Thursday, March 10, 2016

Interesting Tattoo

     I've been contemplating getting a tattoo for years, and should I make enough money on a release of one of my books I will get one. This is what I would get on my left bicep.

A screaming skull

     I've always told myself that tattoos should mean something, should represent an aspect of your life and be something that you can not only live with but look at and fondly remember the time in your life that prompted the birth of this body art. By no means do I say I'm getting a tattoo now as I am poor as dirt, but someday when my writing is fueling enough of a fire to fuel a tattoo... I think I could take the pain, especially after having to undergo the pain in my leg and when they did the nerve test.
     If I can survive the nerve test, then I can survive getting a tattoo.

Displaying untitled-1-copy1.jpg
Displaying untitled-1-copy1.jpg

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