Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Video of a Horrific Figure we All Must Face One Day

     The Undertaker is often cast as a dark and somber man that brings about death, or takes glee in it. Sometimes he's an areligious demagogue while others he is a Evangelical lunatic. This story happens to have both, along with the mystical figure of death given human form.

Sweet Dreams!

Friday, December 25, 2015

A Final Gift (or Three)

     You didn't think I would end the evening without a gift would you? It's not my work, but those of the Creepypasta club, but it is read by Mr. Creepypasta himself. Three Scary Christmas tales... enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Christmas for the Dead

     I must say I had a cheerful Christmas this year as I was able to see some of my family and some of the wife's. Gifts were exchanged, but the lack of small children made it more of an exercise in futility as you always get a gift that the person assumes you would like. Not that I'm complaining, no! Gifts are a fine thing to give as well as receive. My gifts to my family have been fairly simple things that were easy to get
     My father wants (will be celebrating Christmas with him next week) a story written for him about his father in a Horror situation. Seeing as the man was a no-nonsense gun nut who was never without a cigarette or a beer makes for an interesting protagonist, so I'll be writing up something pretty messed up. For my mother, I got here a pin of the Mockingjay from the movie. She loved it, thank goodness, and offered me my gifts.
      For my wife, they gave her gloves, a ski cap and a scarf along with a pair of scented candles. For me, I received new shoes and some books. One happens to be Clarissa Johal's The Island, which I plugged a few weeks ago as good gifts for Christmas. I also received some other reading material as well as some pistachios and a red wax candle for my own use. All nice gifts.
      I then spent the day (after going home to take a nap with the wife) at her grandfather's house, He is not in good health but is of sound mind, and recognized me and the wife within seconds of seeing us. He spoke with me for a few minutes before turning to my wife, who I left with her grandfather for a private moment. I went to the backyard to meet the rest of the family and enjoyed myself immensely. My chronic pain didn't bother me as bad as it normally does, and I'd taken the maximum dosage of anti-anxiety medication so I was a happy camper. I talked music and philosophy imparted wisdom of how school is not about being smart but putting in the effort. and generally enjoyed the vibe of family members that I could relate to an extent.
     We've finally returned home, my wife now playing a video game while I relax at my desk and begin to pour over an article of writing to edit for Monday's release. I plan on having another week of horror movies tacked onto the day's story for the rest of December, after which I'll then just revert to the old way of just posting stories. I seem to be growing in popularity if the new recording of the "Crimson Grove" is any indication, which of course is flattering.
     I can feel the pull of the Grave on my weary bones but I shan't retire for the evening. I have work of editing and adding to my library of work before I'll feel comfortable relaxing. As for the all of you, dear readers, I thank you for reading my stories and enjoying my work. I know I don't edit as much as I should, but I have a new program that should be helping clean up my prose. I now take a bow and promise new stories and surprises for the New Year; I have many ideas that should be making the many novels I have posted take some interesting turns.
     Sweet Dreams!

Crimson Grove - Reading by CreepyCoffeeGuy

     A strange reading to say the least, it sounds like a robot is reading my story. Worth a listen either way.

Sweet Dreams!

White With Red

     As per the usual, I will be stopping by my wife's family as well as my own mother's home. As I won't be able to post the horror short later, you get it early.
     Yay you!
     This one is another video of a Creepypasta done right, with suspense and an overall sense of lurking disturbing nature to make this a good short film.

Sweet Dreams!

This is Halloween (Female Version)

     My Christmas gift to you all is a redone classic from a Christmas movie that we all know and love.

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Siren's Call: Lost Souls

     Yet again the Siren's are calling, this time for lost souls and wayward spirits. They were able to ensnare a story of mine, Cloaker, for their collection of horrifying tales so go on over and have a read. They have some other great pieces by Nina D'Arcangela and Joe Young, to name a few. The magazine is free and, as always, the link is tied to the image to the right. No gift link today, as this is a gift for yourself: a free ninety page Horror magazine devoted entirely toi spirits and ghosts.
     Sweet Dreams!

Mama: A Short Film

     Before it was a big-time movie, Guillermo del Toro made this short about the film Mama. I find it intriguing just like the rest of his work, with a hint of fear and a healthy dose of suspense mixed with the mystical.

Sweet Dreams!

Pod From Space Epilogue

It hisses as it leaps from behind the computer, spreading out spindly legs that ended in two clawed toes. A long serpentine tail whipped behind it, uncoiling fast as it launched the creature, whose face was little more than a lamprey mouth attached to a bulbous green nodule full of sloshing fluids, through the air with startling speed. I instinctively bring up my saw and catch it mid-flight, knocking it to the side with a loud crack as the titanium alloy scraped the hard shell of the strange creature.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Samuel the Black Warlock Chapter Four

Samuel awoke to the smell of smoldering brimstone, blearily opening his eyes long enough to look down at the floor where Imogen’s bed was to see her cuddling with Baron Schadenfreude Von Angst. The stuffed toy sang in small places where her tail had wrapped around protectively. Shaking his head, he rolled over and looked at the clock.

Two Day's Till Christmas...

     The gift ideas are getting more store-related as the online shopping won't get to you in time for Christmas. This idea pays homage to The Nightmare Before Christmas so it's both horror and Christmas-themed. You can find it at Hot Topic (if they aren't sold out) for ten dollars, so enjoy. 

The Smiling Man

     Your daily horror short is a creepy little bit full of suspense and intrigue, so do enjoy the show.

Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Netflix Movies That Are Worth Watching

     The Taking of Deborah Logan is a movie that, as the name implies, about a woman named Deborah. The character is an Alzheimer's patient and focus of a study by a Graduate student who is paying for some of her medical bills in exchange for her being allowed to film Deborah and her daughter. The film quickly goes downhill as Deborah's behavior becomes more and more erratic, with wild attacks and self-mutilation a plenty. I'd rate it four out of five skulls.
     Apartment 143 is a bit more tame, with a typical possessed teenage girl trope going on with a few minor tweaks. The apartment the family lives in is haunted by spirits that disrupt everyday life, and seem to focus around the daughter. The father isn't doing to well as the wife recently died and the son is just a young kid. An aged Professor and his team of parapsychologists show up and set up shop to try and draw the spirits out, only to realize the girl is possessed. IU'd rate it three out of five skulls.

     Baby Blues is a Japanese horror film that is honestly more funny than frightening. My wife and I were cracking up at this supposedly haunted doll whenever it would act. The plot is of a pregnant woman and her husband, who works for a record company, moving into an apartment across from what must be a homeless Buddhist monk, as he is always giving cryptic warnings and knows the dark past of the apartment in detail. This movie, for how funny it is and for it's original plotline, earns five out of five skulls.

Great Gifts for the Horror Fan You Love

     Ever wonder what happened to the kid in The Shining? The novel, not the movie. Well this book answers that and more! Stephen King has a way of telling his stories in a delightfully detailed way that leaves just enough wiggle room for imagination. You can get it a variety of ways, from softcover to hardcover to Kindle. Grab a copy for a loved one that prefers books and enjoy their complaints of lack of sleep!

She's a Doll

     A not-so-short horror flick, this one is nearly twenty minutes long but well worth the length. Suspense and horror await, so I shan't keep you from it any longer.

Sweet Dreams!

New Fantasy Scroll Magazine is Out

Issue #10 Cover  

     For those of you that are partial to a little horror and fantasy, perhaps some sci-fi, then look no further than Fantasy Scroll Magazine. They're a great company that accepts work from all three genre's, so authors go on over and drop them a submission; they pay .01 cent per word with a few minimums for original work and no minimums for reprints.
     Their latest addition to the collection looks beautiful, with some great authors lined up to make a fantastic issue. While more of a gift for yourself than anyone else this Christmas, I would definitely say this is a worthwhile gift. After all, reading is what brings out our imagination, letting us see what the world can really be like. The image, as always, is a link to the issue you can order or download for a nominal fee.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Publications in the Foreseeable Future

     So I'm sure many of you are wondering what exactly my publication history is looking like right about now, what with how I'm pouring so much into the site. That is merely a temporary thing, something that I'll do every year during October and December, to celebrate the holidays so to speak. I've always been partial to Samhain as you can imagine, and Christmas is a holiday that brings joy to all with the gathering of loved ones.
     Now, in 2015, I was published four times by Creepypasta and once in Shrieks and Shivers; a total of five publications for my work. This coming year, I have a publication in Siren's Call Magazine, Creepy Campfire Quarterly Issue #1 and Demonic Visions Six. I've also subbed to a few anthologies and subbed two novels to a publisher while applying with three different agents. I know, I should be working more on getting an agent, who can get me a better chance at getting published. I'm working on a short novella starring my Grandfather, a consummate hunter and all-around man's man from a bygone era. This story, should it be worthwhile, will also be submitted for publication.
     I have several more stories floating around Creepypasta waiting to be either accepted or rejected. So I may get some more Creepypasta love.

Grim Reaper Tombstone for your Garden


     Christmas is but a scant few days away and finding gift ideas for all of you is getting harder and harder. But never fear! For those of you with a garden (and a dead pet you buried in said garden) I have the perfect gift! Behold! Death himself, standing ever vigilant over the tombstone of some long forgotten soul, warding away evil and pesky weeds. I know for a fact that many people bury their pets in the back yard, so for the potter's field in your back yard get this tombstone for them and you can give the restless spirits something to ease their suffering.
     Or make it worse, I don't know. Ghosts are weird, some of them like gothic shit, others get angry over it. So if you get this for your cat graveyard don't be mad at me when your house is swarming with angry feline poltergeists. Anyway, the link to the shop is in the image like always. Sweet Dreams!

The Box

     You have to love a short indie film that comes with a warning for parents to take young children away. Like this deters anyone from watching the film at all! I remember back when I was a young child of eight seeing The Exorcist for the first time. I loved it! It was a quality cinema with a compelling story, decent acting and a strong pacing that didn't leave any real lulls in the movie. Nowadays you have jump scare, suspense, jump scare, long drawn out lull as they attempt to pass off some pitiful plot, jump scare, roll credits.
     Now, this may only be roughly eight and a half minutes long, but it is a nicely wrapped gift for the holidays from me to you. Enjoy it! Be sure to give your love to the makers of the film by leaving a comment on the youtube page.

Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Another Gift for The Disturbed

Spider ornament, black and orange, elegant horror, christmas ornament, gothic christmas, spider legend, Halloween, spooky christmas

     Spiders are a staple among the horror stories of my youth. Stephen King has made a fortune off of arachnids and insect-like monsters while Dean Koontz has told tall tales of macabre spiders. So this gift is a perfect addition to the roster: an orange-and-black spider ornament! The link is, of course, the link to the Etsy website where you can obtain the lovely decoration to add to your wishlist.

Annabels's Diary

     As you know I'm an avid fan of Creepypasta, with four of my stories posted up on the site with varying grades. Some people have taken the stories and made them into horror movies, just like this short film.

Sweet Dreams!