Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Horror Zine

     Jeani Rector is an editor who's won numerous awards for her work. This is why whenever I'm updated about how her site, the Horror Zine is updated, I link to it. The work is free, there are archives of stories to peruse and more content than one can really do with. She has a high standard for what appears on her site.
     Funny story: I submitted a story to the Horror Zine last year and got a standard rejection letter, with an addendum at the bottom. They were putting together an anthology and would like my story for that. So I went from the Horror Zine to Shrieks and Shivers. Jeani Rector takes from every possible source and makes the rose bloom from the muck.
The Horror Zine
Behold Bugsby! Cannot remember this little bastards name so going with that for this one.
     The link is in the image above and will take you straight to the site, as always. They have some great fiction this month along with a host of poems that are worth a read. There's also Rector's newest novel about the Salem Witch Trials.

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