Saturday, May 14, 2016


     Not able to scrounge up a store today, so I'll try and write a poem that's been lurking in the shadows of my mind. Bear with me during these strained times, as I am working hard on novels. This is a draining effort that makes coming up with new ideas very difficult. Anyway, here is a horror poem.

On my belly thick with slime,
Maw opens wide, biding my time
Tongues lining my throat,
Wriggling about as if by rote
Soon to taste man's fear,
The screams are delicious to hear

The terrible walls tremble,
My skin shifts lightly and dissembles
Flesh now grey as the stone,
I wail a panicked moan
"Who's there?" I croak out
"Please come in the light, don't make me shout!"

Clinking of metal,
Out comes man in fine feddle
Legs wrapped in chains,
The youthful man's limbs obviously strain
Looking on in fright,
Man seeks to find me merely by sight

"That won't do," I say
Mere feet from me, the man walks on through
Coalescing behind,
Gooey drooling maw unaligns
The man turns towards the sound,
Just as my jaws swallow him down

Now I sit in the dark,
My bowels soon to disembark
A series of chains,
Which promise me terrible pain
But it was worth it,
Belly full of energy unspent 

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