, as she just gave me a long. hard look.
     Oh well, a man can dream...

Monday, December 23, 2013

Breeding Water, Part One

The crisp air of the high Colorado Mountains was dry and smooth, the sky a marvelous shade of midnight blue with a few errant strands of white, wispy clouds dotting it here and there. A lone figure, a young man barely out of his teens, sat atop a grassy hill with a loosely rolled cigarette hanging from his lips, gazing skyward at nothing in particular as he took in long, slow drags of smoke, before billowing it out through his crooked nose. With messy black hair pulled into a loose ponytail and a lean frame, he was hardly what one would call a lady killer.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sinister Fruit, Part One

“Oh Lord,” Sang a rich baritone, echoed by perhaps another dozen as the singers all hacked away at the sugarcane in unison, feet sloshing through water as they slowly made their way across the five mile stretch of Sugar Lake, better known as the Winthrope Plantation.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The First Horror Movie of the New Year

     Coming out January 17th of 2014, this film looks like it will lead the year off right with a straight up Antichrist movie. Part POV/part standard film, Devil's Due looks like it could be that film that takes your breath away.

     Look's like a winner to me!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Netflix Movies to Look Out For

     As stated previously on this torrid tapestry of type at one point, the wife and I enjoy our movie night. We tend to curl up on the couch and drift through the movie selection on Netflix, barring we recently purchased a film worth a damn. A few titles I think you would actually be at a loss if you miss watching...
     Troll Hunter... a foreign film that is slow at first, this fun little terror is a POV camera work movie that starts off as a light hearted adventure, which goes south the moment the group of teens encounter a Norwegian man that is bellowing "Troll!!!" as he runs past them. This speeds things up quite a bit, as the movie takes a spin for the bizarre as we explore the life of a government-sanctioned Troll keeper, who hunts rogue Trolls and makes sure they stay out of the media. There are several different species of Troll, all of which have unique quirks to them; some have multiple heads, some live beneath bridges. All have a foul temperament and, should they leave their reserves, need to be put down. Give it a watch, you'll love it.
     Onto more Horror-based films, we have Grave Encounters and Grave Encounters Two, both of which are POV camera work where a team of parapsychologists explore a haunted mental asylum. Standard cliche horror tropes are brought out to trot as both teams discover how haunted the asylum really is as it locks them inside, killing them off one by one. Not one for people looking for great acting, but both films build at a decent rate and have fairly original plots for such a stereotypical film. Watch one after the other so you can fully enjoy the series.
     Speaking of series, The Haunting in Connecticut, while not on instant stream, does have a sequel that is. This one is set in Georgia, and while it is hardly a worthy sequel to the first, if taken as it's own movie and at it's own pace, the film is worth the hour and a half. Several unique haunting scenes take place, and a rather ingenious plot is implemented for such a simple film. I'd rate it three stars at the very least,m possibly four if you watch it drunk.
     Which I did.
     So grab a fine glass of Chardonnay and find the remote, because I say you should have a free-for-all movie night with a loved one, bring some life to your own homes with these drop-dead hilarious little terror tropes. You never know, one might just become your new favorite!
     Sweet Dreams

Friday, December 13, 2013

Real World Horror: Psychic Warriors and Crumbling Crosses

     Far be it for me to be the one to burst the proverbial bubble that some people seem to have about the way the world works, but here goes an attempt:
     Have you heard of EFO? Well obviously you don't roam the mystic combat circles, because it is better known as Empty Force, a style of fighting where you can disable opponents, paralyze foes and even strike down enemies by "opening your heart."

The power of love smites thee!

     Yeah, and this is a guy who is taking peoples money and teaching them this useless style. If you want to learn to defend yourself, go someplace else, cause this guy doesn't know what he's doing.
     As for Christian-right news, a longstanding legal battle (23 year legal battle) that has determined the status of a large cross on public land has come to a head, and the cross must come down within ninety days. Likely some group will somehow file an injunction or an appeal, but the Mt. Soledad cross will finally be coming down. I say about time, seeing as this has been being fought over since I was five.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Other News

     Creeping out of my casket to write now and again is becoming more of a chore than I had ever realized, though the rewarding feeling that pulses in my small black heart makes it all worthwhile. This post contains not a terrifying tale, but news of one.
     American Horror Story, Season two, is now available for stream on Netflix, adding a soon to be classic to my line-up of terrifying tales to watch.
This scene never happens in the series, sadly.

