Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Ghost of O'Leary House

     For those of that read the unedited version, I thank you for putting up with typos and other errors I went ahead and corrected. Now, the novel has been rewritten to make David and the gang older (college years) and the town more involved in the story. The subplots have been organized and the romance has been fleshed out.
     I've sent it off to the presses to be prepared and, come April, I'll be launching it as a stand-alone novel available on Amazon. So be certain to get prepared for it now as the novel is different from the original piece in many ways, so it should be a fresh read. Now I just have to see how much it's going to cost to publish it, I'll be right as rain!
     Also, the Grimlocke Chronicles is still set to be published at the end of the month as a Kindle product, so look out for it. I've vetted it out something fierce, so it should be a good read for all who buy it.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the price of my upcoming novel. I'm thinking $12.99 would be fair, don't you? Not exactly claiming to be Stephen King and asking for twenty bucks. I don't know if I'll make it into a Kindle version, but if I do I'll set that for $2.99. Post your opinions below if you have any. Oh, and Grimlocke Chronicles will be $2.99 for Kindle.

Horror Tattoo

     With Inkmaster back on and my own desire for a little ink, I've been looking at designs that would be of interest to me. I am sticking with the horror theme, as it is my life, so keep that in mind.

     This may seem like a dark tattoo, but I would ask for the skulls to have a light blue/green tinge to them, as if they were underwater, along with some carvings on the foreheads to make them seem more ominous. My wife likes this one but I think a starter tattoo would be in order before I try something as big as this... maybe something on my forearm?

Friday, March 11, 2016


     An interesting little horror piece that uses almost no words, the entire story is told through actions and suspense. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

The Kingdoms of Albion, Chapter One

Tentrek let out a slightly girlish yelp as he scrambled to gather the scrolls for his Master. The old man was dreadfully old and needed all the help he could get around the house; at least, that was the excuse he’d given Tentrek on as an assistant and protégé when the lad was just eight summers old. Upon arriving home, he’d merely found that the man was nearly as hyper as he, and prone to crazy antics when the mood struck him. Tentrek didn’t know if staying in the Church would have been a better option sometimes…

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Interesting Tattoo

     I've been contemplating getting a tattoo for years, and should I make enough money on a release of one of my books I will get one. This is what I would get on my left bicep.

A screaming skull

     I've always told myself that tattoos should mean something, should represent an aspect of your life and be something that you can not only live with but look at and fondly remember the time in your life that prompted the birth of this body art. By no means do I say I'm getting a tattoo now as I am poor as dirt, but someday when my writing is fueling enough of a fire to fuel a tattoo... I think I could take the pain, especially after having to undergo the pain in my leg and when they did the nerve test.
     If I can survive the nerve test, then I can survive getting a tattoo.

Displaying untitled-1-copy1.jpg
Displaying untitled-1-copy1.jpg

Red Balloon

     A really strange horror movie, this thirteen minute short is well worth the watch as it takes an interesting route one rarely sees in suspense movies. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Haunted House of Every Street Part Two

The night was fully underway, the portable generator whirring as it provided power to the television, all four teens smoking pot, drinking beers (wine coolers for the girls) and playing a fighting game where they got to knock each other around with highly animated cartoon characters. So far Liz was winning despite not owning the system while Carlos seemed distracted by having Rose sitting between his legs.

Samuel the Black Warlock Chapter Eleven

Standing in front of the full-length mirror in his bathroom, Samuel was already feeling silly, and he’d only put on the under-tunic of the robes he had been ordered to wear. A deep royal purple, the tunic came up to form a choker, replete with a large single red garnet that would in other cases be a tie. The stitching on the tunic, while wonderful and soft was something that drove Samuel crazy. He hated the heat this outfit caused, and the automatic temperature control enchantments were sewn into it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Possession Part Two

It’s been three weeks since what I’ve learned from the Ouija Board experience. Angelica, my guardian angel, told me that I’d bound myself to Paul as he’d invited me into his home and that, so long as Paul remained content with the set-up for the time being I could slowly integrate myself into his body. I just had to slowly wear him down through what she called a “gradual haunting.”

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Red Girl

     A short three-minute film by Isaac Rodriguez, an indie filmmaker who, in this case, made a fun little horror sketch. I enjoyed, so should you!

Sweet Dreams!

The Three Apprentices Chapter Two

“Me?” Sable cried.
“Yes,” Anaxim said, looking up at her with azure eyes sparkling. “You do know how I hate to leave town, and the trip to Port Arias alone will take two weeks travel. I figure if you can make it to Port with my invitation, then you deserve to attend.”

Monday, March 7, 2016

Manuscripts and Screenplays plus Versos, a scary film

     So I have four manuscripts ready for publication, one of which will be released on Kindle towards the end of the month. I also have a screenplay that I have been shuffling around for various different people seeking projects in need of a cheap screenplay. The reason I bring this up is that while I am having the cover for the one coming at the end of March worked on as we speak, the cover for the next one is going to cost me a bit of cash.
     Not too much mind you, and I'm not asking you to shell out to pay for it. What I am asking is, if you have a Kindle and like my work, buy copies of my stories. Read them, enjoy them for what they're worth and then rate them on Amazon with a critique. It means the world to an author when someone leaves a comment on their work, even if it's negative. Negative means we can learn from our mistakes while positive means we've made someone's lives a little bit better with our ideas.
     It may seem like a hassle, but do it for the authors you buy books from. It makes us happy and means we'll churn out works faster because we know we have an audience waiting for us.
     And by the way to all my German reader! I know you're out there, so I'm going to start putting up some stories set in Germany (other than Pride) and try to play on your folklore. No Krampus stuff, though, that's been played to death. For my other readers across the Atlantic, I'll get to writing stories for you, no worries. It's just Germany has been sending me the love for a while and I want to show them my thanks!
     Here's a scary video for you all to enjoy after all this news, so have fun with it! It's a little fucked up, but I think you all like those stories the best!

Sweet Dreams!

Samuel the Black Warlock Chapter Ten

Samuel left Belle and Imogen in the den, both of them poring over worn copies of Weekly Wiccans together, the imp explaining the basic difference between the magical world and the mundane world while Samuel just needed a cold soda to cool his throbbing headache. Standing in the kitchen, he sipped from the glass bottle while leaning against the counter before hearing a soft knocking coming from his pantry. Smiling around the bottle, he smacked his lips in satisfaction and girded his will to the intolerable before calling out.

The Black Crosses Part One

“The Black Crosses are after you, man!” Joey said from above my bed, staring down at me in my grave. I blink blearily up at him as I hoist myself up from the ground, patting off the dirt and grime I’d managed to gather during my six hours of death.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


     An interesting video for certain but unexpected! I think that it'll be a pleasant viewing for all! Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Possession Part One

Waves of undulating bodies press and mold against each other in the intolerable heat of the void, pinpricks of light from high above shining down on us just enough to make our pallid, nude forms look like sickly rats climbing over each other, bubbling skin sticking to each other as we clamber over one another due to the scalding temperatures. We suffer for what feels like untold ages, our bodies slowly breaking down before building back up, forever fighting to remain above the surface of the sea of boiling flesh.