Friday, February 12, 2016

Phyu Phyu

     This one is a Malaysian horror film that is about fifteen minutes long. It has suspense, a terrifying ghost, and evil children. It's in subtitles, but a lot of the film actually has no vocals at all. It's a tale that seems to rock at the very core of horror; something one can expect from Asian horror films! I'm going to be posting more Asian horror films for the rest of the month so we can really get a feel for them, learn how they work. They've inspired movies and become the source for remakes of the original tales in American films (The Ring, The Grudge) so I feel they deserve a moment in the spotlight.
     Who knows? One of these might be adapted into the next blockbuster you see. We'll just have to wait and watch, try and catch any remakes that are coming out from the short films I've been posting. Here's to hoping... Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams!

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