     In other news, Dark Moon Eclipse #29 is out for all you fright fans looking for a quick fix. Break out the kindles and bundle up tight folks, cause this ones a screamer!
     As for me dear readers, I'm settling in for the colder weather and scrawling out stories that amuse me. I have a few novels that need polishing and one that needs to be finished, so stick around and let the good times, and heads, roll!
     Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dirge, Part One

I sit on the crumbling stone wall, looking out over the bleak gray field, patches of dying weeds spring forth from the gravel here and there to mark spots of color on the otherwise drab expanse outside the village of Malm, Not too small and not too large, Malm had once been a trading post for the Kingdom as a whole… but then the mines precious veins of ore dried up, and the fields grew barren and rocky, and the merchants began to avoid Malm altogether on their trading routes.
And slowly, Malm began to die.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Moldering Jungle, Part One

The light rainfall misting down over Sarah’s head was almost a blessing considering how hot she was, but then again, what could she expect when traveling through the rain forests of Brazil? The entire region was awash in lush greenery and vibrant flora that ranged from seas of brilliant orange flowers to great bell curved bulbs of eye-stabbing yellow. Between the humidity and the rainfall, Sarah could see how the plant life could easily overtake anything sedentary that wasn’t maintained.

The Dark Life of Scott Winthrope, Part Two

The Manor sat on a large lot of land that had once been used as a plantation, with the house sprawling out over the grounds in an effort to house the once large Winthrope clan. But over the years the Winthrope name had run down to a trickle, ending with Scott, who had few plans on finding a woman to settle down with an marry, let along pop out a few children. Reaching the sweeping set of stairs leading from the second floor to the first, Scott paused and admired the gothic scenery around him.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Child of the Apocalypse, Part Three

Opening the medicine cabinet, I grab anything that looks remotely helpful, such as “-icillin” or “Pain-killer” into my side satchel, pausing to read the side effects of one bottle.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horror Holidays

     With the jingling of bells and people speaking of Santa and his damnable list, I feel a certain spirit of the season in the air, and not one that I enjoy. Call me old fashioned, but I think we should go back to the original winter holiday that was celebrated in December.
Roman-invented, of course!

     Call me crazy (and many people have) but I think the original holiday was fine on it's own. The holiday was a little over a week long, with debauched parties and drunken revelry and gambling; masters served slaves, celebrations poured out into the streets and private gift-giving was thoroughly encouraged. Like many things the Romans did, they didn't do their celebrating half-assed.
     Now we have but one humble day, with two months of prep time! I am already sick of Christmas songs and it's not even the 5th of the month! I get to listen to Bill O'Reilly rant about people attacking Christmas while non-Christians let loose a torrent of rage if a school does anything related to religion, on a religion centered holiday.
     Far be it for me to have a problem with this most auspicious of days, but I cannot stand the final day of Christmas where everyone is forced out onto icy roads to go and visit family. I would much rather stay in my warm little tomb and drink coffee, but that makes me a hermit. No, can't have that! Let's drag the poor bastard out of his house and force him to endure being around people for a day in the name of... wait, why are we doing this again?
     To all of you, I wish a happy Saturnalia and a fond holiday season, but I am done with this holiday. Not enough spook or scare in the stocking so hung with care, nor enough creak and shriek to make me note that day of the week. No more I say, from the top of my lungs, no more will I pay! Let this whole Christmas thing go far, far away!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Dark Life of Scott Winthrope, Part One

Scott rolled from his side, coughing and hacking as he tried to clear his parched throat. Looking with a bloodshot eye blearily around the room, he heaved a sigh as he caught sight of a shapely thigh half draped over his lower half, connected to a bass guitarist whose name he couldn’t quite remember at the moment, as it felt like miners were trying to crack open his skull as if it were the second gold rush. Lifting her thigh from his midsection, he swung his own legs over the side of the bed and raised his body up to a half sitting position, fumbling for his glasses on the nightstand. Scratching his back as he slipped his glasses on, Scott looked around the room in disgust.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Jacques Masterpiece, Part Four

An hour came and went, and with it the rise of a portrait of the couple was created. Jacques invited them over from where they’d been perched on the edge of the fountain, allowing them to see the rough portrait he’d created, the canvas still drying in the dying Parisian dusk.

Demonic Visions Two

     A running anthology put together by the skilled hands of Chris Robertson, this next segment includes a little tale of mine I like to call Mythic.

Art by Steven Wenta, who can really nail down a macabre image.

