Monday, March 7, 2016

Manuscripts and Screenplays plus Versos, a scary film

     So I have four manuscripts ready for publication, one of which will be released on Kindle towards the end of the month. I also have a screenplay that I have been shuffling around for various different people seeking projects in need of a cheap screenplay. The reason I bring this up is that while I am having the cover for the one coming at the end of March worked on as we speak, the cover for the next one is going to cost me a bit of cash.
     Not too much mind you, and I'm not asking you to shell out to pay for it. What I am asking is, if you have a Kindle and like my work, buy copies of my stories. Read them, enjoy them for what they're worth and then rate them on Amazon with a critique. It means the world to an author when someone leaves a comment on their work, even if it's negative. Negative means we can learn from our mistakes while positive means we've made someone's lives a little bit better with our ideas.
     It may seem like a hassle, but do it for the authors you buy books from. It makes us happy and means we'll churn out works faster because we know we have an audience waiting for us.
     And by the way to all my German reader! I know you're out there, so I'm going to start putting up some stories set in Germany (other than Pride) and try to play on your folklore. No Krampus stuff, though, that's been played to death. For my other readers across the Atlantic, I'll get to writing stories for you, no worries. It's just Germany has been sending me the love for a while and I want to show them my thanks!
     Here's a scary video for you all to enjoy after all this news, so have fun with it! It's a little fucked up, but I think you all like those stories the best!

Sweet Dreams!

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