Monday, February 29, 2016

New Releases That Deserve Some Attention


     I've been working with the Demonic Visions crew since the very beginning and I've yet to be disappointed by a single volume. Well, we happen to be up to Volume Six now and it just so happens that it is now available in paperback as well as Kindle. The image is a link to the Kindle page, but it's simple to switch over to the over to paperback with a click of a button. The Kindle goes for $2.99 while the paperback goes for $12.99, both well-worth the price for fifty terror-filled tales. My own piece, "The Mannequin", is one I'm proud of; I rarely write horror like that so I took great pleasure in a break from my routine style. The image is the link to Amazon, as always.
     The second anthology I'm going to promote is the first one of its series, which is always a scary venture for the publisher. I got to know the publisher fairly well over the course of a dozen e-mails and I can say they poured every ounce of effort into Creepy Campfire Quarterly that they could. My story in this edition is "The Ghost of Big Bend", a campfire story to tell next time you're out in the woods with friends. I intend to submit to them again because they made their magazine so approachable, the submission process so smooth, I felt like it was all just one easy transition.
     The stories in this volume aren't drenched in gore and guts, but often prompt thought-provoking ghosts and specters that attack when you don't see it coming. I know of at least three stories that made me laugh outright, something I rarely do when reading horror these days, despite the fact I find it all humorous. The image above leads to the Amazon link where you can purchase the anthology for $2.99 for Kindle and $8.00 for the paperback.

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