Saturday, February 20, 2016

Consider Funding This Site

     For three years now I've written horror, done reviews, and highlighted indie horror artists for free. And I will continue to do so, at minimum five times a week. But I need to eat, and pay my bills, in order to do this. I'm not asking for the world, only for a few people to become Patrons of my work.
     I update stories that you haven't seen on my Patreon page, for subscribers only, and offer tips to writers greener than I. All levels of donor receive the same benefits though there are rewards unique to how much you offer. They range and vary, so visit the page linked through the image to see what they are.
     I know it may seem like a bit, but if you could donate a dollar a month then I would be able to produce higher quality work at a quicker rate. Thanks in advance...
     I also fixed the link so it should work now!
     Sweet Dreams...

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