Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ghost Camera

     This one is a little long, but totally worth it. You really get to see Japanese Horror at it's finest in this fifteen-minute movie. It has suspense, almost no character development, and some long scares that bring dread. You'll feel as if someone is over your shoulder after watching this.

Sweet Dreams!


Shining a light down the hole, Jake studied the narrow tunnel leading down into the earth, the break in the subway system making for a huge pain in the ass for the electric company. That was why he’d been called in, as their Geologist, to determine if there was a chance that the earth would move and the narrow cavern here would close up or, worse, open wider and cause the cables to tear out of the walls.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Phyu Phyu

     This one is a Malaysian horror film that is about fifteen minutes long. It has suspense, a terrifying ghost, and evil children. It's in subtitles, but a lot of the film actually has no vocals at all. It's a tale that seems to rock at the very core of horror; something one can expect from Asian horror films! I'm going to be posting more Asian horror films for the rest of the month so we can really get a feel for them, learn how they work. They've inspired movies and become the source for remakes of the original tales in American films (The Ring, The Grudge) so I feel they deserve a moment in the spotlight.
     Who knows? One of these might be adapted into the next blockbuster you see. We'll just have to wait and watch, try and catch any remakes that are coming out from the short films I've been posting. Here's to hoping... Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

History of the Modern Zombie

     From the very first zombies told in stories in the early 1900's to the Walkers of today's television series going by the name, this video shows how we have the creation of make-up for zombies as they ranged from pasty white to bloody ribbons. This shows the gigantic effort that went into the video.

Yeah, that is a barrel of "Nope" right there.

The Whistler

     Wow, this is a good one. Lots of build up, simple characters with one-dimensional lives, but the final bout where the suspense comes to a climax makes it all worth it! Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Join the Graveyard

     The Graveyard is fairly empty at the moment, but that can change anytime. My Patreon has stories I deem a little too strange or adult for my main website, along with reviews of books by fellow authors. Please, come on by and see the few things that I've posted that anyone can view, and consider joining the Graveyard. You never know, I might just have a dedication page waiting with your name on it in my next book!


     A cool little CGI horror film. Try it out, it's pretty good. Slow build-up but it's so worth the payoff in the end!

Sweet Dreams!

Samuel the Black Warlock, Chapter Eight

Samuel ran up to the body, kneeling by her to check her over for any obvious injuries. Seeing none, he looked back to see if anybody from the student population was around and, upon confirming that none were, he looked up at the closest Cloaker, the flat face on the underside of the flapping Dracula cloak. While not dangerous inherently, their size made them seem more formidable. The three he was about to face down were each easily seven feet of cloak and eight feet of segmented stinger.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies Trailer and Analysis

     I am no Jane Austen fan, and this is no exaggeration when I say the original novel pained me nearly as much as the parody of it. Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies the novel was terrible, with little to add to the plot and poor execution of the given opportunities to cause a scare. I expect very little from the movie.

Sweet Dreams!

     Okay, I saw the film now; I had to leave in the middle as it was just as bad as the book. I nearly fell asleep five or six times, and could barely find a way to care about the characters. Don't waste your money on this thing... wait until a real horror film comes out.

Destiny, Part One

Walking down the foggy London road, Vince ducked into an alleyway to avoid an oncoming group of schoolgirls heading home from some event. He'd spent years as a teacher and had learned to hate the sound of tittering schoolchildren. Pulling his coat around his broad frame, Vince ran a hand through his short hair before turning green eyes down the narrow alleyway.

Monday, February 8, 2016


     A strange film that by all rights should have won an award or three, this one is interesting as it goes over what people have been preaching at the youth for twenty years: don't talk to strangers! But, we're all strange, aren't we?

Sweet Dreams!

The Witch of Ebon Marshes Part One

Three boys slowly made their way from the rocky outcroppings of their homes into the lowlands, where it was rumored a Witch dwelled near the marshes that sat stagnant. She plied her trade with any willing to bring her food, as she was rumored to have a ravenous appetite that she alone could not satiate. The boys had heard the stories of her for nearly sixteen years, and now that they were approaching adulthood they felt they could venture out into the darkness of the night, away from the safety of their village, to see the Witch everyone feared.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


     A story well told in this horror short! It borrows a little from the Grudge and the Ring for the ghost, but it does make a suspenseful little tale!

Sweet Dreams!

Patreon is Back From The Grave

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     I removed the link to my Patreon a while ago as I felt it wasn't needed. Now I revised what I would be offering to people who become patrons, from unique stories to stories by request. If I reach a certain goal I'll remove ads from the site while another goal will have me revive stories that the supporters vote on.
     The whole point of this is to supplement my income, which is zero at the moment due to an injury. I only ask for a monthly contribution, unlike some who have per page upload (seeing as I post fourteen times a week, on average, I'd drain your bank account quickly). I dislike opening a channel essentially becoming the guitar playing homeless man on the side of the virtual street. I've decided I'm the guy who lurks in the alleyway selling mysterious things.
     To be welcome in my Graveyard you only need to donate a dollar a month, more if you want extra perks. Every Patron will be added to a dedication page in any of my published works, assuming they are okay with that.
     So cut into your savings like a knife to the ribs and pour out some cash; my inner vampire thirsts for a fresh meal.