Friday, June 24, 2016

Three Little Piggies Part One

Alice screamed as the unknown assailant threw himself bodily against the front door, the hinges rattling from the great weight. Cackling from the other side, cold metal slashed against the oak door, a hollow grating noise echoing throughout the house.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Prison of the Soul Chapter Two

Scott coughed, hacking up frigid slush that was both salt water and half-digested coffee mixed with bile. Crawling on the beach, sand sticking to his soaking wet clothes, he made his way out of the tide with a woozy head and a blank mind. Looking up, he saw that the beach was dryer the further it got from the ocean, and was littered with large pieces of wood. Shivering in the cold wind and light drizzle still falling over him, Scott fought up to his feet. His arms felt like they were full of lead, numb and heavy. His legs weren’t any better, leaving him to stumble forward towards the closest bit of timber, a tree that had been knocked out and somehow ended up on the beach.