Sunday, October 27, 2013


A new Zombie novel! That involves blogging!

     Call me a sucker for Zombie novels, but I just love a good read involving the walking dead. Be it the child-eating adults from The Enemy to to shambling garbage disposals of World War Z, I just love to read how each author puts their own spin on the classic case that is the zombie.
     In this book, the gathered number of zombies seems to make them more cunning, as if they have a hive mind that grows more aware and dangerous as more zombies are added to the mix. This makes for an exciting addition when you also realize that everyone in the world is infected, and the infection has side effects that do not merely make you an dead cannibal.
     For ten bucks you get six hundred pages worth of amazing literature. Go out to Amazon and support this author right now if you want a good read. We could use more books like this one.
     Sweet Dreams

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  1. I can think of nothing worse than an intelligent Zombie.