Saturday, April 9, 2016

Grimlocke Chronicles

     The Grimlocke Chronicles is a book of short stories, thirty-eight of them to be exact. These are stories that I've written over the years and refined down to their core essence of terror, fear, and occasional chuckle-worthy stories. The book was an inspiration brought on by the numerous anthologies I've worked on in my lifetime. It's my first venture into creating a collection, one that I've already begun setting up for the second volume, should the first prove well-received.

A smidge dusty but still good!
      The totality of the piece will build upon several worlds I've created, and touch on ones I've yet to release. The final count for the anthology will be five hundred and fifty-two pages, so the average length of a horror novel. The price of $19.99 is a bargain when compared to the other anthologies out there that promise twelve or thirteen stories. Not only are mine of good quality, they have quantity to last for several days worth of reading!
     The release date is May 2nd, 2016. Be ready to nab a copy for yourself, and yes I will have  kindle versions for $2.99. I know there is a large population that enjoys reading off their tablets and computers if sales from my first book are any indicator.

Interview with Sarah England

My newest interview was with Sarah England, who has authored numerous books. Her most recent work, Father of Lies, is a wonderfully frightening piece of literature!

Interview with Mary Anne Yarde

Mary Anne Yarde is the author of The Du Lac Chronicles, a fantasy novel set in Arthurian times. This interview showcases her talent as a writer and lets us see her upcoming work!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Interview with Clarissa Johal

Interview with Clarissa Johal

Brain to Books Online Convention!

Goodreads B2B Cy-Con.png

     A chance to speak with authors and see what the other side of the book looks like, I'll be interviewing and highlighting authors I know for this wonderful exhibit. So stick around, this weekend should be one to remember. As always, the image above is a link to the event.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Light's Out (This July 22nd)

     Based off of the short video I showcased a few months ago, this trailer shows James Wan's newest project.

Sweet Dreams!

The Kingdoms of Albion, Chapter Two

The Warhound was a smelly pigsty of a bar, with day laborers and off-duty guardsmen drinking and gambling in smoke-filled card games. The bar itself was named after the old wolf that sat near the entryway, snoozing despite the noise. The owner of the bar, a Nortur barbarian that refused to be called anything other than Gus, said that he’d used the wolf in the war with Hadron when they’d marched upon the Norturlends, just as many within his tribe had. The Hadron had claimed his tribe, either through execution or slavery, and so Gus was left alone to fend for himself. His wayward travels through the backwater lands of Hadron eventually allowed him to come upon the United Kingdoms of New Albion. He’d moved to the village with a hefty pouch full of crowns and a war wolf at his side, and set up a bar to be built, with a brewery in the back. Gus hired the local farmer’s daughters to serve as the barmaids while he managed the bar itself.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My New Tattoo

     The Skull of Shylock, with a dagger ready to exact his pound of flesh from any foolish enough to make a bargain with the fiend.

     I should also mention this now graces my right arm! I love him already and will make sure he gets some friends when I can afford it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Horror Tattoo

     So my wife and I have discussed how big my first tattoo should be, and with her advice, I am going in to talk to an artist to see if they can bring my vision to life. For now, you'll all just have to enjoy this tattoo!

     I like it. I think it's perfect because of the color palette used is just a variety of gray's and one vivid patch of red and black. Very nice.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Tattoo of the Day!

     Still looking for a tattoo artist and saving up for some work to be done. Really want to get something nice to compliment my wife's work. Not something that is a reflection of hers or a something referencing her, just some ink that will on my forearm similar to what she has.


     A great horror short if ever there was one, this award-winning feature has suspense and paranormal events aplenty. Do enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!