Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pod from Space Part Three

The doors are all closed, with the corridor as quiet as a church mouse (though my helmet does muffle light noise, so who knows?) making it difficult to figure out where they would have taken the pod upon bringing the thing into the station.

Son of a Preacher Man, Chapter Two (Redux)

Officer Takeshi Sato sighed as he dropped into his ragged leather seat in front of his desk. Officer… he thought bemusedly, fingering a shiny new Brass nameplate bearing the title “Detective.” I need to start thinking of myself as more than a patrolman.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Church Mouse, Part One

Waking up, I roll out of bed and plant my feet on the hardwood floor. Bare skin meets cold wood, jolting me awake as I stand up and shuffle over to the door to my room, picking up my glasses from the nightstand. I shower and eat breakfast in silence, merely grunting at my father’s probing questions about my life while Mom asks me how the church group is going.

Party Rock, Part One

The sharp taps of her steel-toed boots echoed through the alleyway as she wove through the veritable maze set between the abandoned buildings. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Jennifer smiled at the sight of her warm breath in the frigid air before her. Slipping a hand into her coat, her fingers numb from the frost of the frigid evening, she errantly tugged on the necklace she’d been gifted by the strange man she’d encountered a few days earlier.