     If you liked the first one then you should love this one, as it has all of the same authors! Yup, we all get together once again to tell a tale of woe and despair, all for your convenience and joy.
     The eBook can be found here, and is available for Kindle right now, though we'll soon see it with Nook and paperback as well. I'll keep you all posted.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Majo's Tale, Part Four

Majo pulled Joeia aside, looking him in the eyes. “So what now? Do we stumble into this city drunk? With the Dead possibly lurking in the shadows?”

And it Has Risen!

     Ah, the miracles that Voudou can do, especially when combined with a reasonable technician and cheap but good parts. While Corey (I didn't get his name but I named him Corey) got the replacement parts for my computer together, I decided I'd add a little of my own horror-fueled flair to try and add divine intervention on my computers repairs.

Real World Horror: Death Throes of a Great Computer

     Many of you may have noticed my lack of updates on the site. Some of that many may have actually wondered why this is. Part of it is because I'm entering a lazy stage where I just wish to rest on my laurels and post what I've stored up, so I have to do so sparingly to make this last until inspiration hits once more.
     The other reason, as of today, is my computer is emitting a death howl. the dying scream of an internal fan that must be replaced. I've left detailed instructions for the wife on how to get the computer to the repair place and what to do, but must be content with the fact I will be sans operating system for at least a week.
     Probably more.
     Alas, such is life in a modern age in a first world nation... I have to go without my computer for a week and I feel as if I am cut off from my life line. Perhaps I should be more thankful for the things I do have...
     Like the two spare computers I have that don't work.
     Really should get these things fixed...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Majo's Tale, Part Three

Joeia smiled before moving forward, pointing and barking orders as he went. Several warriors went into the jungle to gather fallen branches, while the warrior from earlier came porting a sealed vase of Octli, easily half the size of the man himself. Placing it at Majo’s feet, Majo used his obsidian dagger to cut through the waxen seal, savoring the sour smell of the potent liquor that wafted up from the ceramic jar. Turning, he watched as the men used their spears to hook the torsos of the dead, dragging them into a relative pile. Three Dead lay upon each other, flensing the hide of one of the fallen comrades with the tentacles, blood slowly oozing from the wounds of the cold dead flesh, to be greedily lapped up by the twisting tentacles like the tongues of thirsty dogs.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Real World Horror: Heretical History isn't Helpful...

     Barrack Obama is by no means the greatest president we've ever had. He's probably not even in the top five... but one thing that he is is a smart man who knows history, both constitutional and otherwise. It was his job to know it and the driving force behind his own legal career.
     So when I read the headline, "Obama removes Under God from Gettysburg address!", I have to ask a simple question:
     Which one?

     In total there are five drafts for the Gettysburg Address, the first being the one our Commander-in-Chief just read off. The first, better known as the Nicolay Version, and the second drafts were written by Lincoln before the speech, while the third, fourth and fifth were written afterwards for charity auctions.
     So as I sit back, nursing my aching bones with a fresh cup of herbal tea, I get to read about the schmucks at the Liberty Counsel whine and moan that Obama didn't use the godly version. He did this for Ken Burns for his website, and read the version he was handed. I assume he had it checked over to make sure it was an accurate one, and for that I thank him.
     This is when my head hurts the worst... when History revisionists don't even realize how wrong they are. Go forth into the darkened night, dear readers, and research this for yourself. Education such as this needs to be addressed, and quickly dealt with...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lover's Graveyard, Part Three

“If we can prove to him that nothings here, then maybe he’ll finally have some closure over this.” Jesse finished, throwing the end of the joint into the fire before taking a long pull from his beer.

Real World Horror: A Meat Market by Any Other Name...

     As with every Sunday, I venture forth from my safe sepulcher into the wide open world with my father. I sit here now, numbing the pain of being around crowds through cheap liquor, slowly easing the stress of being around the unwashed masses from my tensed muscles.
     One thing that I do, whenever I venture forth, is of course watch those around me. Sitting in a book store at a popular coffee shop sipping my normal coffee whilst my father reads his magazines, I get to see the various heathens wander about and chat.
     As I sipped my coffee, I got to listen to one such conversation to my right, where a tattooed girl sat with her friend, reading a book on, of all things, astrology.
     "I just don't know if I can go out with him if he's a Taurus..." Tattoo says as she sips her caramel coated whipped cream drink, "that just doesn't mesh with my own star sign, you know?" 

A great way to determine your day to day life!

     I merely rolled my eyes at this and got up to fetch a magazine on writing, which I couldn't find. As I returned to my seat without a new source of reading material, I got to listen to a tirade of epic proportions about what she needs from her potential lover, someone who's aura must match hers.
    Luckily this was around the time that my father decided it was time to go and run an errand. I pressed him for us to hurry as I could hardly put up with the vapid beliefs of the new age hippie woman of the coffee shop.
     I must say, that while I am a skeptic in most regards, I am well aware there are questions that I have no answer for. Where did the world come from? How did life start? These are questions that I think we don't even need answers for, as they will not have a truly profound effect on how we live.
     Or so I believe.

