Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stitched Smile Publication

      A publisher putting out a brand new story of mine in an (of course!) horror-themed anthology this coming October, this group is by far the most friendly to their authors that I've ever encountered. They have a person who is dedicated to answering and helping all of their authors, single shooters and serial writers alike, with anything within her power. They have a Editor-in-Chief/President that is responsive to e-mails, and a Public Relations expert to help market your books, so long as you promise to promote them as well.
      Best of all their contracts are simple, to the point, and easy to work with. In this industry, you have some contracts that make you read them two or three times just to freaking understand who is representing whom, so a brief contract that gets to the point is a refreshing change of pace.
      I think (not certain) that I'll be in four anthologies this coming October, as one I signed at the beginning of the years has been waiting for the season of scares to release their macabre collection. Then there's this fine publisher that'll be putting out an interesting collection with a story that I can say is honestly one of my more original tales. Siren's Call Publishers has a story of mine that they still need to send me the final proof on, and Jaded Books Publishing will soon be releasing a truly terrifying collection that'll leave you wondering what the hell is wrong with the authors.
      If they're all released in October, alongside my own novel on October 8th, I'm going to be a busy freaking bee promoting everything to Hell and back. Expect my twitter presence to double, and to see facebook posts alerting you to my new appearances in paperback.
      Finally, the London Horror Society will be publishing an article about my time as a ghoul in the haunted house scene. Right now they have some great articles on The Blair Witch and a great rundown of everything to do with the [REC] franchise. They're a great group based out of the UK, and I'm proud to work with them. They're like Cracked, except their articles are all reviews or stories revolving around the horror world, in both print and film.
     This little update came because of the fact that my pets woke me up really early, and I'm just so happy to see so many projects finally taking off. When I guessed that I was a winter author, I really wasn't kidding!