Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Scream Magazine Out

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Print and Digital versions available!=
     Scream is a magazine that is without a doubt one of the greatest international publications for a genre there is. The fact it devotes itself to horror makes it all the sweeter. The reason I bring this up is that while Scream is popular over in the United Kingdoms, where it's published, America doesn't seem to know too much about it.
     The magazine itself can be ordered one at a time or by subscription, and the website offers a good deal of free content for those willing to spend an hour or three reading movie reviews, articles on horror, and interviews with actors/directors of the latest horror movies, from indie to big name company.
     This new issue has talks about horror in foreign countries and speaks with an actor about the Freddy Krueger films. There is a whole lot more, so I'll unleash you all to see for yourself. The image to the right is a link to the main website. Add yourself to their mailing list to be alerted when they have new stuff put out. It's worth it.
     Sweet Dreams...

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