Friday, January 29, 2016

Creepy Campfire Quarterly Could Hit #1 in Kindle Store

Cover image
     Creepy Campfire Quarterly is currently #7 in Kindle Books (and #9 in Books overall) on Amazon. So if you haven't purchased a Kindle version of the magazine, ple4ase do so. Not if you've purchased a paperback copy of course, but for those of you sitting on the fence, the $2.99 is hardly a big purchase, and you'll be making a bunch of indie authors really happy, not to mention getting access to a library of terrifying tales. Click the image to go to the Amazon page and nab yourself a copy!


     This award-winning twenty-minute horror piece is a thriller down to the very core. It has suspense, a great pace, some character development and great cinematography. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Found An Artist!

     I found an artist that has agreed to work on covers for the stories that I intend to publish straight to Kindle. Her work is great and while I am not a stickler for color, I imagine she has a great selection of colors she can use to make my books all the more enticing. I've sent her the manuscript for Love Bites and am allowing her to read it to get a feel for the novel so she can draw something that matches what I envisioned in my head. I think she'll do a good job as I flipped through her portfolio and didn't see anything I didn't like. She doesn't have an online portfolio, otherwise, I would link it with the image. For now, I'll just leave it as is and wait to see her first draft on what she thinks will fit the novel.

Bloody Valentine Horror Event

     I normally participate in the annual "Coffin Hop", where bloggers all band together to create similar stories for the readers to enjoy, linking to other blogs so that they can "hop" from one blog to another.
     Well, this time, we have the "Bloody Valentine" blog hop, where we will post on Valentines Day a horror story about love lost or broken hearts. We can post more than once and share with the other bloggers, and hopefully, we'll spread the word.
    Here's to a good blog hop! It all begins Feb. 1st so feel free to enjoy the work that I'll be linking, in addition to my own! Added a link to the event group on Facebook where we will be posting stories when the big day comes! If you are an author or horror fan go on over to the group, sign up, and announce your intention to either participate as a writer or are merely around as a reader. Be sure to visit all the blogs you wish when the event comes to pass.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Umbrella Corps.

     A preview for an upcoming horror video game based off of the Resident Evil series, the game pits the player against zombies and infected animals that will try and murder you in a nasty fashion. There seems to be a multiplayer map of the village from Resident Evil 4, where you combat another team of mercenaries. Almost like any of the Call of Duty games that bring zombies into the battles.

Sweet Dreams!

New Scream Magazine Out

Buy Scream Magazine
Print and Digital versions available!=
     Scream is a magazine that is without a doubt one of the greatest international publications for a genre there is. The fact it devotes itself to horror makes it all the sweeter. The reason I bring this up is that while Scream is popular over in the United Kingdoms, where it's published, America doesn't seem to know too much about it.
     The magazine itself can be ordered one at a time or by subscription, and the website offers a good deal of free content for those willing to spend an hour or three reading movie reviews, articles on horror, and interviews with actors/directors of the latest horror movies, from indie to big name company.
     This new issue has talks about horror in foreign countries and speaks with an actor about the Freddy Krueger films. There is a whole lot more, so I'll unleash you all to see for yourself. The image to the right is a link to the main website. Add yourself to their mailing list to be alerted when they have new stuff put out. It's worth it.
     Sweet Dreams...

Selfie from Hell

     A great picture for something under two minutes. It creates suspense right off the bat and really drags you into the story. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Play Time

     A short film that has won numerous awards, I figured this would be a fun addition to the scary shorts archive. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

The Horror Zine is Out!

The Horror Zine
Bugsy will guide you to the Horror Zine, just click him!

     Just as I do every month, a new Horror Zine is out and I am singing about it from the rooftops! Jeani Rector's magazine is one of the best that graces the internet, so the stories are always top notch and in a rare instance, this magazine actually has poetry! Horror poetry is a rare thing to see in modern magazines and anthologies as it rarely conveys the message well.
     Drop by to take a look, it's always fun.

The Drunken Exorcist

     K. Trap Johns is an author I've worked with on in numerous anthologies, and his stories have always been spot on. He writes with a real talent that is rare to see, weaving words that totally immerse you in the world he creates for you to enjoy. The characters have depth, the scenes are well described, and the plot is fresh with a great pacing. You can get it on kindle, but I prefer novels I can hold and put on the bookshelf. Either way, I recommend his books anytime he puts one out. I've never been disappointed by what he's written. Of my writer friends, Vince Liberto, Clarissa Johal, and K. Trap Jones have distinct flavors when it comes to horror.
     All of them are delicious.
     Nab this novel while you can, as it could easily go up in price.
     The image is a link to Amazon where you can find his work. He has many other stories you can try out as well. Very versatile artist.

Monday, January 25, 2016


     This is a short scary film labeled "Daddy". Since We already saw "Mama" I figured we could see this one as well! Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!