Saturday, February 20, 2016

Consider Funding This Site

     For three years now I've written horror, done reviews, and highlighted indie horror artists for free. And I will continue to do so, at minimum five times a week. But I need to eat, and pay my bills, in order to do this. I'm not asking for the world, only for a few people to become Patrons of my work.
     I update stories that you haven't seen on my Patreon page, for subscribers only, and offer tips to writers greener than I. All levels of donor receive the same benefits though there are rewards unique to how much you offer. They range and vary, so visit the page linked through the image to see what they are.
     I know it may seem like a bit, but if you could donate a dollar a month then I would be able to produce higher quality work at a quicker rate. Thanks in advance...
     I also fixed the link so it should work now!
     Sweet Dreams...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Escort

     A short film that packs a punch, I think I can see what this did so well surfing the indie-film circuit. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Demonic Visions Six is Live!

     Those of you that have followed me for a while will be aware that I am in a series of horror anthologies called Demonic Visions. Well we have a new volume fresh off the presses, and also available for Kindle, so this should make for a great time for all. Click on the image, as always, to grab yourself a copy!
      Also, isn't the cover amazing?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A New Horror Press

     This is a site that I've mentioned before, and how much I like it. It takes little drops of horror from all over the internet and puts them in one spot, always linking back to the main source. It's exposure for all of the indie authors, artists, and filmmakers out there that would normally not get such a wide audience.
     I average about one hundred to one hundred and fifty views a day on this site, which has been a growing amount from the last few years. I remember when I was excited to have twenty people view the Nicronomicon! But now, I have fans from all over the glove (Hello Germany!) that drop by for a fresh slice of terror. I would urge you to also drop by the Horror Press for a chance to see what they have highlighted as their favorite horror pieces for the last week or so.

The Girl in the Photograph

     This is a horror short based off of yet another Creepypasta. Unlike the others, it takes a more artistic approach to horror. Not that I mind that, but it's worth noting I think. I mean, you don't see many black and white movies anymore, now do you? Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Spooky Nightcore

     I posted a spooky Nightcore video around Halloween and found that it was a quick favorite. For those of you unaware, Nightcore songs are generally sped up versions of popular songs that have a slight Techno-remix quality to them. I like them enough that I've added a dozen or so to my standard playlist for fun and for writing. They are in many cases (like here for example) better than the original. Check it out and see!

Sweet Dreams!

New Issue of Fantasy Scroll Magazine is Out!

Issue #11 Cover
     A new issue of Fantasy Scroll Magazine is out and it looks pretty amazing. They always have a nice line-up of writers, and this one is no exception. Click the image to go to the site and you'll be able to download a copy for $3.99 which is a decent price for what you're getting.

Anger of the Dead

     You cannot believe how happy I was to find this short film! And when I read that it had won several awards in horror festivals, I grew even more excited. After watching it, I had to say I was pretty impressed. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams...

Monday, February 15, 2016

Support This Site

     So far I've been doing reviews of books and providing excerpts of my upcoming books on my Patreon site. Really, go on over and visit; there are some things for free that can be read. The majority is for paying subscribers, which for only a dollar a month you can become. By doing so not only will you be showing your support for an independent author, but you'll be helping me to feed my pets and I.
     You don't want to think of starving Kitties and Doggies do you? Didn't think so! So click the image to the left and check out my Patreon site, see what I have to offer.

The Rattler

     A decent horror production with a great story. The actress was great but the special effects and make-up weren't up to pat. Still, if you want a good story and some suspenseful film, this is a great choice.

Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, February 14, 2016


     A great film based off of a Creepypasta, this one really keeps the mood fully dark from the beginning with an emotionless narrator. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!