Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bloody Valentine Horror Event

     I normally participate in the annual "Coffin Hop", where bloggers all band together to create similar stories for the readers to enjoy, linking to other blogs so that they can "hop" from one blog to another.
     Well, this time, we have the "Bloody Valentine" blog hop, where we will post on Valentines Day a horror story about love lost or broken hearts. We can post more than once and share with the other bloggers, and hopefully, we'll spread the word.
    Here's to a good blog hop! It all begins Feb. 1st so feel free to enjoy the work that I'll be linking, in addition to my own! Added a link to the event group on Facebook where we will be posting stories when the big day comes! If you are an author or horror fan go on over to the group, sign up, and announce your intention to either participate as a writer or are merely around as a reader. Be sure to visit all the blogs you wish when the event comes to pass.

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