     Sweet Dreams

Real Life Mass Exorcism

     Well readers, as you may have realized I'm one for equal treatment (for both the living and dead!), and am proud to say another state will be signing into law granting same-sex marriage. Way to go Illinois!
     This, of course, brings out the loons and nut jobs from the religious sector. Queue Bishop Thomas Paprocki to ring the loon bell. According to the Bishop, who plans to hold a mass exorcism for the state on November 20th, he plans to hold an exorcism as the bill is signed into law, in order to battle the sin against the Catholic church.
     Not a practicing Catholic myself, I had to actually look this up after I stopped laughing and indeed did find out as of 2010 one can perform exorcisms on events that oppose the Catholic church. How this works, I'm not certain... I think it just makes them look a tad silly.
Crazy priest approves of this exercise... we must rid the political world of demons!

     The above image is not of the bishop, just of another crazy priest I found, but then again I find them all a little crazy. 
     Not that I'm the most sane person in the world.
     I may not believe in demons, but I seriously doubt a mass exorcism over a vague political landscape would have any effect on anything... from what I understand the recipient of the exorcism must be somewhat willing to have this ritual performed on them.
     So what if just one person in Illinois resists the exorcism? Does that mean it's fruitless? If so, then I would assume this attempt at saving the state's soul is in serious danger, as I know of at least one atheist in Illinois.
     And what if the exorcism rights of one bishop doesn't provide enough juice to cover the whole state? This is a small state, I'll give you that, but this is a wide area of effect we're talking about here. Does one Bishop pack enough Jesus-Juice to hit that wide an area?
     So we have a bunch of homosexuals who can now get married, legislators that led to this "corruption," and voters who are complicit in getting these official elected.
     That's a lot of souls to cleanse of the devils influence in one go. You know, come to think of it... I wonder how many of those people are non-Christian? Can you even perform an exorcism on a non-Christian? At least while using a Christian ritual?
     I don't know, but we'll find out the 20th!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Real World Horror: Venture into the World Once More

     Every week, I have a ritual that I perform, one that is sadly not the kind I would normally write about. No, once a week I meet up with my mother and go out and have breakfast with her. Now, as I'm sure most have you have learned from reading my stories and posts, I'm not one for crowds, so we try to go to restaurants when they first open up, to avoid the crowds.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Child of the Apocalypse, Part Two

Slipping from the windowsill, I check the steak knife I have hidden in the boots I liberated from two apartments back, as well as the pair of hatchets I’d taken from the previous apartments. My pool stick/butcher knife had broken before I’d even gotten out of St. Charles, turning into a temporary spear and then a very weak cudgel.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Child of the Apocalypse, Part One

The zombie apocalypse had happened roughly one-hundred and eighty three days ago… I know because every sunset, without fail, I cut a notch the science book I carry with me. While I’ve been knocked out a few times, I’ve never missed a sunrise, nor a sunset; the daylight seems to make them more lethargic.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jacques Masterpiece, Part Three

After hours of painting, with only two stops to get a new color (at the cost of an arm and another leg), Jacques strode across his chamber, setting his brushes in the basin to soak for the night; he’d meticulously pick the wax and flesh from them in the morning. Gathering small sealable jars, Jacques filled each on with his four colors, before screwing the cap on tight. Taking them to an alcove with rickety shelves that served as his closet, he arranged the jars carefully.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moldering Jungle, Part One

The light rainfall misting down over Sarah’s head was almost a blessing considering how hot she was, but then again, what could she expect when traveling through the rainforests of Brazil? The entire region was awash in lush greenery and vibrant flora that ranged from seas of brilliant orange flowers to great bell curved bulbs of eye-stabbing yellow. Between the humidity and the rainfall, Sarah could see how the plant life could easily overtake anything sedentary that wasn’t maintained.

