Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Final Gift to the Hoppers

     The bane of all our horror tales, and the hinge on which they work... thought you all would enjoy this.

Coffin Hop Coming to a Close

     And so ends another great Coffin Hop. I hope you all enjoyed my stories and will continue to stop on by every once in a while to catch up on them. Sitting here with my coffee, listening to the rain, it makes me wish this time of year would never end, and that I could become a permanent resident of Halloween Town.
     I doubt Tim Burton would let me in though...
     Sweet Dreams until next year...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jacques Masterpiece Part One

Whistling as he walked down the dimly lit street of Paris, Jacques folded his hands behind his back, his bony fingers grasping the opposing elbow as he whistled a happy tune. The night was fresh with a warm breeze filtering through the air, a hint of lilacs and roses drifting along the wind that brought the gaunt man a sliver of joy.

Open Thread

     Since our contest winner hasn't decided on what my Halloween story should be about, let's just post some thoughts on what you would like to see from a Halloween story. Any kind of theme is acceptable, just post your thoughts below and I'll make it work.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


A new Zombie novel! That involves blogging!

     Call me a sucker for Zombie novels, but I just love a good read involving the walking dead. Be it the child-eating adults from The Enemy to to shambling garbage disposals of World War Z, I just love to read how each author puts their own spin on the classic case that is the zombie.
     In this book, the gathered number of zombies seems to make them more cunning, as if they have a hive mind that grows more aware and dangerous as more zombies are added to the mix. This makes for an exciting addition when you also realize that everyone in the world is infected, and the infection has side effects that do not merely make you an dead cannibal.
     For ten bucks you get six hundred pages worth of amazing literature. Go out to Amazon and support this author right now if you want a good read. We could use more books like this one.
     Sweet Dreams

Jeanette J has won the contest!

     As previously announced I have been running a contest for any who comment on my stories. Well, through random selection on Jeanette J has won the story for this years Coffin Hop! What this means is an open challenge to me, where she will be the star (protagonist or antagonist) of a story I create especially for her.
     Jeanette J, in the comments below; tell me what you want. Do you want a post apocalyptic zombie horror story, or a futuristic werewolf hunt? Do you want steampunk of fantasy? The floor is yours my dear, and the skies the limit. Let me know by days end what you want the theme to be, and give me a general description of what you look like in the comments below. 
     Don't worry though, the last name will be a random J one.
     Audience! Feel free to add in for her what you think she should go through or what you want to see. Should she not answer my clarion call, then one of your nightmares will be given life, with Jeanette caught in the middle.
     Sweet Dreams!