Saturday, May 14, 2016


     Not able to scrounge up a store today, so I'll try and write a poem that's been lurking in the shadows of my mind. Bear with me during these strained times, as I am working hard on novels. This is a draining effort that makes coming up with new ideas very difficult. Anyway, here is a horror poem.


     As a promotion for Grimlocke Chronicles, I've made a giveaway for my first book, Ghost of O'Leary House! I have several eBook copies ready for you all to try and win. Just follow the link below and you can enter to win!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Tattoo Again!

     Working on a new set of horror stories to drip along the path for all of you right now, but I have a tattoo we can look over for fun. It is, of course, horror based.

     A strange skull with hair or flames allowing it to descend upon something, with a tinge of blue on the upper jaw. Very nice linework and shading, though I wish there was more color. I always do though.