Friday, December 18, 2015

Gifts for the Horror Junkie in Your Life

Horror Flick Junkie Travel Mug

     I know when I'me writing I have either coffee or a soda by my side, slowly draining the drink to keep the creative juices flowing. Now you too can be the stylish dead with your very own cup that proclaims you to be a true fan of all things horror! The image is the link, as always, so feel free to peruse their website. It has T-shirts and other fun toys that you could nab for a buddy.


     I leave you this video for the weekend and the news that I've submitted two novels for consideration at a publisher that shall remain nameless for now. Needless to say, I'm excited and hoping that at least one of them will be picked up! Anyway, here's the video!

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Spirits for the Holiday Cheer

     Not a fan of Vodka myself, though I might change my tune if Krampus leaves me one of these under the tree this year. A glass skull filled with 750 ml of Crystal Head Vodka. Filtered seven times for a high potency and clear taste, this drink should go down smooth with little effort from the bartender in your life. Several drinks are waiting to be made in your home, so click on the image and order yourself a skull filled with liquor! It's only $39.99!

Stuck in a Painting

     This short film is a suspenseful tale with a few scares worthy of notice. I think it should be noted that the film was made with minimal cost and it still came out looking great.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Little SyFi Horror for Your Christmas

Alien Chestburster Plush

     We all love the Aliens franchise Ridley Scott created for us some thirty-odd years ago. It was a blending of two genres that had never really been done before, at least to the degree that Scott went. That's why we honor his creation with a plushie Chestburster, courtesy of ThinkGeek! The adorable little parasite is a mere thirty dollars, which considering the detail they put into the item is quite a steal when you think about it. As always the image is the link to the site, so enjoy!


     A terrific short horror piece for you today! Sorry for the delay, had some interesting bones to sort out... Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tis the Season for Ghastly Gifts

Skel-e-Dog Garden Statue

     I've shown a fair amount of creepy gift ideas this past month, and I pride myself on that. You dear readers should involve horror in your lives more often; but on thing I've largely ignored are ways you can spread horror to other people in your lives. Namely, your neighbors. Meet Octavius (my name for him). He's a statue of, well, a skeletal dog. He holds a pot for you to plant flowers in and remains seated like a good boy should. Best yet, he won't piddle on your petunias like so many other dogs I could mention. As always, the image is the link. 


     This horror short is worthy of the screams it produces.

Sweet Dreams!

Samuel the Black Warlock Chapter Three

Setting up the master bedroom took a few hours, but Samuel stood back to admire his work. Black curtains and black walls with black furniture… he even managed to go shopping and find black bed sheets and pillow covers, which were now occupied by Imogen and his very-huggable stuffed bear Baron Schadenfreude von Angst, the small black bear covered in patches of dark silk to hide his years of wear and tear.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Babysitter and The Boogeyman

     Another day, another indie film waiting to be watched. Short and sweet, this one gets to the punchline real fast, and boy does it pack a wallop!

Sweet Dreams!

Horror Books for Stocking Stuffers

paranormal, gothic horror, and fantasy books
     I've been listing "scary" gifts for you dear readers for this holiday season, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention some books for those of you looking for an extra scare this Christmas. The first book I would suggest is The Island by Clarissa Johal, a great read that keeps people on the edge of their seat. The dialogue is witty, the pacing if strong and vibrant, and the imagery is varied and realistic. The plot is worthwhile, allowing you to get sucked into the story and keep reading until you turn the last page. The link to Amazon is, of course, the image below, and it is available for kindle as well as paperback.
     The second book on my wishlist is Bleed, an anthology put together by Lori Michelle. I've been meaning to read this and have never actually gotten around to doing so. I spend most of my free time writing or reading online that I rarely, if ever, pick up a book and just read it for what it is. Bleed is especially good as it was created as a means to donate money to various charities. The link to Bleed is to the left.
     Finally, I'd like to add to the list The Haunting of Gillespie House, a fun novel about a haunted mansion in the middle of nowhere. From the reviews, one can expect vivid scenery and fully-fleshed out characters with a gripping narrative. The pacing is slower than most would enjoy, but seeing as I've read through some true bricks in my time I think I'll be able to manage. The image below is the link to where the book can be purchased for a nominal fee. Go by and take a look for yourself, and you'll see for yourself the joys that can come from a good old fashioned ghost story.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Another Gift for the Morbid

     Everyone loves to take showers, and it is part of our daily rituals that we almost don't even think about them while we're actually preparing for them. So why not add a little fun to the shower for the foreseeable future? This cherry-scented shower gel comes in its own blood bag that you can hang from the shower curtain. The link to the site is in the image, of course, so go on over and peruse the site for it's gory goodies.


     A short film about a teenage boy being stalked by Slender Man, a mythical figure in horror story circles that has actually inspired several video games as well as an actual attempted murder.

Sweet Dreams!