Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Drunken Exorcist

     K. Trap Johns is an author I've worked with on in numerous anthologies, and his stories have always been spot on. He writes with a real talent that is rare to see, weaving words that totally immerse you in the world he creates for you to enjoy. The characters have depth, the scenes are well described, and the plot is fresh with a great pacing. You can get it on kindle, but I prefer novels I can hold and put on the bookshelf. Either way, I recommend his books anytime he puts one out. I've never been disappointed by what he's written. Of my writer friends, Vince Liberto, Clarissa Johal, and K. Trap Jones have distinct flavors when it comes to horror.
     All of them are delicious.
     Nab this novel while you can, as it could easily go up in price.
     The image is a link to Amazon where you can find his work. He has many other stories you can try out as well. Very versatile artist.

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