Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jeanette J has won the contest!

     As previously announced I have been running a contest for any who comment on my stories. Well, through random selection on Jeanette J has won the story for this years Coffin Hop! What this means is an open challenge to me, where she will be the star (protagonist or antagonist) of a story I create especially for her.
     Jeanette J, in the comments below; tell me what you want. Do you want a post apocalyptic zombie horror story, or a futuristic werewolf hunt? Do you want steampunk of fantasy? The floor is yours my dear, and the skies the limit. Let me know by days end what you want the theme to be, and give me a general description of what you look like in the comments below. 
     Don't worry though, the last name will be a random J one.
     Audience! Feel free to add in for her what you think she should go through or what you want to see. Should she not answer my clarion call, then one of your nightmares will be given life, with Jeanette caught in the middle.
     Sweet Dreams!

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