Friday, April 1, 2016

Grimlocke Chronicles Proof Copy

     Just got my proof copy of the Grimlocke Chronicles and I have to say I'm impressed. 552 pages from Title to Epilogue, I'll be combing through it looking for errors to fix. Once can never be too careful. After that I'll probably shelf the Proof copy under my edited manuscripts and just save it for a time if I ever become famous and auction it off for charity.
     The book itself has over forty stories in it so it should prove popular. Hopefully, I can have it tide people over if I release it in May until August when I release my next novel. Once I get three or four books under my belt I'll release one every four months. I'm really impressed with the cover and will be using the same artist again for my next book.


     Tattoos fascinate me. The very thought of marking yourself forever is a somewhat interesting idea, as the process is a painful procedure intent on creating plumage of a sort. That being said, I don't know what my plumage would attract, but here's something I'd consider!

     Obviously, something to work up to, and if I got it you'd be certain that it would have color in it. I like vivid blues and reds, with splashes of orange and green added in. The darker shade of the color the better.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Brain to Books Cyber Convention

Goodreads B2B Cy-Con.png

     A cyber convention where you can see lots of indie writers and authors. The banner above is not a link, but I'll mark it up the day it starts.

The Forbidden Valley Part One

Snow drifted lazily down in wayward arcs, the individual flakes twirling in the light breeze that caressed his frozen face. He hefted his bundle of trapped animals slung over his back, a mixture of foxes, wolverines and wolves. The giant man stomped through the light snow, heading for his home in the far outreaches of the Alaskan wilderness. Away from civilization, away from people…
Away from Them.

Monday, March 28, 2016


     One I've been thinking over but, you know, all that black space and no color? If you could mix in some color it would really pop, but I just see this thing fading over time until I would have to get it touched up, the luster of the crystal-void-orb-thing being the first to dull. Love the skull though, the horns on it are quite suitable for what I'm looking for.

Last Night

     A short horror film pumped out in February, this one is worthy of praise just in general. The music really sets the tone, the camera angles are all worthwhile, and the acting is superb. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

The Long Knife, Part One

David wandered down the hall, running his hand upon the fading paint and the chipped railing that had always been here at the Alice Grove Apartments for as long as he could remember. The red carpet, with its twisting dark red and brown cubist design made for an interesting walk when compared to the light floral print of the wallpaper, once a brilliant white but now a faded yellow, showing the hard times the apartment had suffered.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Spirit Board

     An all new horror video for all you fans out there, this one was crafted in 2016 earlier this month. This is a great film, so have a look! Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Horror Zine

    That special time of month when the Horror Zine returns with new stories and content. Spend a bit of time reading through their selection and you'll be impressed.

The Horror Zine
What the hell did I name this guy? Mordecai? We'll go with thet.