Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dark Eclipse is Out!

     The newest Dark Eclipse Magazine is out, and boy is it a screamer! I wrote about the new trend of horror-based television shows (American Horror Story, the Walking Dead, etc) and made certain to enjoy some of the finer short stories our fine publication had to offer.

Make sure to read Slice, a short story, and Snip, a flash fiction story!

     A terrifying collection of tales to be certain, but I was remiss this past month and forgot to mention the previous Dark Eclipse where one of my short stories was published!
Beware the murder tree!!!

     You can find the link to the most recent issue here and the link to the previous issue with my story "Jersey Devil" here! Go ahead and get 'em both and let the stories speak for themselves!
     Also, my editor and fellow Horror writer Lori Michelle has a project up and running helping out those most in need: children with cancer. 
A great anthology where all the proceeds help out charities for sick children!
     Be sure to check it out on Amazon, as you can either get a paperback edition or a kindle one, both containing various stories and essays written by some of the top horror authors of today!

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