Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Story of Angela Part One

Curled up on the couch, Angela lay pressed against the dozing form of her boyfriend, her fingers interlocked with him as she stared into the crackling fire burning in his fireplace, the sole light in the small condominium. Bringing a mug of tepid hot chocolate to her lips with her free hand, she sighed happily; it was only a few days until Christmas and she’d finally convinced her boyfriend to let her stay the night at his place.

The Backwater Gospel

     Death given a physical form in the wild west, you have to love that! An amazing little animation that shows the brutality of man. Enjoy!

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Burn: A Psychological Horror Soon to Be Released

 Burn Poster
Liverpool/London, UK – 4th March 2016: Slaughtered Bird Creations and Dragon Egg Media’s debut film collaboration, Burn, has wrapped and entered post-production. This means in the following months we'll see some leaked footage, a trailer and finally a debut film release of this new horror film that should be as explosive as fire to propane.
The short psychological horror – directed by Judson Vaughan, creator of Pedro and the multi award-winning Soul Breaker - was filmed during February in Hertfordshire and north London, UK, over the course of three days. This is the first time that all of the producers, writers, and directors will be working together to create a unique blend of horror that the world has never seen.
“After several local disappearances prompt a nationwide manhunt, Burn focusses on Peter and Louise – two of many gripped by media-induced fear. When their son, Charlie, is born, the pair must find a way of raising him amid continuing public hysteria and incomprehensible personal tragedy.”
Starring Max Cavenham (who has several action movie appearances to his name as extraneous soldiers) and Emma Kelly (Inbetween), this story was put together by Chris Barnes, co-owner of Combine this with a new partnership with Vaughan’s Dragon Egg Media label - this will become the first project released under the production umbrella, Slaughtered Bird Creations.
Bringing to light Barne’s love of suspenseful build-up, Burn should be a fast-paced horror that brings the feeling of independent British cinema while maintaining quality cinematography from Joaquim Barreto, whose work has been seen in the documentary short Living.  
Displaying BURN screen shot - Peter.jpg
Displaying BURN screen shot - Peter.jpg
A scene from Burn showcasing some of the cinematography
Find out more about Burn here -
Twitter: @BurnShortFilm

To reach the producers of this fine film you can tweet them at the following usernames, as well as visit their sites to better judge the quality of the work. You won't be disappointed!                                                     

Slaughtered Bird Creations
Twitter: @SlaughteredBird

Judson Vaughan’s Dragon Egg Media
Twitter: @dragoneggmedia

Chris Barnes
Twitter: @TheBlueTook

Timeless Tales

     Something I was published in a while ago, just dropping it here to remind new readers you can hear transcripts of some of my work being read aloud. Only costs .99 cents and the money goes to paying authors to write new stories! Great little magazine that really needs to expand!

Drink With The Living Dead

     Not really a movie but it does tell a story. This six-minute animation comes with a catchy tune and some interesting lyrics. Enjoy!

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Haunted House of Every Street Part One

“Come on, we’re going to get busted!” Shane said, looking around as his girlfriend wrapped a cloth around her hand, preparing to punch out the glass of the window to the abandoned house.

The Living

     A short zombie film made by some indie filmmakers. Gotta love a new take a classic monster though this one does end on something of a cliffhanger. Hopefully they'll make a sequel. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Samuel The Black Warlock Chapter Nine

Resting on the concrete rails that flanked the stairs leading up to the main building, Samuel found Belle with her two cohorts, talking animatedly. Pulsing his eyes with Mage Sight, Samuel could see the glittering golden orb resting at the bottom of her backpack, nestled between a math book and a sweater. Heaving a sigh, and asking himself what Descartes would do, he approached the teens with his usual dour demeanor.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Please Support the Work I Do Through This Site

     To the right of this article is my Patreon link. I know you may not be making much due to this economy, but if you're one of the people that can I urge you to consider becoming a Patron of my work.
     Not only will it help me pay bills, it'll allow me to make more time for writing leading to more stories being posted. Right now I guarantee five a week and have turned off ads as Google needs to send me a code of some kind. But I'll be turning them back on once I sort that out, and I know everybody hates ads. If I get enough people donating just one dollar a month, then I wouldn't need ads.
     I have rewards for those that decide to finance the fine arts, and they're all listed on my Patreon page. I have no video as I'm not really a filmmaker, so you'll just have to look over my written word and decide if you think I'm worth backing. I will always post stories on this site for free, five times a week at minimum. But over on my Patreon page I'm writing other things, things that can be a little dark, a little fun... from reviews of books to chapters of novels I haven't released yet.
     Take a look, read the free stuff I have posted, and think on it.
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     Amazing short film, this is done by some real professionals who have captured the "legend" of Slender Man in an amazing way. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pride Narrated

     For those of you that like the story "Pride", the first part of chapter one is up on Youtube, being narrated by TheCreepyArtistry. Here, have a look and listen:

     I like how he read it and enjoy what he did with it. If you'd like to hear the rest of chapter one read aloud, write a comment and get him working on it!