Real World Horror: The Evils of Religious Groups

     I really do hate the last two months of the year. All of the family and sharing and caring... blech! But I do understand that some people find comfort in this, so I leave my crypt to visit family when the time calls for it, and I smile and ignore the things that bother me.
     The Salvation Army should take a page from my book instead of their's, I should think. I only bring this up now because now is the time those little red buckets start to appear, with grinning volunteers looking for hand-outs.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lover's Graveyard, Part One

Fred turned the wheel of his Volkswagen around slowly; making a small circular run around the entrance to the Chinese Graveyard, a small plot of land that man of the locals had claimed to be a source of hauntings for more than sixty years. Liz smiled from the passenger seat, loading a blank disc into the digital camcorder and holding it up to take in the scenery.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

In the Dark of the Night, Part One

Gnawing on an old chipped bone, I muse over the meaning of death; it’ll be a while before I get to the marrow of this femur, what’s left, and I really have nothing else to think of. Moving my bruise colored hand up to the other side, I tear a shard free from the shaft, spitting it to the ground as I wedge in my curling talons into the break. Perhaps I’ll get something to tide me over until the next meal wanders by?

Horror from Mother Nature

     When I am feeling less than inspired for a particular tale of terror, I tend to look to Mother Nature in all of her psychotic glory for inspiration. More often than not, this results in me endlessly slithering through the various sites of the internet in search of some horrifying thing.
     Well, I found something that Stephen King has been warning us about for years!

     From Hell itself (Australia) we have the Golden Orb Weaving Spider. Look at that. It is psychedelic in color, unlike most spiders which tend to try and hide, and builds abnormally strong webs that allow it to capture birds and snakes. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Jacques Masterpiece, Part Two

Cranking the phonograph until it had achieved enough pressure was but a simple joy in Jacques’s life, holding his hands up and clasping them in glee as Korsakov’s The Snow Maiden began to filter through the curved bell. Filling the domed chamber with the haunting cries of violins and drums, Jacques moved down the limestone steps languidly, reveling in the sounds of the orchestra as the phonograph sang of love lost, and of passions found. Opening his eyes, Jacques took in his surroundings with a grin.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Calling, Part One

Looking up from his book, Herbert smiled at his uncle as he paced back and forth, wearing the threadbare rug thin. The older man, dressed in black slacks and a white button down dress shirt ending in soft leather gloves, looked like your typical southern gentlemen with his long white beard and mustache and balding head, though his demeanor quickly soured that opinion almost as soon as it was formed.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Horror and Pascal's Wager

     Pascal's Wager, for those of you unaware, is a philosophical argument for the existence of God. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ghost Tales and Zombie Hordes

Ghosts and hauntings seem to have taken a backseat to zombies and vampires in the box office as of late, with record numbers pouring into the cramped darkness of a theater to see the walking dead feast on the living. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of ghost stories as well, and they tend to be just as good if not better than the monster movies; it just seems to me that the monster movies are the ones people talk about for longer periods of time after their release than with ghost stories.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Final Gift to the Hoppers

     The bane of all our horror tales, and the hinge on which they work... thought you all would enjoy this.

Coffin Hop Coming to a Close

     And so ends another great Coffin Hop. I hope you all enjoyed my stories and will continue to stop on by every once in a while to catch up on them. Sitting here with my coffee, listening to the rain, it makes me wish this time of year would never end, and that I could become a permanent resident of Halloween Town.
     I doubt Tim Burton would let me in though...
     Sweet Dreams until next year...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jacques Masterpiece Part One

Whistling as he walked down the dimly lit street of Paris, Jacques folded his hands behind his back, his bony fingers grasping the opposing elbow as he whistled a happy tune. The night was fresh with a warm breeze filtering through the air, a hint of lilacs and roses drifting along the wind that brought the gaunt man a sliver of joy.

Open Thread

     Since our contest winner hasn't decided on what my Halloween story should be about, let's just post some thoughts on what you would like to see from a Halloween story. Any kind of theme is acceptable, just post your thoughts below and I'll make it work.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


A new Zombie novel! That involves blogging!

     Call me a sucker for Zombie novels, but I just love a good read involving the walking dead. Be it the child-eating adults from The Enemy to to shambling garbage disposals of World War Z, I just love to read how each author puts their own spin on the classic case that is the zombie.
     In this book, the gathered number of zombies seems to make them more cunning, as if they have a hive mind that grows more aware and dangerous as more zombies are added to the mix. This makes for an exciting addition when you also realize that everyone in the world is infected, and the infection has side effects that do not merely make you an dead cannibal.
     For ten bucks you get six hundred pages worth of amazing literature. Go out to Amazon and support this author right now if you want a good read. We could use more books like this one.
     Sweet Dreams

Jeanette J has won the contest!

