Saturday, February 27, 2016

Siren's Call Magazine for February

     A new Siren's Call magazine has just been released, and boy is it a doozy. Free to the public and massive in scale (146 pages of free content), this magazine brings everything to the table: tons of stories, some light poetry, great artwork, and news about upcoming novels from the press. This month, being women in horror month, they've lined up a list of female-only writers.
     The magazine image is going to be the link to the site, so stop by and enjoy.

The Horror Zine

     Jeani Rector is an editor who's won numerous awards for her work. This is why whenever I'm updated about how her site, the Horror Zine is updated, I link to it. The work is free, there are archives of stories to peruse and more content than one can really do with. She has a high standard for what appears on her site.
     Funny story: I submitted a story to the Horror Zine last year and got a standard rejection letter, with an addendum at the bottom. They were putting together an anthology and would like my story for that. So I went from the Horror Zine to Shrieks and Shivers. Jeani Rector takes from every possible source and makes the rose bloom from the muck.
The Horror Zine
Behold Bugsby! Cannot remember this little bastards name so going with that for this one.
     The link is in the image above and will take you straight to the site, as always. They have some great fiction this month along with a host of poems that are worth a read. There's also Rector's newest novel about the Salem Witch Trials.

Friday, February 26, 2016


     We've all gotten a chain letter. It happens. But the man in this story finds that this chain letter delivers what it promises.

Sweet Dreams!

The Altar of Truth Part One

Johnny Five knelt down in the bushes beside the residence of Ed Smith, a businessman that had worked with Johnny’s father about ten years ago. Johnny remembered him from the times Smith had come over for dinner. Bringing his hand to his friends, he ran his thumb over their heads, the smooth feeling easing his worries about what he had to do. He was only short eight… and Ed had exactly what he needed.

Prison of the Soul Chapter One

The wind howled down upon their craft as Jim fought to keep the steering on the correct path. The storm had come upon them in a hurry, pushing them off course and pulling them deeper into the churning waves, which crashed upon the Patricia with hammering blows. God was truly showing his vengeance at Jim and his friends at this moment, but like always Jim saw it merely as an obstacle to overcome.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Playing with the Devil

     This is a Japanese horror flick, so strap yourselves into some crazy shit. This is so bizarre and scary that I looked over my shoulder twice. Enjoy!

Sleep Tight!

Testing Regimen Part One

     Chained down, the beasts snarled, rattling it’s restraints as it attempted to lung forward. The collar around its waist, arms and legs prevented this, keeping it close to the wall and safely within its pen. The doctor took a few notes before taking an elongated arm off the wall and fitting it with a syringe full of violet fluid. Sliding it through the bars of the narrow cage, he fed in the shaft of the pole until he could reach the beast.

Grimlocke Chronicles

A screenshot from The Haunting of Helena, a movie I want to see very much
     For those of you that have viewed my Patreon page and looked at the free content had seen that I'm putting together an anthology of some short stories, I have yet to publish. This piece should be complete by the end of March. Right now I'm waiting on cover art and small art pieces to be added throughout the book. It will be Kindle only, and I plan on charging $1.99 per purchase. I will post the cover art as soon as I get it, just to let you all see it and get some feedback.
     The Kindle version will contain a number of pictures in black and white with a colored cover. All will be revealed upon release of the work, with one or two released as teaser art. The cover will be released to other sites to link back for purchase. If you have any questions, post them in the comments below.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Passing

     This one was hard to find, but it was well worth the search. A little-known horror production, this deserves kudos for trying to build a suspenseful tale. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams...

Bringing Up Old News, Part One

Walking along the edge of the graveyard, Gary smiled as he read the news on his phone. He’d taken this job due to the basic requirements of the job: look intimidating and prevent anyone from doing anything illegal in the graveyard, at least after hours.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lot 254

     A freaky short that jumps out and snags you by the heart, this indie film was done beautifully and should have won more acclaim than it did. Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Call Girl

     A strange film with a twist ending, this one has a portly man calling an "escort" over to his home for a good time. It, of course, doesn't go according to plan. Or does it? Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Clown Statue

     A classic horror trope spun on its proverbial heel, this film makes light of the fear of clowns. And by that I mean adds to it. So do enjoy!
Sweet Dreams!