     A short horror film that is deserving of some time in the spotlight, "Hello" is a great little film to spend ten minutes watching. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

The Three Apprentices, Chapter One

“Oh no, I’m late!” Sable cried out, rushing through the second floor of the small cottage she lived in. Hastily removing her dressing gown, she picked up a small flat disc, engraved with a faintly glowing rune.

Monday, February 29, 2016

New Releases That Deserve Some Attention


     I've been working with the Demonic Visions crew since the very beginning and I've yet to be disappointed by a single volume. Well, we happen to be up to Volume Six now and it just so happens that it is now available in paperback as well as Kindle. The image is a link to the Kindle page, but it's simple to switch over to the over to paperback with a click of a button. The Kindle goes for $2.99 while the paperback goes for $12.99, both well-worth the price for fifty terror-filled tales. My own piece, "The Mannequin", is one I'm proud of; I rarely write horror like that so I took great pleasure in a break from my routine style. The image is the link to Amazon, as always.
     The second anthology I'm going to promote is the first one of its series, which is always a scary venture for the publisher. I got to know the publisher fairly well over the course of a dozen e-mails and I can say they poured every ounce of effort into Creepy Campfire Quarterly that they could. My story in this edition is "The Ghost of Big Bend", a campfire story to tell next time you're out in the woods with friends. I intend to submit to them again because they made their magazine so approachable, the submission process so smooth, I felt like it was all just one easy transition.
     The stories in this volume aren't drenched in gore and guts, but often prompt thought-provoking ghosts and specters that attack when you don't see it coming. I know of at least three stories that made me laugh outright, something I rarely do when reading horror these days, despite the fact I find it all humorous. The image above leads to the Amazon link where you can purchase the anthology for $2.99 for Kindle and $8.00 for the paperback.

Outlast Two Trailer

     Outlast was a survival horror game that proved highly successful last year, where you are a reporter trapped in an insane asylum. Needless to say, some crazy crap went down.
     But now we have Outlast 2 coming out! Check the trailer!

Sweet Dreams!

The Legend of Agatha Rose

     A standard scare movie with an early bit of suspense thrown in. Combined with a creaking closet door and a rocking chair, this makes a quality horror movie. Enjoy!

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The Witch of Ebon Marshes Part Two

Thomas and Brandon finished the fire-pit while Jacob gathered firewood from the surrounding trees. They’d made a great time that day, laughing and chasing each other all across the foothills while slowly growing closer to the lowlands. The weather was clear without a cloud in the sky, which suited Thomas just fine. He preferred camping without rain and always made it a habit of pitching his tent uphill, a fact he decided not to share with his friends so he could have the spot he desired.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

So Pretty

     A short horror film that is pretty much to the point. And that point is: Vampires. Vampires, vampires, and vampires. Either way, enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

New Fangoria Magazine

FANGORIA® Issue #305

     A new issue of Fangoria magazine is out! This may not seem like much to many of you, but I used to devour these as a child, reading through dozens in a single sitting. I had one issue that I must have read at least a hundred times about a man being eaten by a swamp. Follow the image to where you can order a copy for yourself!

The Necropolis, Prologue

Hot wind blew the stifling haze over the mire entrenched woods, an array of scents being carried on the stiff current. The scent of flowers blooming in the hot sun, their lilting lingering aroma that tickled at your nose mixed with the overly sweet scent of rot that wafted from the fallen logs sinking slowly into the fetid water clogged with murky weeds and blind, bony catfish. Deep within this swamp, far deeper than anyone sane would dare venture, laid the entrance to a forbidden place, a place forgotten by time and the people of the South, save for the occasional sweat-soaked nightmare that the vision of the land induced in those who, inexplicably, were drawn to this place.

Then and Now Part One

Three youths were sitting around a campfire in the middle of nowhere, their grandfather telling tales of their tribes past to them in his horse voice. All three had heard most of his tales before, and were beginning to grow restless, when the old man halted the tale of the Coyote Woman to gaze at them from across the flames.

Birthday Boys

     A short film detailing how you should always count yourself lucky to be among the living, while wallowing in the past is the surest way to end up six feet under!

Sweet Dreams!