Friday, December 13, 2013

Real World Horror: Psychic Warriors and Crumbling Crosses

     Far be it for me to be the one to burst the proverbial bubble that some people seem to have about the way the world works, but here goes an attempt:
     Have you heard of EFO? Well obviously you don't roam the mystic combat circles, because it is better known as Empty Force, a style of fighting where you can disable opponents, paralyze foes and even strike down enemies by "opening your heart."

The power of love smites thee!

     Yeah, and this is a guy who is taking peoples money and teaching them this useless style. If you want to learn to defend yourself, go someplace else, cause this guy doesn't know what he's doing.
     As for Christian-right news, a longstanding legal battle (23 year legal battle) that has determined the status of a large cross on public land has come to a head, and the cross must come down within ninety days. Likely some group will somehow file an injunction or an appeal, but the Mt. Soledad cross will finally be coming down. I say about time, seeing as this has been being fought over since I was five.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Other News

     Creeping out of my casket to write now and again is becoming more of a chore than I had ever realized, though the rewarding feeling that pulses in my small black heart makes it all worthwhile. This post contains not a terrifying tale, but news of one.
     American Horror Story, Season two, is now available for stream on Netflix, adding a soon to be classic to my line-up of terrifying tales to watch.
This scene never happens in the series, sadly.

     In other news, Dark Moon Eclipse #29 is out for all you fright fans looking for a quick fix. Break out the kindles and bundle up tight folks, cause this ones a screamer!
     As for me dear readers, I'm settling in for the colder weather and scrawling out stories that amuse me. I have a few novels that need polishing and one that needs to be finished, so stick around and let the good times, and heads, roll!
     Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dirge, Part One

I sit on the crumbling stone wall, looking out over the bleak gray field, patches of dying weeds spring forth from the gravel here and there to mark spots of color on the otherwise drab expanse outside the village of Malm, Not too small and not too large, Malm had once been a trading post for the Kingdom as a whole… but then the mines precious veins of ore dried up, and the fields grew barren and rocky, and the merchants began to avoid Malm altogether on their trading routes.
And slowly, Malm began to die.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Moldering Jungle, Part One

The light rainfall misting down over Sarah’s head was almost a blessing considering how hot she was, but then again, what could she expect when traveling through the rain forests of Brazil? The entire region was awash in lush greenery and vibrant flora that ranged from seas of brilliant orange flowers to great bell curved bulbs of eye-stabbing yellow. Between the humidity and the rainfall, Sarah could see how the plant life could easily overtake anything sedentary that wasn’t maintained.

The Dark Life of Scott Winthrope, Part Two

The Manor sat on a large lot of land that had once been used as a plantation, with the house sprawling out over the grounds in an effort to house the once large Winthrope clan. But over the years the Winthrope name had run down to a trickle, ending with Scott, who had few plans on finding a woman to settle down with an marry, let along pop out a few children. Reaching the sweeping set of stairs leading from the second floor to the first, Scott paused and admired the gothic scenery around him.