Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Warrior's Tale, Part Four

James wakes from his slumber in his darkened chambers, instantly reaching for his heavy-hafted battle-axe in fashion he’d been drilling into himself since he’d been declared “The Horned One’s Champion.” The weapon, while hefty and made primarily from bone and steel, was also blessed by the rotting red skeleton Spicer, the cursed creature having spent an afternoon lazily etching Latin into the sharpened double headed blade. When prompted over what he was doing, the skeleton (or rather the tattooed child that spoke for him) gave a mirthless laugh.

Scary Schooldays Approaching

     If you haven't guessed my political leanings by now then you must be new. If you haven't guessed my spiritual beliefs than you are brand new. This coming Friday is the "Day of Silence," an event where students who believe bullying in schools based on sexual orientation should be stopped decide to opt out of speaking for the day, instead using their guaranteed rights to "voice" their own opinion in their own way.
     This of course caused (and still causes) a stir among the Far Right of our fair nation. While some suggest that you should keep your children at home this day, other organizations have taken this seemingly positive event and added a horrifying element to it.
     The very word shakes me to my very core.

     These are cards that are handed out on this day by zealous students to any who are remaining silent in solidarity against bullying. I personally find it both hilarious and terrifying, as the God of the Bible is, at his kindest, an insane omnipotent grandfather.
     At his harshest he's the most prolific serial killer in supposed history, the supposed being added that all of this only matters if he is real, which I've yet to have someone present to me a claim or a piece of evidence that proves that there is a God, let alone a Christian God.
     But back to the terror, on the 19th some schools will become political battlegrounds between one of three factions: the silent kids, the kids handing out lame little cards and... the kids who stayed home. OK, so two factions. Should you be of High School age and reading my site, first of all shame on you, and second of all I hope you are one of the many who will avoid this mess altogether. School is a place of learning so please, for everyone's sake, learn!