     As previously announced I have been running a contest for any who comment on my stories. Well, through random selection on Jeanette J has won the story for this years Coffin Hop! What this means is an open challenge to me, where she will be the star (protagonist or antagonist) of a story I create especially for her.
     Jeanette J, in the comments below; tell me what you want. Do you want a post apocalyptic zombie horror story, or a futuristic werewolf hunt? Do you want steampunk of fantasy? The floor is yours my dear, and the skies the limit. Let me know by days end what you want the theme to be, and give me a general description of what you look like in the comments below. 
     Don't worry though, the last name will be a random J one.
     Audience! Feel free to add in for her what you think she should go through or what you want to see. Should she not answer my clarion call, then one of your nightmares will be given life, with Jeanette caught in the middle.
     Sweet Dreams!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Coffin Hop! Derek's Story

Derek grimaced as he swiped across the page on his smart phone, flipping through the various internet pages on this supposed cemetery out in the middle of nowhere.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coffin Hop Starts Tomorrow!

Go here for details

     The Coffin Hop is upon us! Don't know what that is? It's where a veritable legion of horror authors and artists open their metaphorical doors to their audiences, allowing their guests to see each others work.
     This year, one lucky soul who comments in a story marked with the words "Coffin Hop" will receive the honor of appearing in one of my next stories. Exciting, right?
     So welcome one and all, to my own corner of the internet, where the darkness is our shroud and terror the cup from which we drink.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review of American Horror Story: Coven

     So far, the gripping tales of the lives of modern day witches has me less than thrilled, something I am rather depressed to say. I loved the first season, with all of it's macabre overtones and twists and turns. The death of the father not being the end of the series really surprised and delighted me.
     The second season, set in an insane asylum run by the Catholic Church, left me less impressed. The acting was good and the story was fine, its just... the got their sci-fi all over my horror... and oh how I loathe mixing the two genres. Aliens and breeding monsters, nazi war criminals and demonic possession, mixed in with the Angel of Death herself... wasn't terribly impressed. It struck me as the writers trying too hard to be poetic.

A former maid turned into a collector of souls... still has to clean up messes, even a season later.

     The third installment is focusing on witchcraft, as well as bringing back the actress who played Zoe in the first season, a good move I would say. So far we've had rape, death by sex (twice) and an immortal slave owner and hairdresser/Voodoo mistress, combined with a Supreme Witch lusting after eternal life. I know I'm missing a few things, but the story is fairly basic when you get right down to it.
     Am I the end all when it comes to Horror review? By no means. But if I had to suggest a show to watch, I would push for the Walking Dead over this one.

Still has zombies! Now with cholera... or something. Just watch the damn show, you'll see what I mean.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Expansion of the Library

     I plan on soon moving the Nickronomicon to it's own individual site, away from blogger. Not that I have anything against blogger, it's just that I wish to have a site that is all my own. 
     I'll be enlisting the aid of an artist friend of mine to draw black and white sketches of characters from my various stories, while also looking into how best to go about launching my own website. If you know of any good sites that can help me fulfill my desires, then by all means leave their links in the comments below.
     Blogger has been a fine home for the year and a half that the Nickronomicon has been around, but I feel that I should have my own site as I am trying to make it on my own as a writer. Seems like all the publishers want to know about your website...

Silver Eye

Scott groaned as he slowly woke up, his body throbbing from the hangover he’d induced from his night of binge drinking. This had been his first night alone in his grandfather’s house, and he’d chosen to get as drunk as possible to remember the old man, and thank him for the ancestral family home.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Real World Terror: Why do I keep coming here?

     Once again, I found myself leaving the confines of my sepulcher with the company of my own, my wife left behind to do the things that evil women do in the dark. 
     Traveling as we do, we go from place to place in search of new tomes from which to read, or scrolls from which to learn. With a clasped cup of dark roast in on claw and a new edition of Writer's Digest in the other, I settled into a nice high-backed chair and prepared myself for an intriguing read.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Real World Terror: What fools these mortals be?

     I have a tendency to lurk. Or skulk. Whichever, I somehow pull this of at my stature as a six foot tall bearded man that tends to wear red; needless to say, I blame others for not noticing me when they plot or plan things that I would otherwise be against.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Party on the Riverwalk, Part Two

“So do you know how to get to the Sinner’s Dance?” Jennifer asked, shuffling her feet nervously. While she liked to put on a tough front, she really wasn’t used to dealing with people who were less fortunate. They made her a little nervous, truth be told.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Poveglia Island, Part Three

Paolo rushed forward to the edge of the creaking pier, stopping just out of reach of the robbed ferryman. Thinking back on the stories he’d heard as a boy, he quickly rooted about in his satchel, cursing as he heard the cackles of the damned slowly growing closer.
Letting out a whoop of joy, Paolo pulled two silver coins from the bottom of his weather-beaten satchel, holding them in a clenched fist before the ferryman, who merely leaned forward to peer at what the young Temnplar was offering him.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Demonic Visions Update

     As I'm sure some of you recall, I recently got published in an eBook anthology known as Demonic Visions: Fifty Tales of Horror. While I am amazingly proud of my work here, as well as the work of the other authors, I had been wondering when it would be available in paperback, for those of you who prefer that new book smell.
Ahhh... dead trees and ink.

