Friday, October 25, 2013

Coffin Hop! Derek's Story

Derek grimaced as he swiped across the page on his smart phone, flipping through the various internet pages on this supposed cemetery out in the middle of nowhere.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coffin Hop Starts Tomorrow!

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     The Coffin Hop is upon us! Don't know what that is? It's where a veritable legion of horror authors and artists open their metaphorical doors to their audiences, allowing their guests to see each others work.
     This year, one lucky soul who comments in a story marked with the words "Coffin Hop" will receive the honor of appearing in one of my next stories. Exciting, right?
     So welcome one and all, to my own corner of the internet, where the darkness is our shroud and terror the cup from which we drink.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review of American Horror Story: Coven

     So far, the gripping tales of the lives of modern day witches has me less than thrilled, something I am rather depressed to say. I loved the first season, with all of it's macabre overtones and twists and turns. The death of the father not being the end of the series really surprised and delighted me.
     The second season, set in an insane asylum run by the Catholic Church, left me less impressed. The acting was good and the story was fine, its just... the got their sci-fi all over my horror... and oh how I loathe mixing the two genres. Aliens and breeding monsters, nazi war criminals and demonic possession, mixed in with the Angel of Death herself... wasn't terribly impressed. It struck me as the writers trying too hard to be poetic.

A former maid turned into a collector of souls... still has to clean up messes, even a season later.

     The third installment is focusing on witchcraft, as well as bringing back the actress who played Zoe in the first season, a good move I would say. So far we've had rape, death by sex (twice) and an immortal slave owner and hairdresser/Voodoo mistress, combined with a Supreme Witch lusting after eternal life. I know I'm missing a few things, but the story is fairly basic when you get right down to it.
     Am I the end all when it comes to Horror review? By no means. But if I had to suggest a show to watch, I would push for the Walking Dead over this one.

Still has zombies! Now with cholera... or something. Just watch the damn show, you'll see what I mean.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Expansion of the Library

     I plan on soon moving the Nickronomicon to it's own individual site, away from blogger. Not that I have anything against blogger, it's just that I wish to have a site that is all my own. 
     I'll be enlisting the aid of an artist friend of mine to draw black and white sketches of characters from my various stories, while also looking into how best to go about launching my own website. If you know of any good sites that can help me fulfill my desires, then by all means leave their links in the comments below.
     Blogger has been a fine home for the year and a half that the Nickronomicon has been around, but I feel that I should have my own site as I am trying to make it on my own as a writer. Seems like all the publishers want to know about your website...

Silver Eye

Scott groaned as he slowly woke up, his body throbbing from the hangover he’d induced from his night of binge drinking. This had been his first night alone in his grandfather’s house, and he’d chosen to get as drunk as possible to remember the old man, and thank him for the ancestral family home.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Real World Terror: Why do I keep coming here?

     Once again, I found myself leaving the confines of my sepulcher with the company of my own, my wife left behind to do the things that evil women do in the dark. 
     Traveling as we do, we go from place to place in search of new tomes from which to read, or scrolls from which to learn. With a clasped cup of dark roast in on claw and a new edition of Writer's Digest in the other, I settled into a nice high-backed chair and prepared myself for an intriguing read.