Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tattoo I'm Going to Get

     I've decided on my left forearm, close to the elbow. Going to have a partial skeleton holding a lantern, wearing a top hat with an ace of spades stuck in the band. I'm going to have one hand bearing the lantern and another holding a shrunken head. It will have one blue eye in the right socket.
     It may seem all out of left field, but it all has meaning to me. The skeleton is to represent the horror I've selected for my life, the ace of spades represents death, which in tarot card reading means change. This is a juxtaposition with my "death" figure that is the skeleton as the top hat with the ace of spades represents changes in life. The lantern is something to guide me through the darkness until I finally reach my goals in life while the shrunken head represents my youth, the memories shriveled away to nothing but the amazing and the terrible. The eye represents my eye color when I'm "happy" or "excited" and the lone eye will show that I can either look forward or back, not both.
     The colors will be blue bones and a warm glow coming from the lantern around a shaded area of darkness. The darkness is the unknown around me, and the lantern is my guide. The blue bones represent the cold nature of the real world. The skeleton will be weathered because I want to represent the troubles I've gone through.
     Now, to find an artist that can do this without costing me an arm and a leg!

Zombie Attack

     A weird little documentary about zombies that shows an interesting social prank, this zombie "documentary" is worth a laugh.

Sweet Dreams!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Tattoo, Kind of Funny

     My wife has dared me to get this tattoo, but with rainbow sprinkles added on. I don't really think its something I'll be doing, but the tattoo is really great.

Mmmm... deadly cupcake!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Giveaway is Live!

     Alright, it looks like my giveaway of three Kindle copies of The Ghost of O'Leary House is now live and ready for the masses to descend upon it. In order to qualify, you have to be a U.S citizen (sorry guys) and you have to follow me on Twitter and have an Amazon account. I would like to request that the winners read the story and then review it on Amazon, but no way to enforce that so I'm just asking.

     The image is the link to the giveaway, so head on over and test your luck! Who knows? You might get lucky and win a Kindle copy of my first book!

Tattoo of the Day!

     Tattoos fascinate me. Did you know the ink under the skin stays in a semi-liquid state after being ingrained into the skin? I love that!

One Winter's Night

     An animated short that has a real story to tell, I liked this one as it was cute and creepy at the same time. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Book Giveaway!

     I'm going to be giving away three copies of The Ghost of O'Leary House soon. The only requirements are that you are an adult, you are a U.S. Citizen and you follow me on twitter. Once those three are fulfilled you can go to Amazon and see if you are a lucky winner! Fairly certain you have to be logged into your Amazon account as well, but the prompt didn't say anything on that. Either way, enjoy! And if you win, do me a favor and review it after reading it. Reviews are an author's lifeblood.
Just a link to the book, for now, will update when the giveaway is live.

Tattoo Image

     As many of you may have guessed, I enjoy the old time doctors who "treated" people with the plague that wore large bird masks to prevent them from smelling the foul stench of death. Well I found an interesting tattoo of one that I think would be a great bicep piece.

     A little steampunk for my tastes but sensible enough that I could have it scaled a bit for my arm if need be. Still hunting for that one tattoo that will just sing to me.

The Audition

     A vampire short film today! This one is a fairly predictable one but still worth the watch as it gives you a bit of fancy camerawork, as well as some CGI.

Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Stephen King vs. Edgar Allan Poe

     A fun little series that pits famous people against one another. In this one we have the father of horror versus the reigning king, so to speak. I say let the revelry begin!

This will bring Sweet Dreams!

Book Is Operational

     Okay, kinks are worked out and you should be able to order Kindle versions of my book now without hassle. Those that ordered paperback that seems to be going smoothly as well. For those of you new to the party, just published my debut novel The Ghost of O'Leary House, an occult horror piece that centers around the upside down life of a college sophomore abandoned at his Grandma's for the weekend.

     With a haunted forest, several pretty girls, and a strange maniac who keeps trying to run him off the road, David has his hands full. And that's not even counting the homework for his Biology class! Click the above image to go to Amazon and check out the work! Only 2.99 for Kindle!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Having a Drink

     This one is fifteen minutes long, but trust me when I say it's worth the time spent watching it. Utterly chilling in  certain aspects while delightfully bloody in others. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Multiple Links for My Book

     Depending on where you are in the world I have links for you to check out my book, on either Kindle or in print.

For the United States, here is the link.

For Great Britain, here is the link.

For Germany, here is the link.

For France, here is the link

For Canada, here is the link

     All of them are Amazon affiliates and should provide what you need, as I've noticed I have a decent sized readership in Europe. I do hope you all enjoy my work, so go on and grab a Kindle (or Paperback) copy and have fun! I'm going to start on my next work!

First Book!

Ghost of O'Leary House
     My first book is available for purchase! A revamped, re-written version of the Ghost of O'Leary house with extra chapters, this story has been made all the better with some tender loving care. Now it's available in paperback, soon for Kindle, and it's only $12.99. I tried to not go too high as I'm no Stephen King, but this is one of my finer pieces so I figured it would be worth what other indie authors charge. The image itself is a link to the stores page where you can order it, so go on over if you're a fan and nab a copy!
     If you want a Kindle copy just click here!

Tattoo Idea #3

     As a horror author in search of a good tattoo, probably for my forearm or thigh, I need to find something that both illustrates my love of the genre and who I am as an individual. I'm a Buddhist, I love horror, and I love gaming. Besides my wife and parents (and Grandmother) there really isn't anyone I care for in a sense that would merit a tattoo.
     My wife and I have agreed, no tattoos involving each other as that always seems to be the marker of a break-up. Wouldn't want her name on me and then Karma kicking us apart, ya know? So that's out. I don't want a Mom tattoo as I think those are tacky, and my Dad doesn't like tattoos so getting one involving him would be just odd.
     So Buddhism, Horror, and Gaming are my best bets!

     Here's a thigh piece that involves horror, and I could add a Ying-Yang symbol instead of the cross on the forehead, maybe some dice in his hand? Make the backdrop an emerald green or maybe a deep blue perhaps? What do you guys think?

MaximusBlack Playthrough of The Walking Dead Game

     I plugged MaximusBlack before when he was playing Deadspace so I figure I can link his entire playthrough of Season One and Season Two of the Video game playthroughs that he did. The link leads to his list. Horror and laughs, so enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, March 13, 2016


     I know what you're thinking! I already posted a short film entitled selfie; this one is based off a Halloween story apparently and has a whole different story to tell, new cast, crew, and director. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!