Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blood in the Sand, Part Two

“Sergeant!” Gentile called out, grabbing Joe’s attention away from the bliss of his first cigarette in two days. “You better come and see this!”
“I swear to god Gentile you better be looking at fuckin’ Osama bin Laden’s summer home for interrupting my smoke!” Joe grumbles as he places the cigarette precariously on a particularly large rock formation serving as a low wall for the detachment. Squat-walking over to where his sniper was peering through his scope, Joe brought his own binoculars up to his eyes, tracking where his sniper was watching.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stayed Behind, Part One

Authors Note: A spin-off from my “Atheist’s Nightmare” series, this story will have heavy religious undertones. If you are not in favor of such metaphors I would suggest reading something else. Thank you, and as always, sweet dreams!
It’d been twelve years since the end of the world, the often scoffed about rapture. Turns out that Christianity had been right; when Hell was full, the dead would walk the earth. It was around the time when the first few zombie outbreaks started that people began disappearing, some vanishing in bright flashes of light. Tremors rocked the globe while tidal waves rocked the shorelines, all the while the dead feasted upon the living.