Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Other News

     Creeping out of my casket to write now and again is becoming more of a chore than I had ever realized, though the rewarding feeling that pulses in my small black heart makes it all worthwhile. This post contains not a terrifying tale, but news of one.
     American Horror Story, Season two, is now available for stream on Netflix, adding a soon to be classic to my line-up of terrifying tales to watch.
This scene never happens in the series, sadly.

     In other news, Dark Moon Eclipse #29 is out for all you fright fans looking for a quick fix. Break out the kindles and bundle up tight folks, cause this ones a screamer!
     As for me dear readers, I'm settling in for the colder weather and scrawling out stories that amuse me. I have a few novels that need polishing and one that needs to be finished, so stick around and let the good times, and heads, roll!
     Sweet Dreams

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