Friday, October 18, 2013

Real World Terror: What fools these mortals be?

     I have a tendency to lurk. Or skulk. Whichever, I somehow pull this of at my stature as a six foot tall bearded man that tends to wear red; needless to say, I blame others for not noticing me when they plot or plan things that I would otherwise be against.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Party on the Riverwalk, Part Two

“So do you know how to get to the Sinner’s Dance?” Jennifer asked, shuffling her feet nervously. While she liked to put on a tough front, she really wasn’t used to dealing with people who were less fortunate. They made her a little nervous, truth be told.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Poveglia Island, Part Three

Paolo rushed forward to the edge of the creaking pier, stopping just out of reach of the robbed ferryman. Thinking back on the stories he’d heard as a boy, he quickly rooted about in his satchel, cursing as he heard the cackles of the damned slowly growing closer.
Letting out a whoop of joy, Paolo pulled two silver coins from the bottom of his weather-beaten satchel, holding them in a clenched fist before the ferryman, who merely leaned forward to peer at what the young Temnplar was offering him.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Demonic Visions Update

     As I'm sure some of you recall, I recently got published in an eBook anthology known as Demonic Visions: Fifty Tales of Horror. While I am amazingly proud of my work here, as well as the work of the other authors, I had been wondering when it would be available in paperback, for those of you who prefer that new book smell.
Ahhh... dead trees and ink.

     Well I have an update! The anthology is available in paperback format here at Amazon! Any purchase you make is a donation to starving indie authors, so feel free to help the crowd out and enjoy our fine work.
     After all, it's all for you!

Confronting a Psychic

     While I am a fiction writer that generally deals with topics involving ghosts, goblins and ghouls, I actually don't believe in this stuff. I'm, in fact, a skeptic when it comes to any kind of supernatural claim.
Meet Chip Coffey. Yeah, I've never heard of him either...

     This man is apparently a famous psychic and medium, who has been on Celebrity Ghost Hunt and runs his own show "TV's Psychic Kids", which would no doubt turn my stomach. He was at a radio station Monday morning when this happened.

     You can hear it here, where he gets interviewed by a morning talk show host and fellow skeptic Cory Cove.

     Psychic gets called out on his ambiguous "readings" and gets angry about it. When asked for evidence, he presents a case where a woman is actively trying to get pregnant, and he assures her she will be February. Now he says it was about a year ago when he made this prediction, so he gave a five month window for this seemingly healthy woman to get pregnant. If she hadn't, he could always say, as he did on the show, "not yet," as if that were some kind of answer.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dark Eclipse is Out!

     The newest Dark Eclipse Magazine is out, and boy is it a screamer! I wrote about the new trend of horror-based television shows (American Horror Story, the Walking Dead, etc) and made certain to enjoy some of the finer short stories our fine publication had to offer.

Make sure to read Slice, a short story, and Snip, a flash fiction story!

     A terrifying collection of tales to be certain, but I was remiss this past month and forgot to mention the previous Dark Eclipse where one of my short stories was published!
Beware the murder tree!!!

     You can find the link to the most recent issue here and the link to the previous issue with my story "Jersey Devil" here! Go ahead and get 'em both and let the stories speak for themselves!
     Also, my editor and fellow Horror writer Lori Michelle has a project up and running helping out those most in need: children with cancer. 
A great anthology where all the proceeds help out charities for sick children!
     Be sure to check it out on Amazon, as you can either get a paperback edition or a kindle one, both containing various stories and essays written by some of the top horror authors of today!