Sunday, February 7, 2016

Patreon is Back From The Grave

Click above to go to my Patreon site!
     I removed the link to my Patreon a while ago as I felt it wasn't needed. Now I revised what I would be offering to people who become patrons, from unique stories to stories by request. If I reach a certain goal I'll remove ads from the site while another goal will have me revive stories that the supporters vote on.
     The whole point of this is to supplement my income, which is zero at the moment due to an injury. I only ask for a monthly contribution, unlike some who have per page upload (seeing as I post fourteen times a week, on average, I'd drain your bank account quickly). I dislike opening a channel essentially becoming the guitar playing homeless man on the side of the virtual street. I've decided I'm the guy who lurks in the alleyway selling mysterious things.
     To be welcome in my Graveyard you only need to donate a dollar a month, more if you want extra perks. Every Patron will be added to a dedication page in any of my published works, assuming they are okay with that.
     So cut into your savings like a knife to the ribs and pour out some cash; my inner vampire thirsts for a fresh meal.

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