     Well I have an update! The anthology is available in paperback format here at Amazon! Any purchase you make is a donation to starving indie authors, so feel free to help the crowd out and enjoy our fine work.
     After all, it's all for you!

Confronting a Psychic

     While I am a fiction writer that generally deals with topics involving ghosts, goblins and ghouls, I actually don't believe in this stuff. I'm, in fact, a skeptic when it comes to any kind of supernatural claim. 

Meet Chip Coffey. Yeah, I've never heard of him either...

     This man is apparently a famous psychic and medium, who has been on Celebrity Ghost Hunt and runs his own show "TV's Psychic Kids", which would no doubt turn my stomach. He was at a radio station Monday morning when this happened.

     You can hear it here, where he gets interviewed by a morning talk show host and fellow skeptic Cory Cove.

     Psychic gets called out on his ambiguous "readings" and gets angry about it. When asked for evidence, he presents a case where a woman is actively trying to get pregnant, and he assures her she will be February. Now he says it was about a year ago when he made this prediction, so he gave a five month window for this seemingly healthy woman to get pregnant. If she hadn't, he could always say, as he did on the show, "not yet," as if that were some kind of answer.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dark Eclipse is Out!

     The newest Dark Eclipse Magazine is out, and boy is it a screamer! I wrote about the new trend of horror-based television shows (American Horror Story, the Walking Dead, etc) and made certain to enjoy some of the finer short stories our fine publication had to offer.

Make sure to read Slice, a short story, and Snip, a flash fiction story!

     A terrifying collection of tales to be certain, but I was remiss this past month and forgot to mention the previous Dark Eclipse where one of my short stories was published!
Beware the murder tree!!!

     You can find the link to the most recent issue here and the link to the previous issue with my story "Jersey Devil" here! Go ahead and get 'em both and let the stories speak for themselves!
     Also, my editor and fellow Horror writer Lori Michelle has a project up and running helping out those most in need: children with cancer. 
A great anthology where all the proceeds help out charities for sick children!
     Be sure to check it out on Amazon, as you can either get a paperback edition or a kindle one, both containing various stories and essays written by some of the top horror authors of today!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Party on the Riverwalk Part One

The sharp taps of her steel-toed boots echoed through the alleyway as she wove through the veritable maze set between the abandoned buildings. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Jennifer smiled at the sight of her warm breath in the frigid air before her. Slipping a hand into her coat, her fingers numb from the frost of the frigid evening, she errantly tugged on the necklace she’d been gifted by the strange man she’d encountered a few days earlier.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Post Mortem: Curse of Chucky

The cover of this suspenseful horror tale!
     When I first decided to watch this movie, I had low expectations. After five movies, I'd assumed I'd seen it all when it came to this devilish little doll. From the get go, I see this as a remake.
     I couldn't be more wrong.
     This story actually manages to tie in to the other stories in an extremely smooth fashion. The setting is new, the plot is intriguing and filled with unexpected twists and best of all, Chucky doesn't go to insane lengths to create "new" ways of killing people.
     He sticks to the basics, and in all honesty, that's what this straight to DVD film is, a back to basics for the standard slasher film. True, the slasher is a Voodoo-possessed doll, but most of the memorable slashers have some mystical aspect to them.
     Stick around past the credits, and you get a surprise worth waiting for.
     If you don't want to know more beyond that, don't expand this article.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coffin Hop 2013

     Coffin Hop is a yearly event where horror bloggers and authors come together to pump out nonstop work for seven days straight, from the 24th until the 31st. I participated last year, and will be participating again this year!
     This will include the release of the "Coffin Hop: Death by Drive-In,"a compilation of tales that are guaranteed to make you look over your shoulder as you read. To make things better, all proceeds from the sale of the book will go to LiftWorld.org, in an effort to help fund children's literacy drives and campaigns.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Dark Moon Digest #13

     A new digest is out, featuring a host of terrifying tales including one from yours truly.

