Saturday, November 7, 2015

Son of a Preacher Man, Chapter One (Redux)

I fumble with my mp3 player as I stand in the bitter darkness of the alleyway, trying to set the damned thing to my “Work” playlist. God, how I miss cassette players, they were just so much simpler to use. But far be it from me to be an “old man” as my son would often call me whenever he saw me messing with this stupid device. He’d gotten it for me for my birthday this past November, and even though I had a hundred dollars’ worth of music I could “buy” for it, I just chose the one song.

Pod from Space Part Two

A series of pops and clicks echoed within my helm, signaling a communication coming in. I quickly flip off channel three and open the other channels.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Under a New Moon, Part One

Racing home from school on his bicycle, Trent let out a whoop of joy. He’d aced his math quiz, and made a B- on his science test; all in all, a good day! He was waiting for report cards as he knew his would have good grades (for once) and he might be able to get his father to crack a smile on that stony face of his. Hopping up onto the curb, Trent wove between a bench and a bus sign, much to the chagrin of Old Lady Shipman, who yelled after him. He just turned partially and flipped her the bird before looking forward once more, smiling as his apartment complex came into sight.

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Still Life Part Three

Murphy woke with a headache and a bad taste in his mouth. Smacking his lips and rubbing his chin, he sat up in his chair and looked at the clock on the wall. Six thirty-two in the morning.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pod from Space Part One

Walking along the solar panel to an orbiting space station may seem like an adventure to some people, but really it’s just the path to a shorted panel that needs replacing. My years of training as an astronaut, my degrees in mechanical engineering and information technology… all it made me was an extra-planetary electrician.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Anthologies and Authors you May Have Missed

I strive to keep you both terrified by my stories, while also keeping you up to date on what films have come out giving you fair warning if they are bad or a heads up if they are good. The point is, if you love horror as much as I do (which I can only assume you do) then you enjoy the writings and reviews I painstakingly punch out after every finished book and every final reel of a film. Today, I have a review of an anthology that might have slipped under the radar if you weren’t being as vigilant as you should have been.

New Source of Horror

Lurking up from the murky waters of the internet once more, I’m happy to see you once again dear readers! For the last few months, I’ve been sinking into the darker depths of the internet for true inspiration on what to write for you, be it fiction or nonfiction. My findings have been quite dismal to say the least, as I think I may have plumbed the deepest trenches for our great way of life. But wait! I did find one thing that should bring a smile to your skull, as it did mine.

Horror Titles for the Holidays

To think of the abyss that dwells within each of us, hiding horrors unknown to the rest of the world… ah, such sweet dreams are made of these. But not all of us have dreams wrought with teeming terrors and dark whispers; that’s why we need to have new horror novels and movies to help stir the pot, so to speak. With the coming of the bitter chill of winter comes the time to give the gift of horror to your loved ones. Here are a few worth looking into, should you dare.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Haunted Echoes, Chapter One

The pungent stench of dried herbs hangs heavily in the air, a stifling heat suffusing the room as I quickly shave the bark from the gathered branches of a willow tree. The small room is hardly ideal for brewing home remedies that Grecia sells in the shop below, but with the aftermath of Katrina still rocking the foundations of the city, a room isn’t something that we are able to afford at the moment. The meager two story townhouse that serves as both shop and home to our strange little family is always full of local shoppers looking for a balm or cream for their latest rash or blemish, and curious tourists who want to see a real Voodoo doctor’s place of business.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Still Life, Chapter Two

Murphy walked up the stairs leading to his apartment, his coat buttoned up to his neck where a plume of smoke wafted away in the wind from his cigarette. He’d spent an additional three hours at work calling all the leads and contacts he had in an effort to locate Morsely before he could perform the hit, but he’d so far been unsuccessful. This had led to him dispatching a squad car to picking up Carlos Alonzo, the tattoo mogul. The Captain had been unhappy, as housing the man for the night was proving to be difficult due to Mr. Alonzo’s lawyers, but Murphy didn’t care; that wasn’t his job.