Dark Moon Digest #13, just in time for Halloween!
     You can order yourself a copy here! Buy one today and be sure to leave a review for others who might be interested.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stayed Behind, Part Four

“Blasphemy!” Zachary growled, clenching his fist while grinding his teeth. I merely smirk back at him as Babbling clears her throat.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013


     I had my first request as of late, to continue an older tale that I'd allowed to fall to the wayside. This made me wonder if other tales were desired by those reading my twisted stories.
     So if you have a request, just leave a comment on one of the stories below, and I'll be sure to update that tale with a new part or chapter as soon as I can.
     Sweet Dreams

Stanton Creed, Pt. Three

Sitting around the campfire brought back foggy memories of his days as a cattle rustler, though the atmosphere had changed significantly since his passing. Looking around at the gathered teens, he shook his head. Not a one, save of course for the cold corpse in the sand (which had been drug a bit of a distance from the small party for the sake of Sara’s ability to drink), had put up much of a fight.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Cabin of Cauldron Lake, Chapter One, Part One

The crisp air of the high Colorado Mountains was dry and smooth, the sky a marvelous shade of midnight blue with a few errant strands of white, wispy clouds dotting it here and there. A lone figure, a young man barely out of his teens, sat atop a grassy hill with a loosely rolled cigarette hanging from his lips, gazing skyward at nothing in particular as he took in long, slow drags of smoke, before billowing it out through his crooked nose. With messy black hair pulled into a loose ponytail and a lean frame, he was hardly what one would call a lady killer.
But then again, that’s how he preferred it.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Demonic Visions 50 Tales of Horror

     Demonic Visions 50 Tales of Horror is a compilation of roughly fifty to seventy authors that will be published in roughly a week. What this mean for yours truly is that I will have another venue for which my darkness can flow.
     For the rest of these authors it means they will have a great place to display incredible talent.
     I will keep you all posted on when the eBook will be available, as well as the paperback edition.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monster Hunter, Part One

Grunting as the carriage comes to an abrupt halt, I lean my head back against the polished mahogany frame, cracking an eyelid open to look through the tiny window at my side. I immediately regret it as my mind is stabbed by the brutal rays of the sun, causing me to wince and pull the curtains over the offensive luminescence; I cough, clearing my dry throat as my boots kick about three empty green bottles on the carriage floor. I grope the seat across from me, grabbing for my leather hat and shoving it onto my head just as the door is pulled open, allowing the accursed light to flood over me in my own personal hell.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

An Encounter of the Ignorant Kind

     I sit here now dear readers, after traversing the wilds of the Urban landscape in search of inspiration for more terrible tales of terror with which I could tell. My shambling, as it would so happen this time, found me in a local book store of some repute.
     So as I sat there, coffee in one claw and a tome in the other, I was surprised to hear the raucous cackle of teenagers from the other side of a median separating our two tables. A gaggle of teenage girls had gathered, smart phones alight and frappachinos frosted, ready to study for upcoming exams.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Atheist's Nightmare, Part Five

“Well Hannah, you can just call me Jack. And no, I don’t want to kill you.” I say slowly, keeping an eye on the two, huddled behind their bed. I look over at my blade laid out just within my reach and I catch her eyes following mine.
“Really?” She asks a slight lilt of hope in her voice, rubbing her hands over the bared arms of her roommate.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Stayed Behind, Part Three

The rest of the night was spent cleaning and polishing the teeth I’d plucked from the Byakhee’s skull, before depositing the bloody head in a wooden bucket outside our door for the street cleaners to take come dawn. I collapsed into bed after a cold sponge bath, wiping away the grim and the stench of demon from me with lilac-scented water. Despite the chill of the cold on my naked form in the dead of night, I was quickly able to warm myself next to Christina beneath the fur of a great wolf.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Evil of the World

     One of the many things I tend to rant about with those who will listen to my ramblings is my inherent hatred of organized religion, and what it does and has done to our society and civilization. Placing a select few as those who are here on Earth to judge of guide us along our path is a very slippery slope to begin with, one that often ends with corruption and abuse.

     A series done by a humanist that highlights the horrid things those in power due to religion have done, in the name of said religion in many cases. Whereas my evil characters are generally supernatural or merely twisted, these people are representatives of what is supposedly a wholly good entity: the fact that a supposed God allows such atrocities to be committed makes many actively not believe in him, and makes even more actively do so.
     Those are the people that make me worried for the human race.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dark Eclipse #24

You can check it out here on Amazon, roughly 75 pages of horror and horror-related topics including a review and comparison of the book and movie World War Z from yours truly. Go take a peek, it's only $1.99 for your kindle!